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  1. Okay, so I have a little (VERY little) bit of information to add.  This is unofficial, and maybe it is already known by many, as it's been a while since I've followed "what is known and not known" about the Wheel of Time TV series.


    What I can confirm comes from a personal connection that I cannot divulge, which I know makes this post reek of tinfoil-hat smell.  I have a VERY tenuous and indirect connection to... someone at Sony Pictures Television Studios (more of a "I know someone who knows someone"), and that person is bringing this monster of a show to television.  Acknowledging that, you can choose to believe me or not.  This probably isn't even really news.


    The series is being developed by Sony Pictures TV (we knew that, right?).  There's no cast yet, and to be honest I do not even know how far along they are, but I know they're still early enough in development that no one at Sony is even discussing casting yet, but the feeling is that the show will star mostly unknowns with one or two somewhat recognizable names, but probably not huge stars, unless the show ends up being wildly successful.  But it is absolutely going forward, enough so that some folks at Sony (and people connected to them) are all reading the Wheel of Time, many of them for the first time.  There is at least one extremely high-level executive at Sony who is directly involved in the show's development.  I can't name the person without breaking a confidence, but I do know who the person is and what their position within Sony is, and when I found out who it was, and I saw their track record on other TV shows, I was happily surprised.


    I can say with some degree of certainty that the folks in charge of the TV show are taking it VERY seriously.  They are all keenly aware of what the series means to its fans.  They might not be able to accomplish everything that fans want to see (some corners are going to have to be cut, considering the medium of television), but they're really trying.  They're moving carefully, and thoughtfully, and the last thing they want is to release the show and have it reviled and denounced by the WoT fan community.  They do feel the pressure to make it something people want to see.  I couldn't begin to guess about when it might be ready for broadcast, but barring some kind of catastrophe, it seems inevitable to my untrained eye that this will be on your TV eventually, and not necessarily as a low-budget affair.  They are also aware of the Red Eagle "Dragonmount" pilot debacle.  They are keeping that in mind as a cautionary tale, to remind them that they can't just release a crap show, slap a WoT sticker on it and call it good.  They do want this to be something special.  They have ambitions for multiple seasons, but at present all their efforts are being directed towards making season 1 something they they can be proud of.


    I hope this helps.  And I apologize if it does not.

  2. My opinion on this is the foreshadowing of Aes Sedai and the one power going away in a future age. The Guardian being the thing that blocks the One Power in Far Madding. When the Seanchan take over, they will eventually learn how to replicate the Guardian (perhaps with greater understanding of Mat's Foxhead medallion), and they will end access to the One Power until the next Age of Legends. Also, in one of the books we see leashes involved in the structure of the Guardian in far madding, which always immediately made me think of some connection to Seanchan.


    Aes Sedai refer to both men AND women... at least historically. And they are of course the Servants of All. So the Guardians will balance out Aes Sedai, making them no different from anyone else.


    "The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance out the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade." So clearly it is about the time after the last battle and the continuing fight with the Seanchan Return... to me the only way to balance out aes sedai would be to eliminate their access to the one power. What way do we know that can be done? The Guardian. So perhaps Far Madding will be attacked when Rand brings all the armies that were protecting to the FoM and the Seanchan will be taking it?


    Thanks Ozzy. I agree that historically, Aes Sedai did refer to males and females, but Nicola's Foretelling was in the the present, the Third Age, where "Aes Sedai" means only women, and that's certainly how Nicola would have interpreted it, as a novice. However, I REALLY do like your idea about the Seanchan replicating the Guardian in Far Madding, and basically blanketing the world with it (I wonder if any current Aes Sedai will consider that). Unfortunately, I think they won't be able to do that until they've built up a large conventional army. Their own damane would also be rendered harmless if they replicate the Guardian, which would drastically slow down their conquest of the world for as long as there are enough other channelers to oppose them.


    We've seen Avi's vision that showed the Seanchan taking over the world. We also know that Aviendha is looking for a way to make sure her children do not cause that war to happen in the first place. I'm thinking that in the process of figuring out how to avoid the future she saw, she may also figure out a way to deal with the Seanchan, either diplomatically or through the One Power. Remember, most Seanchan still do not know or believe that sul'dam can learn to channel. No telling how THAT will affect the empire, especially with Fortuona being able to learn.

  3. Do you ever think about the phrase "the guardians balance the servants" from Nicola's Foretelling? I think this statement has HUGE implications for the state of the world after the Last Battle. I'm going to draw a parallel to Star Wars here, so bear with me.


    In the Star Wars series, Qui-Gon and Yoda and Mace Windu all said something about Anakin being the one who will "bring balance to the force." But in the end, the balance he brought was to kill off all the Jedi until their numbers matched the Sith's numbers.. 2 of them each. For a long time, Obi-Wan and Yoda were the only surviving Jedi, to balance Palpatine and Vader. Until Luke came of age, then Obi-Wan was killed by Vader/Anakin, and once again there were only 2 on each side due to Vader's "balancing." The balance that Anakin brought to the force was not a "good" kind of balance, if you were a Jedi.


    So I'm left wondering if "the guardians balance the servants" could mean something similar. I'm assuming that "servants" refers to Aes Sedai, and "guardians" refers to Asha'man. That in the end, when the battle is done, there will be roughly equal numbers of each, which is REALLY bad for the Aes Sedai.


    An Asha'man that's been turned is certainly no longer a "guardian" of anything. So I'm saying that the only TRUE Asha'man (Guardians) are those loyal to Logain and Rand and Androl. And there are currently WAY MORE Aes Sedai than there are good Asha'man. We know the Aes Sedai are going to fight, and it makes sense that a great many of them will die. Plus, it's also possible that more will be taken as damane by the Seanchan. And some of the good Asha'man will also die.


    What I'm theorizing is that, based on this, there will only be a handful of Asha'man and Aes Sedai left in the world after the Last Battle. Maybe a few hundred on each side, or less. Maybe one-hundred, since that's a number that's had significance for WoT channelers attacking Shayol Ghul. The rest will be either dead or taken as damane.



  4. Any confrontation between Rand and Demandred will go VERY badly for Demandred. The only real shot Demandred had was at Shadar Logath during the cleansing. He missed that window. Since then, Rand has integrated LTT's memories, and come into his full power. There is NO WAY Demandred takes down Rand. With his memories intact, Rand will be ready for him.


    But someone please refresh my memory: Do we actually KNOW (not just believe) why Ishamael/Moridin never wanted Rand killed? At first, I thought it was because he'd hoped to turn him to the Shadow, but as the series goes on, that seems less and less like the reason, though I suppose Moridin might still harbor a belief that he can turn Rand. The Body-Swap theory is the only one I can think of that might explain it. Moridin wants Rand's body, but again, why? Moridin's body is intact, young, vital, and has two hands. Why does Moridin STILL want Rand alive?

  5. Demandred obviously wants to kill Rand, and his rage and jealousy have blinded him, as it did when he first turned to the shadow. Demandred is like an addict, and killing Rand is the only drug he wants. He's going to make an attempt to kill Rand, with or without Moridin's blessing, because he cannot help himself. At that point, one of two things will happen:


    1. Either Rand will absolutely SPANK Demandred, because Rand has access to everything that Lews Therin knew about Demandred, and probably already has a plan in place for how he will defend himself when Demandred strikes...




    2. More likely, Moridin will kill Demandred for disobeying orders. I think the timing of Rand's death is important to Moridin, and if Demandred is getting ready to muck up that timing, Moridin will have no hesitation whatsoever at ending Demandred once and for all.


    Demandred might have been able to beat the pre-Veins-of-Gold Rand, but I don't believe Demandred would ever have a chance against Moridin OR the post-Veins-of-Gold Rand.

  6. Just wanted to say that I wish AMoL would have been published in 2012. Because then, the final volume of the WoT would have been published in the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar. As it is, it will be published in the Year of the Snake. More's the pity.

  7. As a huge supporter of Team Jordan, and a firm believer in intellectual property rights, I thought I'd ask my fellow DMers if the WoT AMoL prologue offer I've on FB is actually illegal, or if it's much ado about nothing.


    A poster on FB has claimed that they will email out copies of the AMoL prologue to people outside the US and Canada who send their email address. Since, on the surface, this would appear to be stealing, I thought I'd ask around. Now, I can appreciate wanting to share the love of WoT, but I try to do so legally.


    I play by the rules on this stuff. I don't steal music, I don't steal stuff from stores, and I don't steal books, electronic or otherwise. Even so, I probably wouldn't care, but I know that RJ felt strongly about this kind of thing, and I care about this series and I have some inkling of the amount of work and effort that went into getting it this far. However, I am no expert, so it could be that somehow this is perfectly legal. I cannot judge, so maybe someone else can.


    Here's the link to the poster's website. The date/time stamp on the wall posts indicates they were posted on Sept 20, at about 6:30 am (Pacific time).




    Illegal? Or okay?

  8. Hmm... all this time, and it never occurred to me that the balefire streams that Rand and Moridin crossed in ACoS weren't both made of saidin. Moridin's balefire stream was made from TP. Which is also why Rand never felt him channel.


    I feel pretty stupid about it now... considering that somewhere in the series it stated that Moridin only ever channels the TP, and never saidin. The link between Rand and Moridin was caused by the inadvertent crossing of TP and saidin, and not simply an effect of crossing random saidin-made balefire streams. It was what MADE those balefire streams that caused the link... "I see" said the blind man! So it appears the TP will have SOME role to play in the Last Battle, more than just a weapon for Moridin to use. Or Rand.


    I wonder what would happen if Moridin tried to use the TP on Padan Fain? This is totally likely, considering everyone is now heading to the blight, and Fain is already there. I'm assuming TP balefire would still kill Fain, but what about something else? Do you think Fain has any kind of defense against the TP? I know the DO's power sure doesn't agree with Mordeth's power.

  9. I saw some discussion on another thread about Padan Fain, and specifically that Brandon Sanderson has stated that he wants to distance Fain from the character of Gollum. This was on a thread about Olver, so it seemed appropriate to move the discussion here. This can't be an original theory, I'm sure someone else thought of it before I did, but I never read about anyone else stating this. I'm not saying this theory is "mine," but I did think of it without any outside influence.


    I think the foreshadowing of Fain's fate has been incredibly clear since Fain slashed Rand's side over his wound from Ishamael. Somehow, in the end, when Rand is doing his thing against Moridin and the DO, and whatever other Forsaken are trying to stop him, Fain will clearly have some role to play. What role? I do have a theory. Whatever Rand does to fight the Last Battle, in the end, I believe that he will lock Padan Fain up in the DO's prison along with the DO.


    Why? Foreshadowing. Look at how Mordeth's power reacted to the DO's power within Rand's wound after Fain slashed him. The two different evils are fighting one another, and once Rand was healed, both of those evils were too busy with one another to fight Rand.


    Then there was the cleansing of saidin, where the power of Mordeth and Shadar Logath was used to clean the taint on saidin. In essence, the two evils again fought one another to the point of neutralizing each other.


    We're being given a preview of Fain's role in the Last Battle. Somehow, the totality of Mordeth/Fain will get locked away with the DO. The Dragon is tied to the land, and the wound in his side is represented by Shayol Ghul. The Last Battle takes place there, and is representative of the battle in Rand's side wound. Mordeth/Fain gets locked in the "wound" with the DO (perhaps Shaidar Haran, or perhaps just the incorporeal DO himself), and the two keep each other occupied until the prison is again penetrated after some future turning of the wheel.


    So that's what I think will happen to Fain, without a lot of detail.


    P.S. I hope Mashiara sees this, since I was bugging her about doing a Fain theory for her blog.

  10. Hi. I'm looking for the best (most popular, longest, insert synonym here, etc.) thread on the forums for theories about the series ending, and for how most of the major plot threads might be resolved. I like loony, but at this point, realistic is preferred. Please don't send me to a thread telling me how Rand is actually Asmodean in disguide, and with Bela's help he will replace the DO, father a love child with Taim, and make Tuon the Amyrlin Seat.


    I like stuff like that, but this close to the end, I really want to know what other fans who have read the entire series more than once think will actually happen. I've tried to do a few searches, but cannot seem to locate a consistent thread for the ending. I've also been to theoryland, which is a great site, but some of the theories on there are so "out there" that I don't feel like reading a twenty page explanation for why they are convinced that Taim is Demandred, when RJ explicitly said that was not true.


    I would start an "Ending" thread myself, but there MUST be a good one already up by now, right? Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already made a pretty good one?




    P.S. This is a really great community, and I shudder to think that it will come to an end within a couple of years. I hope WoT fans keep this community alive for as long as possible after the series ends.

  11. I actually believe the Dark Prophecy is about Perrin, and Perrin's death will be needed so he is in the dreamworld ready to defend Rand, once Rand is dead.

    The problem with that is, will he have time to claim his broken crown before biting it? but that's a whole other topic.


    I've been wondering if the Dark Prophecy is not about Perrin at all, but Elyas. HE's the one I think is going to die. I just have a hard time accepting that RJ had always planned to kill off Perrin specifically. I don't think that will happen. I think all three of them live to the end.


    But I do wonder who WILL be killed off. I'm still betting on Galad, and possible Berelain. I just don't see how the story could end with one brother being the Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light, and the other brother being the Warder to the Amyrlin Seat. Anything is possible, I guess.


    I also think Lan is toast, maybe Nynaeve as well. If Perrin DOES die, then Faile will die with him.

  12. First of all, WELCOME TO THE WHEEL OF TIME! Yes, we LOVE LOVE LOVE new readers!! It's like we get to read the series again for the first time through you. Many of us have read the entire series a dozen times (some much more!), but nothing ever quite compares to the first time, does it?


    Yeah, Mat is full of piss and wind, but by the end of Book 3, I promise, you'll absolutely love the guy.


    The first few chapters can take some determination to get through. I won't give you spoilers, but suffice to say the series really takes off when Rand and Tam go home for the night after their delivery and after you (the reader) meet all the important characters. There will be a moment (and you will know it immediately) when the series goes from slow to fast REALLY quickly. If Rand and Tam are still in Emmond's Field, then you have not reached that moment yet. In the paperback, I think it was somewhere between pages 60 and 70.


    My memory of my first reading was that I had a hard time keeping straight who were the important characters I needed to remember, and who I could simply disregard as a "filler" character. So let me help you with that right now. You need to focus on the following characters, in no particular order:










    Padan Fain



    A few others will turn up later in the series, such as Tam, Bran, Abell, and Master Luhan and his wife. For these characters, just remember that they are mostly related to the major characters, and you will see most of them again later in the series. But the first list, above, are the major characters, along with a few more you will meet along the journey.


    There is one other thing I can advise you on: after you reach the end of each book, go back and re-read the prologue to book 1 (Dragonmount). I found that it made SO much more sense after the completion of each book in the series.


    So congratulations for starting the best epic fantasy series there is (as far as most of us are concerned). Welcome to the community, and let those loony theories fly whenever you think of them! Around here, we LOVE loony theories!

  13. The one part of the series that convinced me the two of them had a very strong mutual attraction was in book 4. I think it was the chapter called "Deceptions" but I'm not too sure of that. Thom and Moiraine had a conversation that started with Moiraine revealing to Thom that she knew all sorts of personal details about him that he believed he had kept secret from everyone. That didn't surprise me too much, Moiraine has always been like that, and she's very like Gandalf in the way that she always knows more than people give her credit for.


    But then Thom started revealing to Moiraine all the personal details he knew about her, (her past, background before become Aes Sedai, and her true motivations). It seemed to me that Moiraine tried to "play Thom's game" so to speak, by impressing upon him that she can learn anything about him that she wants, but she was "one-upped" by Thom, who showed her that he had long ago learned everything about her that she didn't wish anyone to know.


    There was a trace of rivalry tension in this scene, but I felt that when the conversation was over, the two of them came to respect one another more. Thom learned that Moiraine was NOT like other Aes Sedai at all, and Moiraine learned that Thom could knew far more than even she suspected, and possibly knew more than she knew. I think that would have been the moment where Moiraine decided she would bond him one day, if she had the opportunity.


    I think both Thom and Moiraine would never have been happy with a significant other that they could push around or intimidate. Each one was looking for an equal, and found it in one another.


    Good post! Thanks!

  14. Me:


    Q: What are the winning lotto numbers of the next jackpot over $100 million?

    A: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 Mega 42


    Q: Who killed JFK?

    A: G. Gordon Liddy, from the grassy knoll.


    Q: How can I talk my wife into getting a boob job without her getting mad?

    A: Trick her into thinking that it's her own idea.

  15. I was always a little disappointed in Sammael's death. I know the actual FIGHT was awesome, but one minute Sam is there, and then he's not. Rand never actually SEES what happens to him, and we as readers do not get Sammael's POV during his death.


    Then RJ simply tells us, "He's toast. Mashadar got him." That would have been EXTREMELY cool to read a POV from Sammael there. None of the other FOrsaken or the DO/SH has mentioned Sammael. I guess all this time it didn't really bother me that much because I figured the DO would eventually bring him back as he did Aginor and Balthamel and others, and involve him in the plot again. But that hasn't happened and now here we are at the actual end of the story, and it just seems like there's not time to bring him back with any kind of involvement in the larger plot. I guess he is truly gone. Right?


    Then again, I still think Aginor is going to be brought back again.

  16. Why does this story, more than any other franchise or series, hold such fascination for us? Those of us who have read the entire series four, five, even ten times or more from TEotW Prologue to ToM Epiclogue, dwelling on every small detail, making predictions, casting the movie, etc.... we know that the uninitiated are really missing out on something special.


    This brings me to the first of two questions I'd like to throw out.


    1. Why THIS series? In your opinion, what makes WoT better or more memorable than other famous franchises? Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance, heck I even remeber the Chronicles of Prydain. What 'nerve' does WoT strike within us that inspires such devotion?


    2. How do you go about convincing someone to start reading it? I have one friend that's an avid reader, but is turned off by the cover art (of all things), and my wife says fantasy isn't her genre, but she LOVES vampire romance novels (god, that's become it's own genre now. scary). But how can you convince someone to give it an honest try?


    My answer to number 2, but the way, is that I tell them that they should just commit to 100 pages. If they aren't interested after that, then give it up. But I also tell them that everyone I've turned on to the series kept reading. But, it still won't work on my wife.

  17. Man, I cannot wait until after AMoL is released and everyone has seen the ending, and Brandon/Harriet/Maria can answer all these nagging little questions.


    They could probably release another guide book just to detail all this minutia. After all, the first guide was released shortly after book 7, and there have been 7 more books since that guide. Seems to me like we have enough material for another guide.

  18. 1. Graendal's in trouble.

    I think the main part of her arc is basically finished. Oh, I think we'll see her again, but she's out of time to come up with another plan that would sufficiently impress DO/SH in the time left before TG. Look for one more appearance for her, on the field of battle, completely out of her element, where I believe she will be killed by... well -- pretty much anything. My point is, she's done.


    2. Perrin realises Noam chose to become a wolf.

    Perrin realizes he will not lose himself to the wolf as long as he does not want to. He will live through TG, but Elyas will die (which will fulfill the Dark Prophecy about a wolfbrother dying. I believe Galad and Berelain will also both not survive TG.


    3. Olver's seems to be a budding sociopath, and Caemlyn is invaded by Shadowspawn. Talmanes fears the loss of the Dragons.

    Caemlyn will burn. Mat and the Band will recover the dragons, with help from Moiraine and Thom.


    4. Creepy Red Aiel Dudes.

    I believe this is going to be connected in some way to the "private lessons" Taim has been giving Asha'man. I have absolutely no evidence for this, other than Androl's musings that people don't seem quite the same after coming back from those sessions. Or it could be SOLELY the male Aiel Channelers that ran off to the blight to die. Either/or.


    5. Rand dreams of Cyndane.

    Will not be a major factor, unless of course Rand is able to save/redeem Mierin in some way, and maybe she'll help the Light at TG, but I doubt it. I think she's Moridin and SH's little toy right now, and she'll only be let loose at TG to wreak havoc with other Dreadlords. And now it seems Graendal has the same fate in store for her.


    6. Lan reaches the Gap.

    Okay, here's my big loony theory: Lan's battle begins just as Egwene begins to attempt to convince Rand not to break the seals. At the start of this argument, Nynaeve and Elayne will be firmly on Egwene's side, but DURING the debate, Lan will be killed in battle and Nynaeve will feel it while Elayne learns that Caemlyn has been burned to the ground. Once the initial shock is passed, Nynaeve (in grief and anger) and Elayne (in MUCH anger) will switch sides, and agree with Rand. The time for trying to hold the DO back is over, and now the time has come to fight. After all, what is more dangerous than a group of uber-powerful channlers with nothing left to lose except their desire for revenge.

  19. No spoilers for ToM, but some spoilers for earlier books.


    I only have one real prediction for book 11, but I suspect it will be an unpopular one. Many other sites I've seen have predicted that this will not happen.


    The DO will bring back Aginor/Osan'gar again.


    I say this because, though Aginor made a poor choice in attacking Rand during Book 8 (assuming he was NOT under orders), he's loyal to the DO and tries to do what he's told. Add to that the fact that there are perhaps only 3 or 4 people in all of Randland history that are stronger channelers than Aginor (Ishamael, Rand, MAYBE Lanfear, possibly Alivia). To use a football analogy, those are All-Pro stats, and you don't bench a All-Pro player if you want to win. The Last Battle is starting, and Dark One will not leave his starting players on the bench. How many male channelers can the DO put into play that are as powerful as Aginor? Only Moridin. Demandred is close, maybe Taim, but the ranks of the Forsaken are certainly thinning.


    The DO gave Moggy a last chance, brought back Lanfear, and let Messana live, all of whom CLEARLY disobeyed orders from Moridin and/or the DO. Why would he not do the same for Aginor? Especially now, so close to the end?

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