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  1. Hello! I liked your blog entry, so I thought I'd chime in. Please tell me to go away if you'd rather I didn't post here in the future.


    Regarding the cords around Ishamael and Rand at the end of EotW...


    I don't think that Ishy's black cords necessarily indicate that he's channeling the True Power, although that's certainly possible. We know from Asmodean that the Forsaken are protected from the taint on saidin by some mechanism of the Dark One. What if that's the reason Ishy's cord is black? It's the taint being siphoned off his link to saidin. And Rand's cord is white because either (a) he's channeling through the Eye so there is no taint, or (b) he's taking the taint into himself, so there's no "exit" path for the taint, and therefore no black cord. I prefer to think it is because he's channeling through the Eye. I've told a lot of people that the prologue and the ending of tEotW should be re-read again after finishing each subsequent novel in the series, because they make more sense the more one knows about the rest of the series.


    I might also offer a slightly different take on why and how Rand was able to "defeat" Ishy in that first meeting. He never actually "defeated" him at all, just bloodied Ishy's proverbial nose hard enough to make him go away for a short time. And how? Well, certainly Ishy underestimated Rand BIG time, and didn't expect him to be able to make use of the Eye at all. As for the idea that Rand didn't have Lews Therin's memories to help him yet, I might disagree. Rand and LTT were ALWAYS the same person, and therefore Rand ALWAYS had LTT's memories buried inside him somewhere, even before he knew about it. At first, he refused to believe he had any connection to LTT, and so never heard LTT's voice. And when he finally did accept his connection to LTT after TDR, he still refused to accept that they were the same person, hence always hearing a separate voice in his head (probably compounded, but not caused, by the taint). Veins of Gold was the moment when Rand reintegrated with LTT after realizing that they were never two different people, which includes back when he was fighting at the Eye. He may not have known he had LTT's memories, but he had them. And that LTT aspect of Rand's psyche, back before Rand accepted it as a part of him, would often try to take control and do things Rand thought he didn't understand. Everytime that Rand fought against that, he was fighting against himself, not against LTT. That's what I understood to be going on there, though I didn't realize it until TGS came out. Rand was able to beat Ishy because he DID have LTT's memories, even if he didn't know it. That's what makes him the Dragon, and it's why he could best Ishy in that battle. If another male channeler (say, Mazram Taim) had fought that battle instead, it wouldn't have mattered how much power he was able to channel, he would have lost. That's why it HAD to be the Dragon, and that's why it HAD to be at the Eye.

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