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  1. Since CoT I have believed that Silviana is Mesaana. Now that she has had a lot more screen time, I'm trying to determine if she absolutely is ruled out or not.


    My reasons for this theory include:


    • The Mistress of Novices is a fairly powerful position, it does not have the appearance of power. Mesaana was noted in the Companion to be interested in true power, not the appearance of power.
    • Mesaana corrupted young people and taught them to worship the Dark One -- as MoN she would have had a perfect opportunity to influence young impressionable minds to her cause.
    • Mesaana indicated she could cause pain when it was necessary but she did not take pleasure in it. MoNs spank. A lot.
    • When Alviarin forced Elaida into a private penance, it is mentioned she dislikes anything that takes her away from her novices. A Forsaken trying to be both an Aes Sedai as well as take care of Forsaken-ly duties wouldn't have a lot of free time.
    • When Alviarin was deposed, Mesaana said that she could take her penance as "a small punishment from me". (A bit cheesy, but you never know....)
    • RJ seemed to indicate that we should know by CoT who Mesaana is and that he would fully reveal her in upcoming books. Silviana has been given more scenes in recent books, not less like Danelle or given POVs like Tarna.
    • Silviana is confident at first that she can break Egwene. Mesaana, immediately after Eg is captured, is confident that Eg will be broken and felt she was only a figurehead. Around the time that Silviana admitted defeat, Mesaana requested Eg be deposed because she could not be broken and was not a figurehead after all. Sheriam informs her that will likely not happen, which is when Silviana jumps on the "I'm on Eg's side" train.
    • Silviana knows beforehand about the BA purge coming up and has plenty of time to do whatever is necessary so the Oaths won't stick.


    There are a few things that concern me, but I think there are ways around a lot of the caveats.


    • Illusion isn't good with physical contact, and spanking requires a lot of physical contact. But no one would have contact with Silviana's face or hair. She could easily make herself look long-haired or wear a bun.
    • We have no idea at all what her eye color is. But I've always thought that the eye color thing was a red herring. It certainly could be easy enough to use Illusion to change your eye color. It's also a small enough weave that it would work easily.
    • During the Seanchan attack, Silviana was in a cell, but Mesaana visited Sheriam to get the sleepweavers and chop off her finger. But because of the attack she might have been left alone. If she was not forkrooted, just shielded, if they tied it off it would have been able to be broken. Or she could have been being held by Darkfriends, or broke a small shield since she is much more powerful than she lets herself appear and used Compulsion to make people think she hadn't left.


    Is there anything else that would rule her out that others can think of?

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