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  1. I started reading them in the mid '90s thru book 6 or 7, and have done a re-read with most most of the new releases since then, probably six, and have listened to the audio almost as many times. There are so many little details, that after a 2 year hiatus, doing a re-read is still interesting even after that many times.

  2. Back in maybe '96 or so, a friend of mine had all of them that were published at that point, and recommended them to me, and I was hooked. There were only six books published at the time, so thus began the long wait between books...this last wait is bloody driving me flaming mad.

  3. Jeez, there are so many...probably Rand's Rhuidean vision, tho that could maybe considered a whole sequence of scenes. Close seconds are Mat's duel with Galad and Gawyn in the warder's in the practice yard, and when Nynaeve discovers how to heal stilling/gentling.

  4. I think I would have to pick Mat. I just love the irreverent sense of humor, combined with his honesty and principles. There have been so many laugh out loud quips from him thru the whole series. And my absolute favorite scene in the whole series is Mat kicking the butts of G and G in the warder practice yard. But also he seems (to me) to be one of the best developed characters, with lots of depth and different sides to him.

  5. I generally like it, a lot more that the DKS one, as with most of them. I think the raken is a little too demonic dragon looking tho. They were described as being a lot more lizard like, and friendly enough that their keepers were hand feeding them fruit in one of the Seanchan POVs. But I do like the choice of this imagery. And it hints at how huge the tower is.

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