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  1. your waking the neighbors. Shut up!

  2. Joseph Putzier when are we lifting tommorow!

  3. lamest weekend ever i think...and i did shit on friday and saturday! wth!!

  4. idk what to think about this anymore...

  5. whatever i dont care...be like that. Gona fuck shit up tommorow with Joseph Putzier when we celebrate Maddie Ramsey bday!

  6. Good morning, bacon egg and cheese, your girl blew me, sweet awesome.JERSEY!

  7. I tear my heart open, I sew myself shutMy weakness is that I care too muchAnd my scars remind me that the past is realI tear my heart open just to feelthink me and Joseph Putzier should learn this.

  8. the new male birth control. Probably a bad idea it might make guys want to have lots of sexstephen colbert

  9. Fuck this is dumb

  10. R.I.P To the 31 U.S. Troops who were killed in a Helicopter crash in Afghanistan today. I bet no one cares enough to re-post for Respect. This is a real reason for flags at half staff! Repost if you have a heart.

  11. Namo strode forward until he saw his instructor standing out with the days heat blazing down on the cracked rocks. Nodding he replied. "i see you Jarrin." Immediately he cut to the chase as was usual with the aiel. Small talk was never regular when training or war was hanging over everyone's heads. Quickly discussing the details, Namo mesmerized what he had to do quickly. Moving forward he remember to keep his weight just right so he wouldn't leave any tracks. Nodding as he saw no prints he walked towards the rock. Smacking a rock with foot he crouched carefully and placed it back in the hole that seemed abit further away then it should have been, but he took little notice of it. Looking at the rock he immediately noticed the wooden handle. He let his gaze roam slowly around the rock and the surrounding area. He saw a long piece of twine that lay around the base. Over to his right there was some marks like someone had been digging for something and a the faintest footprint. Looking for some time longer and saw nothing else satisfied he stood and walked over to his teacher. Quickly he listed off his items and waited for the outcomes of his results. OOC: sorry if this sucks but im supper tired.
  12. What the fuck...snookies a bitch

  13. Don't sey meh he benched tractor tires

  14. its about dancing in the motha fuckin rain... dance motha fucka dance....~greg plitt~

  15. Cool!!!HELLO PINK FACEB00K!!!and GOODBYE BLUE FACEB00K!!!Switch Your Faceb00k to 5 Different colors and themes here:http://bit.ly/wM3xXN

  16. agreed i really want to see the black tower in better shape.
  17. why so many cops out?

  18. i feel like i got slapped in the face...

  19. Am i the only person up? blah my abs hurt.... Joseph Putzier

  20. Hey now I like cats

  21. And the giants just got it in!.... for the win!

  22. well this sucks...gahhh lets go mw3!

  23. so freaking pumped for the Interim title fight! This shit gonna be legit!Nick diaz deserves to be beat down! - GSP!

  24. Oh nice you know some naruto references lol

  25. welcome to dragonmount!!!!! Theres lots of fun things to occupy your time here. From the great collection of discussion boards with topics ranging from stem cell research and the evil plots of the forsaken. Then theres the DM Mafia boards. Also we have a collection of social boards and last but not least and my favorite is the PSW RP section boards were you can become part of the world of The WHEEL OF TIME. If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)
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