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  1. And Soon the World will Cease to be - Amon Amarth \m/
  2. Welcome Spektre

    Now, do you have mead?
  3. Well it is totally your fault XD I was talking about super safe virtual lightsabers lol
  4. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    A parrot?
  5. Ashes to the Stars - Tarot
  6. yup, better to use the boomstick against these lol
  7. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    Well I'll do the same then XD Got two more :)
  8. Thane ready to do some gardening? XD
  9. Welcome Spektre

    Well Viking bars located in the Range > everything else * wise nod * I think we have a winner XD And no, I am not biased !
  10. Haycraftd

    lol @ the Parliament-thing .... maybe this should count for the beginner's challenge, after all XD I love to write as well... but then writing in English is tough, since it's not my first language lol Anyways, we'll watch what you post with great interest
  11. Welcome Spektre

    Gonna have to make a pub tour to see which one is the best XD
  12. Well lazy is good too lol XD
  13. Woot! :biggrin: Welcome back! Don't hesitate to give a sign if you need an RP partner! I need to climb up the ranks with my new Novice lol
  14. Tuathan'an List

    yup... the last time I edited it was in 2016. Well I know what I'll do tomorrow evening lol *shakes head at silly self*
  15. true XD Well so far, since we are doing heavy work in the garden we could use a shovel and a rake. This would make gardening way funnier lol