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  1. Today is election day. Let's perform our most essential civic duty. Politics can sometimes be off putting but apathy is the great tool of the extreme minority. So let's get out there and VOTE! Our voices must be heard!!

  2. Watching "Next Iron Chef." Yes. Yes, I am that dorky. :)

  3. I am so sick of political phone calls!!!!! *headdesk* My phone is ringing every twenty minutes... It cannot end soon enough for me!

  4. We had a wonderful evening! Now we are going to have a nice quiet day, watching football and eating all the yummy food I am making. Oriental meatballs, garlic scallops, chicken fingers, veggie tray, fresh bread and banana cream pie! Woot!

  5. Happy new year world, from Colorado!

  6. Awake with my yummy hazelnut coffee, my loving hubby and... the boy is still asleep! Quiet mornings are such a treat.

  7. *headdesk**headdesk**headdesk**headdesk**headdesk* *wipes blood off of desk* *headdesk**headdesk**headdesk**headdesk**headdesk*

  8. So, tonight we put up Logan's Lightning McQueen toddler bed. Houdini escaped his crib a lot in the last few days, so holding it till his birthday got nixed. He LOVES it and went to bed easy. Asleep in a few minutes. It took more time cleaning his room to fully kid proofed. LOL! Then I cried. He is growing up way to fast.

  9. hates migraines. Woke with one, got sick, it went away enough to allow me to function for a while and is now returning. It has also left me drained. Ugh!

  10. is laying here in bed listening to Brad and Logan chatting away via the monitor. it is so sweet.

  11. had a great time at the Smith Christmas! A wonderful meal made by all, a fun and amusing white elephant gift exchange and laughs all around. Logan and Anna played together like toddlers do, and we 3 colored cookie monster on the floor. Good Times!

  12. Well all, another Christmas has passed. It was magical for Logan, thanks to many of you. At least until he missed his nap. Now he is in dream land and Brad and I are vegging out tinkering with our stuff. Merry Christmas to you all again. Good Night!

  13. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday. On a personal note, thanks to all the Santas who helped us make Logan's second Christmas possible. I am truly touched.

  14. had a nice evening with the Loveall clan. Rachel made Brad an amazing birthday giant cookie! YUM!!!! Na made chili and cornbread. Washed the Xmas blankets and Brad's tore in 3 places. How who knows. GRRRR! Now have to fix it. Ugh... Gonna wrap presents and hit the hay. Night all.

  15. has a question. When did being white become bad? After watching Sesame Street and other shows for months with Logan, I have noticed that on 95% of these kid shows there are A -no white people at all or B- the white people are special needs or portrayed as morons. Really?! It is ridiculous. Apparently being white isn't PC anymore without a wheelchair or CP... Ugh...

  16. So, Logan walks up to me outside this morning and says, 'Mommy, Sky is blue. Birds and Moon in sky.' He floored me. I love watching him learn. It is amazing what he picks up that I am totally unaware of. Guess I am doing something right.

  17. is truly sick of this freaking cold. UGH! Made Brad a yummy birthday dinner and gave Logan a color bath. Now I am sitting here watching 'beanpod mom!' Jumping on daddy. Gonna have tea and try to finish Brad's Xmas blanket.

  18. gonna watch part of the eclipse tonight and start celebrating not only Yule but my darling love's 31st birthday!

  19. moving pretty much done. Yay for the Loveall crew for their new home! Everyone sore and tired and cranky. But the guys and Heather and Heidi busted ass! The rest of us cleaned and herded kids and did what we could. Hate moving anyone but glad we are done! Go us!

  20. has had a fun filled day of moving the Loveall's. Tomorrow doing it all over again. Tired and sore now, but hopefully will be better tomorrow morning. Gonna vegg now for a big then shower and bed. Night all!

  21. oh yeah have me some bourbon and ginger. Not caring about shit right now. First drink in a week so hey... just needed it.

  22. hates this stressed out, can't sleep thing.

  23. needs burbon, stat!

  24. bangs her head against the wall, hard! I am wondering when the hell unemployment will actually come through. We are almost out of food and diapers. Grrr... Dangit!

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