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  1. And let's not forget Egwene's humble origins. (No, not as the best water-carrier in Emond's Field, though that's an early indication of her drive.) While the boys were following Joseph Campbell's "Heroes Journey" and dutifully Refusing the Call to Adventure, Egwene was proactive. She knew she had bigger things in store for her, from the very beginning. Perhaps Egwene's first badass moment was choosing to leave Emond's Field. Choosing to learn the One Power when everyone (including her former mentor) still feared it. Life didn't drag her along kicking and screaming, she leaped onto it and rode it like she did a Power-strengthened Bela!

  2. In the books, Siuan and Liandrin both don't appear until The Great Hunt, but Kerene only appears in New Spring. Siuan is, of course, a major character in New Spring, and I think Liandrin makes a brief appearance too. It sounds like we'll be getting lots of New Spring flashbacks in the show.


    On Twitter, Emilia Machuca wrote that Peter Franzen (Stepin) said they were filming a big battle scene in Finland, and unless he somehow appears in Tarwin's Gap, that means the Blood Snow, in New Spring. That makes me wonder if Tam's ramblings about the Aiel War are going to be shown in flashback. That would cast them very differently from the book, where Rand has the luxury of thinking them fever dreams.


    There's a lot of content for ten episodes!

  3. I liked, in New Spring, the cultural misunderstanding between Lan and Moiraine over his refusal to meet her eyes. It was all the more poignant in light of our knowledge of the intimacy they'll have 20 years later, when they'll be able to understand each other's slightest gesture.

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