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  1. I'm not sure where you're getting the time frames necessary for Fain/Mordeth to "corrupt" a place. Lord Of Chaos, "Letters", suggests that he could corrupt with a mere "brush": We know his powers are growing. Beyond his corruption ability, he can intimidate the hell out of Shadowspawn, cause seizures with a touch, identify Darkfriends by sight and possibly command gray mist monsters. Every time we see him, his power seems to expand. By now, there's no reason in the texts to assume he'd need "weeks" to corrupt a village, especially now that he's the sole remaining embodiment of Shadar
  2. I think the general assumption is that Jain "Noal" Charin is the third man raiding 'finnland.
  3. I was putting the 'finns in the "supernatural evil" category only to make an exhaustive list -- and promptly to remove them from contention as a cause for the Hinderstap phenomenon. I had Birgitte's explanation in mind, in fact -- they're not like the Shadow, but they're so different that they might as well be considered evil. Eelfinn make harnesses out of human skin and are more than happy to kill you unless you're clever enough to say you want to get out alive. Call it "evil" or cultural relativism, but a mouse could starve on the difference.
  4. Do you have a reference for how the dagger works? Your RJ quotation said that it was the dagger, not Fain on his own, that could spread the Shadar Logoth corruption. (Recall that while Fain was in the White Tower, he did not have possession of the dagger until he killed the novice, after which time he left the Tower.) Here's what Verin said (which RJ said was taking it too far), from The Great Hunt, "Blood Calls Blood": Even if Verin is wrong about the rate of spread, she describes the symptoms of the corruption exactly. "Every man and woman's hand turned against every other." T
  5. Motive is the main thing. We know that Mesaana wanted Egwene back leading the rebels, and Elaida in power and causing division within the Tower. If Mesaana was Silviana, she would have ample time to use a little Compulsion to get Egwene back to the rebels (maybe by ordering herself rescued), which would surely rally the Tower back against them. But Silviana spoke out for Egwene and publicly denounced Elaida. Silviana was stern, but fair in her punishments. She accepted the position as Keeper, a necessary component in Egwene's plan to heal the Tower. Silviana's actions make no sense if we'r
  6. Thanks for the discussion, folks. It's good to get back into this stuff, awaiting the next book. Just to address some objections to the theory that what's happening in Hinderstap is an echo of what happened in Shadar Logoth... It's not run-of-the-mill human evil. There's a supernatural component to it, and this late in the game, I don't think we can posit a previously unseen source. That means Hinderstap has to be an effect of the Dark One, of Shadar Logoth's corruption, or of some other supernatural evil like the Ael/Eelfinn (unlikely). Indeed. As I mentioned, Fain has
  7. Brandon Sanderson's comment seems consistent with the notion that Hinderstap is a proto-Shadar Logoth. It's well established that Shadar Logoth is a different kind of evil from the Dark One's (that was the underlying theory of Saidin's cleansing, after all). If Brandon was refuting the notion that what was going on was a different evil from the Dark One's touch, then a Shadar Logoth-style evil is a likely bet, given the physical similarities and the narrative setup. The only "other" kind of evil we know is that of *finnland, which doesn't seem relevant at all.
  8. Please forgive (and correct) a newcomer if I'm not following the proper posting etiquette, but I noticed that the new (lovely) FAQ didn't have much to say about the spreading of the Shadar Logoth taint, though there seemed to be a significant development in The Gathering Storm. As Mat and company are traveling, we get some establishing narration to remind us of the old plot point (The Gathering Storm, "The Tipsy Gelding"): When Mat spends the night in the village of Hinderstap, the madness he encounters looks very familiar, especially in light of the establishing context (The Gath
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