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  1. I saw some discussion on another thread about Padan Fain, and specifically that Brandon Sanderson has stated that he wants to distance Fain from the character of Gollum. This was on a thread about Olver, so it seemed appropriate to move the discussion here. This can't be an original theory, I'm sure someone else thought of it before I did, but I never read about anyone else stating this. I'm not saying this theory is "mine," but I did think of it without any outside influence. I think the foreshadowing of Fain's fate has been incredibly clear since Fain slashed Rand's side over his wound from Ishamael. Somehow, in the end, when Rand is doing his thing against Moridin and the DO, and whatever other Forsaken are trying to stop him, Fain will clearly have some role to play. What role? I do have a theory. Whatever Rand does to fight the Last Battle, in the end, I believe that he will lock Padan Fain up in the DO's prison along with the DO. Why? Foreshadowing. Look at how Mordeth's power reacted to the DO's power within Rand's wound after Fain slashed him. The two different evils are fighting one another, and once Rand was healed, both of those evils were too busy with one another to fight Rand. Then there was the cleansing of saidin, where the power of Mordeth and Shadar Logath was used to clean the taint on saidin. In essence, the two evils again fought one another to the point of neutralizing each other. We're being given a preview of Fain's role in the Last Battle. Somehow, the totality of Mordeth/Fain will get locked away with the DO. The Dragon is tied to the land, and the wound in his side is represented by Shayol Ghul. The Last Battle takes place there, and is representative of the battle in Rand's side wound. Mordeth/Fain gets locked in the "wound" with the DO (perhaps Shaidar Haran, or perhaps just the incorporeal DO himself), and the two keep each other occupied until the prison is again penetrated after some future turning of the wheel. So that's what I think will happen to Fain, without a lot of detail. P.S. I hope Mashiara sees this, since I was bugging her about doing a Fain theory for her blog.
  2. SOME ADULT CONTENT FOLLOWS. I kind of agree with snowball on this. Saying that Rand is channeling "The Light" is akin to Masema saying that Rand is "The Light made flesh." Neither is literal, even if Masema thinks it is. Or for a contemporary "real world" comparison, it's like the first time you experience a screaming, earth-shattering orgasm. You might feel like you've had a spiritual experience, but it's really just biochemistry. REALLY GOOD biochemistry. With Rand, he's not literally channeling "THE LIGHT." He's channeling saidin, which is merely one-half of the power that drives the Wheel of Time. It only FEELS like he's channeling "THE LIGHT" because of the ecstasy that comes along with channeling. At least, that's how I always understood it.
  3. Hey, Mashiara!! Let's have a Padan Fain theory next! He's my favorite literary lunatic, so let's show him some love!
  4. @Grifterz - My beef with the comics is that I already PAID for them. Haven't seen them. I'm sure I'll order the EotW graphic novels, but only when the first novel is complete. We're looking at 2 years for each novel, so at this pace, the entire series won't be available in graphic format for 28 years. Quality is paramount, but I think someone can do better than that even while maintaining quality. As for the rest, you're right. I should have specified that I was referring to media: film, games, etc. I'm really looking at the super high-profile merch. I appreciate what those other vendors you mentioned are doing. Ta'veren tees is certainly putting out a lot of stuff. Not really my thing, so I haven't bought one, but I'm not knocking them. If I WERE going to buy WoT clothing, I would certainly start there and encourage everyone else to do so as well. Much love for them. Same with those other vendors you mentioned. I'm not really a jewelry guy, and my wife picks all the art in our place, although I'd like to make a desktop slide show of some artists' work I've seen. The fan-created stuff, especially the art, has been awesome. I'm just hoping for something a little more immersive, like a movie or a VG. The quality of the comics is really good, I'm just not happy with the pace of release. I think I would have preferred it if they had skipped releasing the comics as individual episodes, and just gone directly to the graphic novel format, even if it took a little longer. WoT has been a best-seller for about 2 decades. I think I got the WoT issue #0 almost 3 years ago, but now the first book is still not completed in graphic format?
  5. Excuses aside, this series has been around for more than 20 years. In all that time, there really has been only one bit of merchandise spun off from it that made me run out and spend money: The first WoT PC game that Legend produced. The comics looked great, but they're a little hard to get a hold of IRL. And my one attempt to buy them online resulted in a rip-off. Every single novel since LoC (and maybe before that) has been on the NY Times best seller list, including several at number 1. Do you know how hard that is to do even once? And a novel in the middle of the longest epic fantasy series of our time (perhaps EVER)? Knowing all of that, I cannot accept any excuse for weak quantity and quality of merchandise releases related to Wheel of Time. This entire franchise is SCREAMING for the Bioware treatment. @ablacquiere I'm not questioning REE's dedication. I'm questioning their business competence. They clearly WANT to release WoT games, but they have been unable to do so, primarily due to lack of funding. And they also seem unable to secure that funding from outside investors. An ethical company would have sold the rights to another production company that has a better chance of releasing product. But instead, REE has held on to the rights to WoT, knowing full well they cannot fund (much less complete) any of the products that they have promised, and as a result, the fans are the ones who get punished. We get no releases, and when it does appear that one SMALL WoT release might actually happen, suddenly we fans are asked to... pay in advance...? Ex-squeeze me? Can they make these games or can't they? If they can't, then they need to step aside and make room for someone who can.
  6. I'm starting get a little frustrated not only with REE and REG, but pretty much all product development related to WoT. Item the First: I signed up for a comic book subscription back when Dabel Bros was in the picture. Dabel Bros posted at the time that WoT would be their flagship title. I paid $35 for it. I got 4 comics, then never heard from anyone again. Sent emails, made complaints, I was completely ignored. I don't even know who is producing the comic book now. I see absolutely zero promotion of the WoT comic in comic social circles or in book stores, and find that even many WoT fans don't even know it exists! I actually went to a physical comic store and asked, and was told "We used to carry some of that." How many years has it been since New Spring FIRST appeared as a comic, and we don't even yet have a complete set of graphic novels yet for EoTW. It's been YEARS now. EPIC EPIC fail. Item the Second: The WoT trading card game died a fiery death. That could have been huge, but... nope. No marketing, no signage at any bookstore that I visited, and barely any mention of it at all that I could find. I only knew about it because I saw it in a comic store while on vacation YEARS ago. You cannot simply pass out flyers at Jordan-Con and expect that will be sufficient advertising. And if they could not afford more sufficient advertising, then they were not ready to release. Item the Third: The WoT movie. I can understand that funding for a project like this could be tough, but there has been no communication at all except to say "We're working on it." No you're not. WHAT PART of it are you working on today? Anytime Red Eagle gets cornered, they dodge the question, and fail to provide any kind of cogent answer. Item the Fourth: WoT video game. On the one hand, there actually has been one fairly good WoT video game, produced a few years by by Legend Entertainment. I thought it was well-done for the time, though not canon. It was fun to play, and the different factions were pretty well represented. The Children of the Light were a lot of fun to fight, especially the ones that keep shouting "CONFESS!!" as you try to fight them off. But you would think that WoT would lend itself to (at least) a HUGE RPG style game, on par with Dragon Age, Skyrim, or even Diablo 3. Something with 80+ hours of gameplay. BUT NOOOOO! Red Eagle bought the rights, and then sat on them so that NO ONE BUT THEM would be able to make any money on some crappy mobile app game? I remain thoroughly unimpressed, and underwhelmed. I'm sure there's more that I'm missing. But the bottom line is that this franchise deserves a whole lot better treatment than it has received from third party promotions. Just off the top of my head, LOTR has made at least 5 video games already that were all pretty good, and successful. If REG, Obsidian, or ANYONE AT ALL, had been truly working full-time on a high end console (or better yet, PC) game for WoT, it would have been done by now, or at least have beta screen-shots and possibly a soft release-date. But REG won't even comment on it unless cornered, and even then their only answer is "We're working on it." That answer no longer suffices. I move for a vote of no-confidence in Red Eagle's ability to produce anything worthy of this franchise's name.
  7. I really don't think that Rand's (or the Creator's) goal is to break the Wheel, especially not after Rand's epiphany. Seems to me that what Rand finally figured out in Veins of Gold is that love is what makes the Wheel a good thing, worth preserving and protecting. I really like the idea that the Aes Sedai who made the eye could have left a direct message for the next Dragon. I don't think that is the case, mainly because of the use of pronouns that Mashiara pointed out ("I" vs. "WE"), but it would have been an EXTREMELY cool turn if the story had gone that way. And I don't think it was the Dark One, because of "I WILL TAKE NO PART." The DO most certainly WANTS to take part, but can only influence and suggest to others. As we've seen, the DO's ability to get others to do his bidding is quite formidable, and hardly constitutes "nothing." He most certainly IS taking part, even if indirectly. Lews Therin? Maybe. I can't remember if any other characters mention that they heard the same voice Rand did. If they did hear it, then it couldn't be Lews Therin. Only Rand hears LTT. No one else ever has. Feels wrong, though. I think it has to be the Creator. My biggest question is: "What is the 'IT' the voice referred to?" I suggest that "IT" was Callandor. Every prophecy and foreshadowing we've seen indicates that Rand MUST have Callandor with him at the Last Battle. Perhaps that's what the Creator was looking for. And maybe the Creator will take no part... until the very end of the Last Battle, which would be signified by the presence of the Dragon in the Blight WITH Callandoor. Of course, all of this is total speculation. There's no way to know the true answer until January. On a side-note: Why couldn't Sammael or Aginor/Osan'gar be resurrected again? Neither was killed with balefire? We know that the DO refuses to bring back Asmodean, but he has brought back Aginor, Balthamel, Lanfear, and Ishamael. All of these except Balthamel are among the most powerful of the Forsaken. Sammael would be worth bringing back, if you think like the DO. So either the D.O. is unwilling to, or is unable to. In either case, my question is the same: WHY? Why is the DO unwilling? Why is he unable? Something to do with Mashadar, maybe? That's the only reason I can think of for not bringing back Sammael, but it hasn't really ever been explicitly stated anywhere. And Aginor is an even bigger mystery. He died for the 2nd time during the cleansing, but Aginor was one of the most powerful channelers who ever lived, nearly as powerful as Lews Therin. This close to the end, if you were the Dark One, wouldn't you want that asset on your team? Anyway, just ramblin'...
  8. @snowball Thanks for the right words. You're right about the Aiel/Eye timeline. One minor point of clarification: I agree that Lews Therin probably didn't foresee the taint backlash (although I still think he might have). Lews Therin knew that his plan for sealing the bore was flawed, because he only had saidin to work with during the Strike. He knew the seals would not hold forever, and knew that he was essentially passing the buck to the next Dragon because he really didn't have much choice without the support of the female Aes Sedai. He couldn't seal the bore permanently without them, so the best that he could do was lock the DO away for a few thousand years. That much is certain. But what I'm implying is that if Rand "knows" that he has to break the seals and clear away the rubble, there's a strong argument to be made that Lews Therin knew that would be the case from the moment he decided to go ahead with the Strike. I'm saying that Lews Therin knew the seals would have to be broken one day, in order for the next Dragon to finish what he started. It's been up to Rand (and Min) to determine HOW to finish what Lews Therin started. Even Rand isn't completely sure what that is yet. He only knows what LTT knew, which is that the seals have to be broken. Where I went off the rails was in claiming that the Eye had something to do with all of that. And with snowball's timeline check, I see now how far off the rails I went.
  9. I'm loving this discussion... Aielyn - Love the theory. I think you're on to something, but I've wondered for some time if the taint itself was what caused the seals to slowly wear away and break. What if the very act of channeling saidin, and thus the taint that used to come with it, was what weakened the seals. Aes Sedai hunting down men who could channel for 3000 years would certainly push back the expiration date on the seals, because they're reducing the amount of saidin being channeled in the world. But as you say, the seals would eventually wear down because there was still SOME male-channeling going on. So maybe Eye was actually meant to BREAK the seals intentionally. Rand has determined that the seals would have to be broken in order to truly seal up the Bore, which means Lews Therin must have known that'd be the case when he went ahead with his Strike on Shayol Ghul. Perhaps he planned ahead for the next Dragon, leaving a way to ultimately break all the seals when the next Dragon started channeling. Using up the power in the Eye started the countdown. My latest looney theory. That one's got some holes, though, obviously. As for "How Crazy was/is Rand," I would say that Rand, if he were alive today, would need a psychologist, but not a psychiatrist. Was Rand starting to go off the deep end? Surely. Was he "padded cell" crazy? Almost. Was it CAUSED by the taint? I don't think so. I think it was caused by the pressure he was under, which was self-induced as much as it came from external sources. The analysis of Rand's self-destructive behavior in EotW is spot on, that's early signs of channeling sickness, not taint-induced madness. It was said over and over that many male channelers held off the madness for years, even decades, but here's the important part: Rand is clearly not mad now, and Nynaeve's delving proves that the taint has certainly taken hold, and had been in him for quite some time. But no one has healed Rand's madness yet. Ergo, if he is not already suffering from taint-induced madness, and has not gone through any form of healing that would reduce the impact of the taint's hold on him, then he could not have been suffering from taint-induced madness at any other point in the series. Whatever madness he was dealing with was a function of stress and pressure, like normal people deal with, and not saidin. Also, I really like the idea of love being the veins of gold that are possibly holding off the madness. This explains a lot more about why the Dragon needed three lovers. He'll carry more of the taint, and thus the pattern gave him 3 times the lovin'. And also Rand as an Aiel gives him a precedent for polygamy in his own time. Love is the shield that slows the taint. I like that a lot.
  10. I am also reminded that Artur Hawkwing himself did most of the talking for the dead heroes. And Tuon is one of his direct descendants. And she married Mat. And he blew the horn. I wonder what influence this will have on Tuon if she should actually witness Mat blow the horn again, recalling Hawkwing, and then seeing the Dragon issue commands to Hawkwing. That could possibly change a few things about those pesky altered Seanchan Prophecies, don't you think? As for the Eye, perhaps it served to shield Rand from the taint all this time? Or at least, it did once he accepted his own history. The brilliant lines that Nynaeve sees in Rands mind along with the shadow tendrils... hasn't anyone wondered exactly which veins the chapter "Veins of Gold" referred to? I don't recall that phrase actually appearing in that chapter, except for the title. Perhaps those are the "veins" referred to? I'm probably wrong. I'm often wrong. It's part of my charm.
  11. I think it's mild shame about the kibosh being put on any future WoT stories. I feel there is still some room for stories to be told. There were two other prequels that RJ mused about that I was still very much interested in reading. One was about Tam al Thor and his story from the time he left Emmond's Field as a young man up to the point where he found Rand and returned home. That would have covered the Aiel War in some detail. The second was another Moiraine & Lan story, about how they came to find Rand, Mat and Perrin and arrive at Emmond's Field mere hours before the Trolloc attack. I would definitely buy those books if B.S. writes them, and probably even if Harriet hand-picks another author to write them. The Encyclopedia will be an interesting book, if it clears up all unanswered questions. I would assume that if there will be no more books after the encyclopedia, then we won't get anymore "RAFO" responses. And we can have our every question answered. In fact, if Team Jordan (B.S. included), were to embark on a sort of "WoT Q&A" tour (after the last WoT publication), and spend 90 minutes fielding questions from fans in each city without a single "RAFO," I bet that'd be pretty successful. I know I would pay $15 or $20 to attend that. Just a thought, Team Jordan...
  12. Dear Brandon Sanderson: Thank you for taking this on. Thank you for seeing it through to the end. And most of all, thank you for HITTING IT OUT OF THE EFFING PARK! You are, officially, a literary giant. From this point on, I will read anything with your name on it. Sincerely, Me
  13. There's been a lot of talk about Taim being a "new" Forsaken (dreadlord). But what if Taim himself was turned via the 13x13 method? If that's the case, when would that have happened? Certainly before he joined Rand. Perhaps RIGHT before he joined Rand. I'm not actually sure this has any bearing on the current state of the plot. He's serving the DO either way, but if he was turned, and is not serving willingly, then perhaps he could be turned back...? And if he can be turned back, then couldn't all the other Asha'Man? Imagine the full and complete strength of a united Black Tower saving Caemlyn, then joining the Last Battle. Maybe that will be Nynaeve's next big discovery. Da**it what the heck am I going to do with myself when this series is over?!?!
  14. I think it'd be interesting if it turned out that the Creator had been helping all along, disguised as some other character. Maybe Bela isn't the Dark One after all, but actually the Creator. :)
  15. Mashiara, I guess this week's theory blog is a hit. I used to tell Despothera that you know your theory has struck a chord by how many comments it got, and by the average length of each comment. Looks like you're a hit! Congratz!
  16. I love Ariel Burgess' stuff (Tarmon Gai'don, above). Don't get me wrong, these are ALL super awesome, but Ariel's stuff is still my favorite.
  17. Or here's another thought: One thing that has troubled me since the Seanchan attack on the White Tower is that the Seanchan now have Travelling, right? But in Aviendha's vision, the Seanchan were using giant self-propelled wagons. Why? Wouldn't travelling be faster? At that point, they'd have bred a HUGE number of channelers, male and female, presumably. So, why would they resort to such a slow-moving mode of transport, when in theory they'd have an army of trained channelers able to open Gateways to anywhere? It got me thinking that something is going to happen to the One Power during the Last Battle. What if one of the things that comes out of the Last Battle is that no one has access to the One Power any longer? Men & women both. It would, presumably, still be there (it would have to be, if time is a wheel), but untouchable by any channeler. Not like being stilled, just more like the whole planet becoming a stedding. And come to think of it, isn't that sort of what the Travelling People are hoping for? But I digress... Think about what "no more channeling" would do to the world: The White and Black Towers would be no more. The Seanchan would have no more channelers (hence the need to develop technology again) but they would still have the single largest organized army in Rand-land. The Dragon himself, if he survives, would have no power over anyone, and would essentially become only a figurehead. Yeah, I know. Probably impossible. So file this one under "From the Looney Bin." My details are probably wrong, but SOMETHING is going to change about the OP at the end. Thoughts?
  18. Never really considered that Rand's "dying and living again" would involve being ripped out of T'A'R. Interesting theory. I don't know if I'd call it "healing death," although I understand why people would think that. To me, calling what happened to Birgitte "healing death" seems a bit of a stretch. More like cheating death. No one believes the body-swap theory anymore? Why not? Did someone find some evidence that rules it out? And if Lan dies, it will not be in the battle we last saw him enter at the end of ToM. I think I read that Mr. Sanderson already gave a spoiler that Lan actually had the most POVs of any character in AMoL. Can't do that if he dies in the opening chapters. Need a reference for that, though. It doesn't mean he lives through the book, but my money is on Lan surviving the whole thing. If anyone deserves a happy ending in this series, it's Lan and Nynaeve. On the other hand, the idea of Nynaeve learning to transmigrate a soul like the DO would is a newish theory that I like very much. Perhaps she tests it out on Lan? But the idea of a straight-up "healer of death" with no strings attached does strain credibility for me. The world would change in ways that would render the whole story insignificant. Nynaeve learns to heal death, then other channelers figure it out, the knowledge spreads, then no one ever has to die... see the slippery slope? I can't imagine RJ or BS going that route. If Nynaeve is actually able to resurrect someone, there will be a HUGE caveat to that ability; a downside that makes it only useful in that time and place where she is assisting Rand, which would allow the "death-healer" theory to stand, without cheapening the earlier story. Anyway, back to work...
  19. Nope. Slayer got away again. It's what he does best!
  20. The last one in particular is amusing, and all of them are great, but I agree that I'd kind of like to see some less comical impressions of Halfmen.
  21. Great interview! I can understand why people who are famous (or semi-famous) hold back personal details, but I get the impression that Harriet must have a fair amount of trust in our community to talk about her personal life the way she does. She was quite open in this interview. Thanks for posting it! And thanks to Harriet for being such a good sport!
  22. @tnfsinger I'm in total agreement about Taim being from the AoL, either in some kind of stasis or trapped somewhere to preserve him for 3000 years, or else brought back by the DO (trans-something or other). But why does he have to be tied to Demandred specifically? Why not another Forsaken? Taim does seem to favor Moridin's colors... And again, if Taim was taking his orders from Demandred, he would have been at the battle for saidin at Shadar Logath along with Demandred and the others. Moridin was the only Forsaken that we know had permission to skip that fight, and yet so did Taim and he was never punished for it (that we know of). Ergo, Taim must have Moridin's protection, making him Moridin's pet, not Demandred's... Dammit I cannot wait to read this final book and figure out all this stuff. I truly hope that, sometime after the last book's publication, that Team Jordan holds an internet Q&A for all of the last few nagging questions that we're probably all going to still have. They could probably re-release the entire WoT in annotated format, like they did for the Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends series'. I bet they'd sell like mad.
  23. @Toot I think that if Taim, as a darkfriend, handed over a true seal on the DO's prison, then he must believe that it will not be any good to Rand, or that it will distract his attention. And there's been a couple people mention the possibility that Taim is Bel'al, based on the the theory that he may have been balefired by a small enough amount of power that the DO could still bring him back. I'd like to question the assumption that it was a "small amount" of balefire. I know that Moiraine isn't nearly as strong as any of the Forsaken, or even the Emmond's Field channelers, but she was still no slouch, considered among the more powerful Aes Sedai of the time, and she had an angreal. Why is it we think that she used only a small amount of balefire to kill Bel'al? Is there some quote anyone can point to dealing with this issue? Taim as Moridin's son.... hmmm... I like the idea, but I have my doubts. Ishamael might have been around about 40 years prior, and the timing could work out depending on Taim's age (which I don't recall). But still, no one has addressed the fact that Moridin and Taim were the only two known dreadlords that were excused from fighting the cleansing of saidin. Why? Even if Taim was Moridin/Ishamael's son, I don't think that would have been enough to buy him a reprieve from joining that battle. To my mind, there is ZERO chance that Taim is just some wanna-be dreadlord that is simply trying to attract the attention of the Dark One. He is clearly involved with at least ONE other Forsaken (otherwise, how would he know the line "Let the lord of chaos rule?"), and it's looking more and more like Moridin. So new theory, with little to no evidence: We been talking on these boards for quite some time about the idea of a "Dark Rand" or more specifically, the idea that somehow Rand and Moridin will exchange bodies (see Despothera's great blog about Callandor). Let's assume that's right. What if Moridin already IS exchanging bodies, at least on occasion, with Taim? That would explain a lot. How quickly and easily he infiltrated and converted the majority of the Black Tower, how he got access to Caemlyn before it was attacked, why he's so surprised that Rand cannot test for the ability to channel in men, and why Taim was not punished for contradicting Moridin's order not to kill Rand. Taim's face and Moridin's mind. Here's the thought that counts: What if Taim is Moridin's version of Shaidar Haran? Can we all at least agree that Taim is SOMEHOW connected directly to Moridin? Whether he IS Moridin, or his son, or his protege, or just his fanboy, he's got to be in cahoots with him in some way...
  24. I had to make a separate post for this, because it's more connected to Despothera's blog than to my last reply. And it's sort of a "mini-theory" of my own. I haven't actually heard the "Taim is Moridin" theory before reading this blog, and now that I've heard it and spent a couple of days thinking about it, it's starting to sound very likely to me. Think about the cleansing of saidin for a moment. When Rand's crew cleansed saidin, every surviving Forsaken was expected to be there to combat Rand's efforts. Even Moghedian was expected to fight openly, not her strong suit. Cyndane also, which was a risk for the DO, because no one knew Lanfear was back at that point. Not to mention the loss of Aginor/Osan'gar, another powerful "Tower of Midnight" chopped down, at least for now. But if Taim is a dreadlord, or an aspiring Forsaken, why wasn't he present for that fight? With his abilities and knowledge about Rand limitations, he might have been able to turn the tide of that fight for the Shadow. But he didn't appear. It is an impossibility that Taim didn't know what was happening. Every channeler on the continent felt the amount of power that was being used to cleanse saidin. Taim HAD to know what was happening, and still he was a no-show. If Taim is NOT a darkfriend, he absolutely would have shown up to help Rand. But for the moment, let's assume the obvious and state that Taim IS a darkfriend of some kind. As far as we know, Taim was not punished for failing to show up to the battle, so let's assume he was never punished for it. There are only two possibilities I can see for why that might be possible. 1. Taim was doing something that Moridin (or the DO, or whomever is holding Taim's leash) considered to be "more important" than preventing THE CLEANSING OF SAIDIN. Perhaps Moridin has Taim in his pocket and wants to keep it that way, or... 2. Taim is in fact some other character in disguise who was also not present at the cleansing. Let's run through the list of notables who could have been counted on to participate but skipped the fight: A. Mesanna (severly punished for skipping out, so not Taim) B. Shaidar Haran (handled Mesanna's punishment, all but established that SH is the physical embodiment of the DO in our world, safe to assume it is not Taim) C. Slayer (not a channeler, would not have known what was happening unless told, and probably wouldn't have been much help with SO MANY channlers and angreal's throwing power around, and he is SO not Taim) D. Moridin And why would Moridin have skipped out on that fight? It's still a bit of a mystery unless I'm forgetting something obvious. Shouldn't he have been there? If you were the DO, wouldn't you have wanted your strongest, most loyal servant to be a part of that battle? SH was pretty pi**ed at Mesanna, but not at Moridin or Taim, as far as we know. They are the only two members of Team Shadow that SHOULD have been expected to be there, but for some reason were not punished for blowing it off. Either they are working together toward the same end, and that end is more important to the Dark One than preventing the cleansing of saidin, (which means Moridin is controlling Taim), or else they are the same person. Do I have this right?
  25. @Toot Yeah, the WoT camaraderie is strong kung-fu. Similar to my fellow metalheads after a Metallica show in San Fran. People you don't even know will bond instantly if they learn you were there together. Strange but awesome... Hmmm... a tracking whammy in seal that Taim gave to Rand. Not sure how cuendillar would react to having the One Power (or True Power) used on it in that manner. We know that any attempt to break or harm the seal, including using the OP on it, would only make cuendillar stronger. But installing a tracking whammy would not be intended to cause harm per se, so maybe your idea has merit. I only wonder why Taim hasn't taken advantage of it yet. Or maybe he has, but we don't know it. Was there something Taim did or said that you think would back up your theory? And welcome to the community, Toot.
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