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  1. Wonderful blog as always Despothera. I like all of your ideas, as usual. Well-conceived, and well-articulated. Taim from the AoL? Sure, I can buy that. It makes me wonder how far back in time the Dark One can reach for bringing people back to life. For example, could Taim be some here-to-for unmentioned dreadlord from the Age of Legends who was killed, remained dead for 3,000 years, and then was brought back JUST before the other Forsaken started to awake? Taim would have been terrorizing Saldea at about that time. Or perhaps he had an identity in the AoL that we might have already heard mentioned, then he was brought back to life in the present, but neither author has given us the connection to his AoL identity yet. Can anyone think of any names of male channelers from the AoL that haven't been accounted for in the present timeline of the story? And I think Taim's fate is linked to Logain's. If the Black and White Towers are united (which might not happen), Logain's only chance of becoming Tamyrlin would be if Suian and Leane vouch for him and even then his chances are slim. None of the existing tower Aes Sedai (including Egwene) would allow him to take control. And since I don't see Egwene dying, I therefore doubt the two towers will unite. I look forward to seeing Logain kick Taim's ass most thoroughly, and then take over the Black Tower, which will remain independent from the White Tower.
  2. My wife is insisting that I say something nice about her on here. She has never read WoT, more's the pity. So I'll say this about my wife. At work my wife is like Elayne. In a fight, my wife is like Aviendha. At home, my wife is like Min. And in all the ways that are important to a man, my wife is very much like Tylin. If my wife were living in Randland, she'd take over the Illuminator's Guild because she's a firecracker! She'll have to read WoT to find out what all that means! But my friends here know what a compliment that was.
  3. "Lancer: Wow, I wasn't expecting to get asked out as a result of this interview! I know next to nothing about you right now, so if you're interested, you can PM me. I'd want to know more about you before deciding yes or no." Wow, she actually said "maybe" to an internet date-request? Dwynwen, you're going to make all the nerdy boys fall for you! Don't worry about me, though. HAPPILY married over here!
  4. Wow. Total cutie, too! It's funny she mentioned that Perrin seems more like husband material to her, because aside from the nose, Tynaal looks like how I envisioned Faile. Same height, build, smile. They should cast her in the movie.
  5. Oh, and one more.... Moiraine is the AUNT of Galad, Elayne, and Gawyn. Moiraine's half-brother was their father, Taringail Damodred (See New Spring Ch 6). Still, this creates no connection between Rand and Moiraine, since Rand is not connected to Taringail at all. Taringail was Cairhienin, and Rand is Andoran/Aiel. And of course, Taringail was King Laman's nephew.
  6. I have long been interested in the connection between Rand and Galad... I had hoped that this familial connection would end up playing some part in the story, or would at least serve to bring Galad and Rand together in some small way. But so far that has not happened, and we're about out of time. "His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul..." Perhaps Galad dies? Perhaps Sulin (I still think she's Rand's half-sister)? Or perhaps just Rand's body (see Despothera's earlier blog about a Rand/Moridin body swap).
  7. I have been spinning this topic in my head since book 5 or 6. Rand and Galad are HALF BROTHERS. They share the same biological mother, but different fathers. Luc is Rand's UNCLE. As Slayer, he was (in theory) responsible for the death of Rand's biological father, Janduin. After the death of Rand's mother, Janduin went into the blight, and was accosted by a man that looked so much like his wife, he did not defend himself when that man killed him. Who would look like his wife that might be in the blight at that time and might have an interest in killing great Aiel clan chiefs? How about her biological brother, Luc, presumably already turned into Slayer by that point...? Rand and Elayne/Gawyn have NO biological connection. Technically, they wouldn't even have a legal family connection by contemporary laws. Rand's mother was a Maiden of the Spear by the time Elayne was born, and never had any contact with Andor again until the Aiel War, when she presumably killed some Andoran in the fighting. It would be similar to my wife and I divorcing, marrying other people, and having more kids. But the kids we have after divorcing would not be related to one another, unless we later remarried, which in Rand's case did not happen. So no, there's nothing weird about Rand hooking up with Elayne. Isam (the T'A'R half of Slayer) is Lan's COUSIN, Lan's father's brother's son. So in a very strange, convoluted evil kind of way, it creates a connection between Lan and Rand. Hope this helps...
  8. Theory: Perhaps the Aelfinn and Eelfinn made Slayer what he is. I mean, if the DO could make hunters like Slayer, don't you think he would have made more by now? But combining two different people into one, and then imprisoning one of them in T'A'R and the other in the real world, well... that sounds EXACTLY like something the 'Finns would do. Of course, we'll probably never know at this point...
  9. @Despothera Do you have a published blog somewhere else? A non-WoT blog? I'd kinda like to read more of your stuff but this is the only place I know of where you publish.
  10. Hmm... the more I think about it, the more I think Despothera should devote a segment to Mordeth/Fain. Exactly what is Mordeth? And how is it that his evil has become powerful enough to challenge the DO? Enquiring minds want to theorize...
  11. @mark, yeah, the Turned Aiel theory is the best one so far about the origin of those new psycho-Aiel. Or perhaps some of them might just be Aiel darkfriends called to fight now that the Last Battle is looming. I suspect we'll learn the truth in aMoL. As for my theory about Rand being able to channel the True Power at will, that was based on that scene you described with the Borderlander leaders. I had posted it as a comment on the WoT discussion page on Facebook, and the page owner very quickly replied with heated "Rand suggested nothing of the kind. That is absolutely not true." His/her competing theory was that Rand was wearing a male-equivalent of a Well ter'angrael, and that was how he implied he could still channel. I suppose it's possible, but it seems more interesting to me to suggest that Rand was referring the True Power. And as for the Sulin/Rand connection, I always point to a quote from Sulin in book 6. After she learns that Rand has been kidnapped by Elaida's Aes Sedai, Sulin shouts something like "They have taken my first-brother!" My detractors prefer to think she was referring to how all Maidens view the Car'a'carn as a "lost brother" that has now returned to them. I still prefer to think that Tigraine and Janduin could have had 2 children, not just Rand. I think Sulin is older, which makes sense since Tigraine died giving birth to Rand. But you could also be right, maybe they have different mothers. I don't remember seeing any evidence either way, and I feel like if Jordan and Sanderson were EVER going to reveal the truth about it, they would have revealed it by now. Thanks for the lively discussion. The folks that usually comment on Despothera's theories are usually the type of WoT fans I enjoy talking with the most. To think that by this time next year, it will all be over...
  12. ...and btw Despothera, yes, your WoT theories are all universally the best theories I've read since I started following the Wheel of Time. You focus on what the reader is actually supposed to know (WoT FACTS), instead of focusing on what we HOPE will happen (WoT WISHES). You have the writing style of a solid critical thinker! So keep it going!
  13. Thanks to all kind people who think my theory has some merit. That's a first! Most of the time, people react violently against my wacky theories. There was the one about Sulin being Rand's biological sister. THAT one was pretty well-hated. Suggesting that Rand could now channel the True Power at will was equally unpopular. @Despothera When it comes to Slayer, I'm curious if we can discern anything about his activities between books 5 and 12. Are there any killings or disappearance we should attribute to him? And of course, your best theory about his role in the final book.
  14. Nicely done as always, Despothera. Good WoT theorists should be well-paid! At least until the end of the series. I've always agreed that Padan Fain will play some role in the "blood on the rocks" prophecy. I don't know about him "replacing" the Dark One, but I could TOTALLY see him being sealed into the Dark One's new prison. Yes, NEW prison. I don't think Rand's plan is to "re-seal" the old prison, or to patch it. I think he's going to somehow create a NEW one, and into that prison will go the D.O. and Fain, much in the same way the Forsaken were sealed up with the DO, now it will be Fain's turn. Rand's wound is the foreshadowing of this. Rand's health has become the health of the world, and Rand's body has become symbolic of the rest of the world. His wound contains elements from the DO and Mordeth, locked in combat with each other inside Rand's body, but sealed up so they cannot harm him as long as they have one another to deal with. The same thing will happen to the world, with Shayol Ghul becoming the symbolic equivalent of Rand's wound, the world itself becoming the symbol for Rand's body (as it is already starting to become, since his epiphany in Veins of Gold.) Of course, I'm often wrong about most things, so this could just be another false trail. But I still think it sounds fairly likely, after reading Despothera's theory. Can't wait to hear about Slayer, so tell your life to leave a message next time. Voracious readers need their Theory-fix. Priorities! :)
  15. I remember that game very well. It was really good for it's time. Great visuals, great music, multi-player, and Shadar Logath was pretty much just like I imagined it. Nice!
  16. Is there a poll on a forum thread somewhere that allows people to choose which characters they think will die? Because it seems like on THIS subject, WoT fans are more divided than the Republican Party. I've seen virtually every character nominated as a Death Candidate, but I'll be surprised if ANY of them actually die. My prediction is that Rand is the only person who dies, but since I think he gets resurrected too, I cannot technically say that "he'll be dead by the end." At the end of Book 14, I think all major and top supporting "good-guy" characters will live, including Lan. Anyone who is NOT a darkfriend will be alive by the end, and I do not count "alive" as having died and woken up in T'A'R. That's dead. If I had a gun to my head and was told to choose one character besides Rand that is MORE LIKELY than the others to die, it would be Aviendha, simply because she wants to prevent everything she saw in her vision, her death would do that, and she is certainly not afraid to die.
  17. I have had exactly three personal interactions with Robert Jordan. The first was via a letter he sent to me while I was in the Air Force back in 1995. In the letter he had commented about how he had given up on the idea that the series would be completed in 8 novels. Book 6 had just come out, and he said that his hope was that he'd be able to finish it without writing another 6 books. The second time was an in-person meeting in San Jose, at the book signing for Winter's Heart. I was too nervous to ask him anything, so it was very awkward. And the last time I met him, was for the Knife of Dreams signing. I thanked him for the great story, and all the great books that had given me endless hours of enjoyment. He smiled and said "you're very welcome!" Then I told him that it was extremely cool of him to do these book tours and remain accessible to his fans, even when he knew his books would sell just as well without the personal appearances. He said that he enjoyed the book tours and signing appearance specifically because he treasured the interaction with fans, and that even if he outsold every other author in the world, he's still do the appearances as long as people wanted to come meet him. I count myself very lucky to have met one of my artistic heroes, and to have had the opportunity to thank him for his work, and to tell him that it meant a lot to me.
  18. @mark I'm fairly certain that Rand DID know that he had to cleanse the taint near Shadar Logath, not merely because he needed to scorch a lot of earth, but because he intended to turn mashadar against the DO's taint on saidin. He'd seen what has happened with the wound on his side, and knew that two different evils would try to annihilate one another. His cleansing would not have worked anyplace other than at Shadar Logath. If he'd channeled all that power at, say, Ebou Dar, nothing would have happened except Ebou Dar would have been destroyed, but the taint would have remained. For the taint to be removed, it HAD to be directed at Shadar Logath. @lancer, Mark is right about the Towers representing the Forsaken, but I think the largest tower represented Moridin, not Graendal. Moridin is by far the most powerful and dangerous of the Forsaken, remember that he was killed in TDR (hence the tower falling down) then transmigrated into Moridin, where he has grown even more powerful, using the True Power almost exclusively now. I don't remember one tower standing "against the shadow." I remember the towers were all black as midnight, hence "Towers of Midnight."
  19. I've thought for years that somehow, Elan Morin would be redeemed. I had this wacky theory a year or so ago that he and Rand would "merge" in some way, perhaps at the same time that the One Power and True Power might also merge. We've seen strange things happen with Rand and Moridin where the True Power is concerned. If the Dark One is the source of the True Power, and the Creator the source of the One Power, what then are the implications of their respective champions joining? Might the OP and TP also merge and join to create something new; something more "gray?" But then I came to my senses. It'll be a fight. Rand will win. The Wheel will be preserved, and the situation with the Seanchan will NOT be resolved. Remember one of Nicola's Foretellings: "The future stands on the edge of a knife." Which to me, means it could go either way, and that's AFTER the Last Battle. I think that's how the ending will leave us: the DO will be dealt with, but the Seanchan will not.
  20. She reminds me of Danaerys from ASoIaF.
  21. Your Wheel-of-Time Kung Fu is strong, Despothera. Keep the theories coming!
  22. I'm still pretty convinced that Aviendha is going to survive, but I do like the idea that her death could effectively save the Aiel from the future she witnessed. Since one of her descendants (was it her grand-daughter?) is responsible for breaking the alliance with the Seanchan and effectively getting the Aiel wiped out, perhaps Aviendha has the idea that if she dies, her descendants will never live to start the war. Hmm.... Good idea. But Nicola's foretelling pretty much assured that all three of Rand's ladies would survive. So far, I have not seen a Foretelling that did not come true in some way.
  23. The ghostly-looking Myrrdral doesn't do it for me, nor does the cartoon-y one, but I REALLY like the Padan Fain pic. I always envisioned Padan Fain like this, sort of like what Steve Buscemi would look like after a 5-day cocaine and meth binge. As for the creepy one, well, I hope this isn't an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE it! Drakhar SHOULD be creepy. I think they're intended to be creepy in the books. So this is a very tasteful creepy that I like. It reminds a little of HR Giger, only less abstract and with fewer random body parts surgically attached to alien machinery.
  24. REALLY REALLY REALLY liking the Fan Art column! Please keep it up. It probably encourages more people to try their hand at making some fan art of their own, which is a good thing.
  25. Hi. I'm looking for the best (most popular, longest, insert synonym here, etc.) thread on the forums for theories about the series ending, and for how most of the major plot threads might be resolved. I like loony, but at this point, realistic is preferred. Please don't send me to a thread telling me how Rand is actually Asmodean in disguide, and with Bela's help he will replace the DO, father a love child with Taim, and make Tuon the Amyrlin Seat. I like stuff like that, but this close to the end, I really want to know what other fans who have read the entire series more than once think will actually happen. I've tried to do a few searches, but cannot seem to locate a consistent thread for the ending. I've also been to theoryland, which is a great site, but some of the theories on there are so "out there" that I don't feel like reading a twenty page explanation for why they are convinced that Taim is Demandred, when RJ explicitly said that was not true. I would start an "Ending" thread myself, but there MUST be a good one already up by now, right? Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already made a pretty good one? Thanks! P.S. This is a really great community, and I shudder to think that it will come to an end within a couple of years. I hope WoT fans keep this community alive for as long as possible after the series ends.
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