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    Today's memory is - "We'll remember those who fell, and we'll tell our children how we stood when the clouds turned black and the world started to die. We'll tell them we stood shoulder to shoulder, and there was just no space for the Shadow to squeeze through."


    Man very bleak and worrisome.

    Bleak and worrisome? I read it more as proud and triumphant.

    I read it more in the way of 'we are out numbered and/or getting defeated, but...'


    You know, sorta like William Wallace's battlefield speech. Perhaps they will win the battle, but it is VERY uncertain. So I am going to think it is one of the 4 great captains or Lan or Tam.

  2. Does anyone know of good post-apocalyptic fiction that is (1) not ridiculously corny / cliched as most of it is regrettably and (2) is a series?


    I liked the SM Stirling Emberverse series for the most part. First book is 'Dies the Fire', It's 6-8 books or more now.

  3. I started my re-read in *thinks* mid-August. I finished completely by end of September/beginning of October. No skimming or skipping. Granted, I read a normal size novel every day or two, but I really am anxious to get my hand on AMoL. It had been a while since my last full re-read of the entire epic, so I was pretty captivated by the ones I'd rarely or never read a second time. Now I am more than ready for the final chapters. :rolleyes:

  4. I originally read this series for the first time when I was 13. (1992) If I remember it correctly, I identified with Egwene and, to a certain extent, Mat more as a teen. The feeling of impending adventure, casting off of their hum-drum lives was appealing. Finding out about having 'magic' and becoming 'someone special' totally grabbed this girl. I completely disliked Nyn and Moir, and honestly didn't comprehend as much of the subtleties of the story.


    Now as an adult, when I read the series, I am drawn more to Nyn, and Moir. Their more subtle characteristics are apparent to me in a way they never were when I was a teen. I have found I grasp more of the story, I think, with life experience under my belt. The darkness in the tale is more apparent, and I find that I am less tolerant of any character's childish behavior. That said, I get so much more pleasure reading it now, than I did as a child.


    Edit for spelling

  5. For me, it was like the third or fourth Terry Goodkind book. I tried to get into them, because of a friend's recommendation. I just couldn't. It was terrible.


    The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Loved the first one, but couldn't get into the second.


    It took me months to get halfway through the Dragonbone Chair. But after that, I flew through the series.


    I finally gave up on S.M. Stirling's Emberverse at "The Scourge of God."


    And Finally I couldn't finish Dance with Dragons. *shurgs* I'll try again on that one, at a later date.

  6. I just finished my WOT re-read. Now, I am re-reading two at the moment. I am reading the Magic series by Ilona Andrews. A fun, new and interesting urban fantasy series written by a husband and wife team. And I am re-reading my Eddings. Just some light reading after the WOT!


    I am in desperate need of new reading material. *begs* Any good recommendations? Doesn't have to be fantasy. I'll read most anything. (Well, almost. I felt my brain die a little when I read Twilight because all my sisters told me to.) Thanks all!

  7. I first read the Belgariad when I was about 10. It was not only my first fantasy, but were the books that made me WANT to read. They opened a whole new world for a young girl. They led me to Ray Fiest and from there to RJ and beyond. (It did help that I spoke to David on the phone when I was like 13 because my dad was an editor for some fantasy mag. He was insanely nice to a bubbly over excited teen.) I still have all the original (british editions too, if you can believe it) books, one David even sent to that over excited teen, signed and dated. I think it is 'The Ruby Knight' from the Sparhawk series. I have had to replace my paperback copies a lot though,


    Regardless, I re-read these every year or so. They may not be on par with WOT or other fantasies, but man, it is always like visiting long time friends. They make me happy, and tell a story I enjoy. When my son reaches an age I think he's ready, I'll put pawn in his hand, and open up his world, just as my Dad opened mine!


    Edit: for my terrible spelling

  8. so i was reading the epilogue again


    and i wasnt sure about this whole part from Lan's PoV:


    "he could feel something, distant, that had given him strength recently. The bond had changed. The emotions had changed. He could still feel Nynaeve, so wonderful, caring and passionate in the back of his mind."


    any idea what that change was?


    i was thinking that maybe that could have been when Moiraine got out of ToG, what if some residue of the bond was there and her return from ToG, had some effect even though Nyn has the bond. but thats not very likely


    or maybe it was just Nyn whose emotions have changed, maybe she is getting ready to come to his rescue with help Rand sent? or White Tower sent?


    I never considered that. Very interesting. I was assuming that it was when Nyn took the three oaths. But, now you have me thinking. Guess it all depends on where Lan's timeline falls.



  9. Are you married?


    I'm trying to imagine how it would play with my wife if we were having a fight, and she left me and went home to her mother, and I delegated the note asking her to return to my department's secretary.


    Who disliked her.


    And all women.


    Look, it isn't just the notes. It is what her POV reveals about what she is actually thinking.


    She is obnoxious, arrogant beyond all reason, an un-reconstructed sexist, and generally an unpleasant character.


    I was considering this when I read these scenes. If my husband and I (or boyfriend if you aren't married)had huge fight or he felt useless and left, he would be LESS than happy that I asked my assistant to send him a letter telling him to get his butt back here. (Especially if said assistant was biased.)


    I would expect to get a response of F off or Divorce.


    Regardless of what's on her plate or that he may someday be her warder and have to follow orders, if you claim to love someone and then treat them with such offhand disregard I say that it is more than a little arrogant, callous and snarky.


  10. oh and I agree with trashbird1240 about the level of the audience that it was intended for.

    I would not have been able to appreciate this series even as a young adult and have read many other who started the series very young and have indicated that a reread of the material meant much different things to them when they returned to the books many years later.

    This series is not intended for children to be reading and it is a mature (if still tactful) handling of mature topics that are not appropriate for children such as sex and death.


    I have to disagree with everyone who says that this series is so mature and above young readers heads. I have been reading this series from the beginning, when the first book was published, I was 12. I know that I am unusual in that I read, understood and appreciated the WoT and LotR and other such books that young, but as I got older I knew of many other young readers who read and enjoyed the WoT.


    I also agree with the overly described clothing and scenery. Before KoD I really just wanted to read the line 'Elayne got up, dressed and actually accomplished something!' Or something along those lines. In any case the story is very good the characters likeable or hateable but we react to them. It has great bones but sometimes the fat needed to be trimmed a bit more. I truly enjoy the story, but fully understand why some wouldn't. Just like I understand why some friends of mine can't read it or Dragonbone chair. Just like they understand when I can't read LA Banks or why I hated Twilight.


    Now just to contain myself until aMoL... Sigh. I cannot wait. I have waited nineteen and half years, what's one more. LOL


  11. Let's put that way - Jordan of the first 6 books was a better writer than Sanderson is now, but Sanderson is much better than the Jordan who wrote Book 7-11.


    I tend to feel this way myself. The story was chugging along at a good pace, with great scenes and beautiful descriptions. The plot advanced, characters developed and then a gradual slow down to the screeching halt of CoT. Now I have been reading this since the release of tDR, so I did do all the waiting too. However, when describing clothing, irrelevant conversation, dragging out plot and over bathing become a majority of a book or more, the story begins to lose me. KoD began to draw me back in, and while some of the character voices are different and there is a distinct style difference (and tempest, UGH!) I feel the pace of the first six books returning.


    On a side note, someone just gave me sword of truth to read. Recommendations? I have read and enjoyed the canon, eddings, Williams, Gavriel Kay, ect.... Kinda afraid now after some reviews of goodkind. Meh, have a new Laurell K Hamilton and various others waiting in a pile. LOL...


  12. Sadly, you are pretty much right, Hopefire. There -are- good Aes Sedai. A few. Most Aes Sedai are caught up in the politics and traditions of the tower; it's really only those who step outside that that manage to do something worthwhile. Frankly, the White Tower needs to be shattered and rebuilt from the ground up.


    I was just going to make this point. The really good AS are the ones that left the tower shortly after being raised. There are a few exceptions, but it seems staying fully inert in the wt seems to ruin these women. Nyn is a huge breath of fresh air. I have a feeling that she is going to be pivotal in bringing the AM to the tower and getting the ladies up off their keesters. It will most certainly be restructured and I think eggy's plan to send accepted off to WO and WF will open eyes too. It will be nice to see what the old school AS do with all these new fangled ideas.



  13. It has always been my thought that ORIGINALY RJ intended Taim to be Demandred. -ducks all incoming HE ISN'T- However, all us original readers figured it out so darn quickly, he reversed gears and decided to recast him. In foh and loc the evidence is almost irrefutable. But we know he isn't so we have to move on.


    Now, I truly am not worried about who he is. The suspense has been drawn out so long that unless he is revealed to be Min, Caddy or Obama I will be unimpressed. I think he will have a good role, but whoever he is will be anticlimactic.



  14. Anyone know if the kandori prince is the last of the kandori royalty? He joined up with Lan, and stripped away a bunchof soldiers from Kandor so I was just wondering if Kandor still had a government in lieu


    The queen is with the other Borderlanders with Rand. Her son is in charge while she is gone."your grandmother is in the south; I assume your father rules in Kandor" PG 643 stronger than blood. The Kandori prince Kaisel that joined Lan is her grandson. Prince Kendral of Arafel (also a grandson of ruler) joined as well.



  15. The Borderlanders were the last thing on her mind, she was too busy with her other plans. Why should she care people are getting by Trollocs while the Aes Sedai are sittin in their tower playing petty politics...


    That's the typical Aes Sedai MO.


    Some people claim that Aes Sedai haters won't be happy unless the Aes Sedai all end up groveling at Rand's feet. Untrue.


    I want them groveling at the feet of every parent in Randland who lost a child to a fever, while those gifted with the ability to magically heal sat in their ivory tower.


    Well said. As servants of all they just fail, abysmally. Servants to themselves and their own personal belief in their innate superiority a big giant success. Ugh...



  16. ***Elan Tedronai


    Today, 08:38 AM


    oh really so now we are to forgive rand's mistakes because he shows remorse and regret. well i would hope the great one would show some bit of remorse after going on a rampage and nearly destroying the world.


    To equate looney rand's atrocities and mistakes with those of egwene is just frankly laughable. why should egwene show any remorse? she didnt go on a balefire killing spree or nearly killed her own dad.***


    WOW... You are an Egwene fanboy... Explains a lot.


    Now, let's just say there's this pretty nice guy, good heart, some smarts. He is put in a position of power. Then, one day, he develops schizophrenia. Let's just say... Now, his illness effects his judgement. He makes mistakes and outrageous commands and does horrible things. Then Dr. Phil diagnoses him and gives the guy meds that return his sanity. He looks at what he did when ill and is truly horrified. He holds himself responsible and expects others to as well. In our society, he would probably get off.


    So, Rand does hold himself responsible. He expects others to as well. He told the Aiel 'I have toh.' He acknowledges what he has done as horrific and terrible and just plain dumb. Do I totally forgive him, no. Do I understand that insanity does limit ones ability to reason and control ones self. Absolutely!


    Is Egwene insane? Nope. Everything that people dislike about her are within the realms of her control. She is snarky and calculating and hypocritical. I DO NOT hate her, nor do I find fault with her response to Rand's 'gonna break the seals.' The pattern need everybody together in one place. I do find fault that she NEVER finds fault within herself nor does she ever acknowledge that SHE has ever made a mistake. Not that hers were worse or any such crud. No acknowledgment or remorse or humility on her part.

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