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  1. yeah that's true... i don't remember the circumstances of that story well. wasn't that close to the waste? and not thousands of trollocs appearing by surprise far into the waste like in TSR.
  2. not necessarily. I'm thinking of the world Rand went to in TGH, in which the trollocs had won the trolloc wars, no people left, no forsaken freed yet either, just shadowspawn. no one to break the seals. I've considered this question about the Portal Stones too. It's not the Stone(s) in the blight themselves which would be the BUT, rather the fact that huge numbers of trollocs have been moved around somehow. I think most of us assumed it was thru the ways, but that may be problematic considering the numbers involved. and it's in book 4 when this first happens, trollocs appearing out of nowhere in the Waste, and we know there is a least one Stone close to where they appeared. and those other worlds do seem like a good place to keep getting more trollocs on demand, but then you are left with the question of who is channeling to operate the Stones. I have thought that just the movement of so many trollocs might possibly be the BUT. Seems to fit the criteria. Could be something besides the Stones. I know it has been stated that shadowspawn can't pass thru a gateway, a OP gateway, but is the same necessarily true for a TP gateway like Ishy/Moridin uses?
  3. yeah the wait between did suck, i was around for that. i remember being a little pissed when New Spring came out instead of the next book, but I'm glad to have that bit of the story and I liked the book. but the re-read after they are all out definitely makes that slow paced section of the books better. i will agree that some of the stuff in there could have been condensed a little. i actually worry a little about ToM being TOO condensed compared to some of the previous books. There is a LOT of stuff going on now in the story. thanks for appreciating the Sagan quote, Baletickle. Love him.
  4. Ya. So? It's the finished product we're discussing, not the amount of effort that was put into that product. Just because he worked as hard on the ones which didn't turn out as well as the rest doesn't make them any less inferior. Also, if I expected people to pay good money for something I worked on and the quality wasn't what they expected it to be, I'd expect to get slagged over that as well - and rightly so. I simply didn't find books 7-10 to be up to par with the rest of the series. I don't see a point in avoiding saying that. and that's a valid opinion, and I have no problem with that. I can even understand to a degree the opinion of 7-10 not being quite as good as the rest (but still better than a lot of stuff I've read from other authors), even tho I think there are too many interesting plot developments and awesome scenes that happen in them to fully agree. I'm just saying that when one is critiquing something, one ought to consider the POV of "how would I feel to have created something like this?" and your overall opinion might alter a bit, even if there are some nit-picky things. I think about this as a musician. For a long time I would talk about stuff on the radio in a really critical way, and say "so-and-so sucks" etc., but then after I thought about it, I would have happy to have written any of those songs and gotten on the radio. If I listen to stuff with that in mind, I'm not so critical anymore. as to the topic of "worry", I was a little worried at first after hearing about a new author finishing, but after TGS not so much. There are a couple minor things like "bloody ashes", but overall it was still great. I think the rest will be awesome. Especially knowing that RJ had thorough notes and recordings telling what was supposed to happen, and that the ending of AMoL had been written. And really I'm just glad to have an ending, and not have it unfinished.
  5. Wow some you are kinda harsh sometimes. Think about it this way: if you had written a novel that turned out even half as well as any of these books you would be thrilled with yourself probably. Light, a quarter as well! Have any of you ever tried to write even one novel, let alone 12? It's flaming hard! @ Asgard re: your initial post, I thought Frank Herbert was a genius. The "philosophy and psychology" was what made it so interesting to me, and all the not so subtle jabs at religion and politics. I think it's great. The story was "plotless" maybe in the sense that history is plotless, he wasn't trying to write your typical beginning/middle/end story that wraps up neatly, it's history, open-ended. I guess what I mean is that the plot wasn't the whole point. Anyway I'm rambling, just don't understand how people don't like Dune. Just didn't evolve into what people were expecting maybe.
  6. It seems like the whole bloody flaming world has gone mad lately. The Light help us!
  7. Sang et sacrés cendres. I actually like those in French. I wonder if they have the audio books in French, that might be funny to listen to.
  8. I've found myself at times uttering some of the curses used in WoT, especially after hearing them spoken aloud listening to the audio books. I've used "Burn Me" and "Blood and ashes" before without trying to and I always pause and chuckle at it. I've also used "Thank the Light" and got some funny looks. What are you're favorite curses and/or insults from WoT? There have been a lot of very amusing ones. One of my favorites is Suian's "Fish Guts!" and Uno trying not to curse, that was just hilarious.
  9. And Alivia seems to recognize it to and it scares her. Rand spun around at the accent, it was that striking and familiar. I say Seanchan. That was a second man that had the seanchan accent. The first man spoke in an accent they had Not heard before. I always thought it was a Sharan as well, fleeing the wars in Shara that the Aiel had spoken of in previous books. Noal says about somebody "as dark as a Shara man" or something like that at one point too. matches the discription. I don't know that there is any major plot significance tho. Could just be one of those little details RJ threw in for more depth, but RAFO I guess.
  10. interesting idea, safety net in case the Dragon is turned to the dark one. Ishy does say that the Dragon had served the DO in previous ages, and yet the DO is still imprisoned...
  11. I took "Lenn in the belly of an eagle" to be a reference to Niel Armstrong, and the "eagle has landed"
  12. This debate is all under the assumption that Mesaana is under the guise of an Aes Sedai. Many of the other forsaken have disguised themselves in much more humble roles, to be hiding in plain site with their abilities masked...
  13. thought of a few more. -the introduction of Thom in EotW, comes out of the inn and does flips and juggles and otherwise teases the villages. -in KoD, Nyn telling the Malkieri jewel merchant about Lan riding to the blight, especially like it from his POV. "The Golden Cranes flies for Tarmon Gai'don!" that scene tugs at my heartstrings -Mat getting jumped my Aiel on the rooftops of Tear, then proceeding to blow a whole in the side of the Stone with his firework bundle. -not exactly a scene, but just a couple tiny little details that are some of my favorite little morsels from RJ: 1-in T'a'R, in the museum in Tanchico Nyn sees a "three pointed star in a circle" or something like that, of no material she knew, incredibly ancient, and had the feeling of pride and envy. I always interpreted that as Mercedes emblem from a car. 2-Thom mentioning some the old stories, some "older than the age of legends", of Len flying to the moon on an eagle of fire (Niel Armstrong, the eagle has landed) and giants throwing spears of fire laying waste and some such (i think maybe a nuclear war between superpowers) i just love that RJ put those little details in there to suggest that our Age is actually the past of randland's Age.
  14. I thought the narrative was a little off in the first couple paragraphs, but that's probably just BS's different writing style. But I personally didn't like the wind starting all the way in Seanchan and in a couple sentences coming all the way across the ocean and the whole of randland to Dragonmount. Seemed a little abrupt and contrived, just an excuse to describe the towers in Seanchan. Other than that I thought it was great. I'm wondering what kind of knowledge is in Rand's head now after his revelations on Dragonmount. He seemed a little...I don't know, zen Buddha/prophet/jedi. "my presence should hold him off for a time" ? what does he know? or what is he doing? Is he going to remember stuff from the AoL now, or other ages? very interesting.
  15. That bit with Ingtar coming back to the light is pretty good. My favorite has to be Mat kicking the a$$es of Galad and Gawyn with his quarter staff while barely out of a sick bed, and the comment about the greatest swordsman ever being beaten by "a farmer with a stick"
  16. I guess it's the Why that gets me. What will the role of the heroes be in the LB, just fighting trollocs or something? seems a little...mundane. I'm remembering in TGH, when Mat sounds the horn, and the heroes come, they don't seem at all put off by the fact that it's not time for the LB. There's no "hey, you called us back from the dead for this little skirmish? It's not time for the LB yet", just amusement at Rand worrying about a girl. and there is no specific mention of the Horn in the KC, IIRC. and yet the AoL aes sedai, seen in the Rhuidean vision, have the Horn and know it is important and hide it with the Dragon Banner. and where did they get it from? and maybe I wasn't clear that I was just looking for speculation, not actual answers. I don't think anybody has the answers except maybe Harriet and BS and their team.
  17. I've been thinking about the Horn. What will it's ultimate purpose be? Where will it be sounded? Where did it come from and/or who made it?
  18. was his "vision" in a dream? I can't recall now. I was thinking it was waking, and it was somebody disguised with the power to look like Rand with Illusion. And I'm sure all of the Forsaken know how to do that, tho Mesaana and Semirage both had done the more flamboyant examples, as figures of light or fire and such.
  19. I'm kinda liking the idea of Moiraine taking the Sun Throne. It would just be funny if Rand appointed her to the position, after reading in New Spring about how she ran from it and didn't want to be queen. Now that she has grown into such a figure of authority and strength as an Aes Sedai, and a skilled player of the Game, she would make a good ruler, and plus she has a better claim on it than Elayne, who already has a crown anyway. Thom could be her...court bard
  20. I really hoped we would get to see at least some of Loial's speech at the Stump, but I too have a nagging suspicion we won't. Considering that were are given that little teaser, and how much else needs to happen in this book, I think all we may get is a few memory flashbacks in a Loial POV while he is trying to find Rand to tell him the outcome.
  21. It would be an interesting twist in the pattern if Lan got caught up in some of the fighting with trollocs along the way. Maybe unwillingly taking command of an outpost after its command is killed, seeing that they will be slaughtered if someone doesn't step up to lead, and that is how his army starts to grow. Also I hope we get to see the characters from KoD that Nyn talks to, the jewel merchant and the other two Malkieri that were involved in that memorable scene, tracking down Lan.
  22. Yeah, after that scene in TGS with the shiny man, I was thinking somebody could have been messing with him pretty early on, because he spoke as if he had been receiving revelations from the Lord Dragon, pronouncing laws and blasphemies and such. But on the other hand, before I had always viewed Masema as a sad allegory of overzealous religious fervor in general, and more specifically of the whole Spanish Inquisition thing, performing atrocities in the name of "Him" and what he saw as the higher good. He could have been well on his way to madness from his own power and fervor before one of the Forsaken decided to take the opportunity to start nudging him in certain directions.
  23. Great review Jason. It gets my heart pumping a little speculating on what will "shred" us to pieces.
  24. I think it would be funny if Verin's letter to Mat simply told him to wait in Caemlyn for the 30 days, so either way he chose the result would be the same, and she just wanted him to stay there for some yet to be seen reason, maybe to give to time for someone to get there and give him a package... and there would be a lot of "Bloody, flaming Aes Sedai" from Mat. Love these new smileys. I like that Mat holds to his promise to Verin, to the spirit of it and not just the wording of it. IIRC, he swore that if HE opened the letter he would do what it says. He could take the Aes Sedai approach and wiggle around the wording loophole, and have somebody else open it, but he still views that as treacherous to the meaning of his promise.
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