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  1. Please Be Kind - Rewind

    The new jumanji ?
  2. ooh !!! I wanna go too !!!! I wanna go too !!! These places look wonderful
  3. Jak o' the Shadows - Take II

    *** points till here ***
  4. I do spend hours to design my characters lol I like them to be perfect XD Here is a new one
  5. Original Vs Cover

    By the Old Gods and the New O.O Vanion??? you're alive !!!!! Doing ok :) , what about ?
  6. So which one do you prefer ? Or this one
  7. Haycraftd

    I'm curious about it all lol I love the title !
  8. Welcome back ! This avatar looks great though Can you see everything you need to see ? (like the Green boards and all) ? ^^
  9. what would be your theme ? Star wars ?
  10. Care to dance?

    eesh ! seeing this too late * pouts *
  11. It is supposed to be a futuristic RPG game with an open world indeed. Now I hope that it won't be like GTA lol because I don't like that franchise ^.^ The studio is also responsible for the Witcher that I really love (now, I wonder how they'll manage to keep the diversity of the missions and the fantastic lore they offered us in the Witcher... in this very modern setting). Also here we'll have customizable characters >> I love to customize my characters lol
  12. Wassup

    Ice !!!!! So what have you been doing ? Not balefiring anything IRL I hope ?
  13. The Pink Loincloth Tavern

    Horn !!!!!! OMG WB ! How's life ?
  14. Oh i was only thinking about setting the stables on fire >> << XD
  15. I think all these Aussie people should invite us over lol