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  1. I say Uno everyone has to like Uno. I mean who doesnt love a one eyed swearing machine soldier, lol.
  2. Here is a good one i think. Are either of moraines requests deal with the madness and rand it self?
  3. Those are good points. However, if I'm not mistaken both Cadsuane's and Nyaneve's ter'angreal detect active channeling only, not simply holding saidin. That's how the effects are described in the cleansing scene and in the confrontation with Semi scene. The point about Asha'man can perhaps be argued away because none of them said anything during rand's campaign against the Seanchan in tPOD. Rand held the power constantly for days there and nobody except Dashiva said anything and Dashiva was hardly representative of the rest. Something has to account for the absence of the channeling sickness for Rand post VoG. That's caused by Rand's link to Moridin which is still fully functional. those are good points but it may be that Rand has an access to a well post VOG (I think that's what the white stuff that Nynaeve sees on his mind might be). Then he would not be affected by either the Far Madding ter'angreal or the shield in the White Tower. RJ said that a person shielded can still channel if they have access to a well. Do you think maybee imploding the Choden Kal like he did, he created some type of well that is in fact him self somehow. The way i see it he had to draw all that power he was holding into the figurine its self. So instead of pushing it out so to say everything just came back into him in a gentle backlash as he is not aware of it as far as we know.
  4. He seems so confident and sure of him self when he is under those 2 circles. That i think like they said that he would have no problems dealing with both circles at once. I think he has somehow become the embodiment of the one power its self.
  5. If me and Rand hung out he would get Ripped for sure hahahahahahah. I just had to say it since i saw the topic.
  6. Now that would be insane and a thing that no one saw comming for sure.
  7. just finished mine yet agin for the last time. I will read the last book a few times then give the series a rest for maybee 10 years. Then read them all over again.
  8. We havent seen him grab onto it since right before veins of gold. If i recall correctly. And another thing do you think that it is possible to draw the power of the Choden kal when he made it impolde on its self. Meaning did he take the power of it and asorb it some how ? Me i highly doubt it but i thoughtt along those lines. And thats why he may have that shining nimbus of light on his brain?
  9. Thats what i am thinking. If he is still holding it will he go batshit crazy once he lets go. It would also in a way explain ho whe is able to just spot DF's by lookin at them. And his badass way of channeling now.
  10. So right before we seen Rand on Dragonmount, he grabs on to the power in Ebu Dar and gets violently sick. This is the last time that we see Rand grab on to Sadin. Now i have been wondering ever since i first read this part when it first came out, is Rand still holding on to the power. We havent seen a POV from him at all other than the brief glance in the prologue for the last book. i belive this is why he has become so powerfull over the course of the last book. He is still holding onto Sadin. We have him and Perrin sitting around and he 'tells Perrin that " he has the insanity in his grip" i think LTT 's voice was always more calmer and more coherent when Rand was holding the power. I think this is how he is holding it at bay. By always holding onto saidin.Also it may explain the bright light on his brain. This also may explain how Avi's kids are always holding the power and how it is second nature to them. I think this came about when Avi and Rand next Knock boots so to say. Either both of them were holding the power or just Rand is and some how that effects the eventual birth of the quads that she has. So if this is so i wonder whats going to happen when he finally lets go of the power if he is in fact still holding on to it? what do you all think? Editied to add: And we really wont know until we get some type of point of POV where we see him fight again with the power.
  11. LOL, you should be in Colorado or Washington State not Ohio then. Im planning a vacation out to see my uncle in Washington hahahah Yup, if you're on the olympic peninsula let's burn! But apparently be wary of DUI's with the way they wrote it. I figure a pouch of tobacco really isn't alot so to have some here and there isn't that difficult, it doesn't need astronomical amounts to be produced to supply. Also, it may not be cost efficient for a peddler to buy it in bulk and drive it around. Like Aulduron said, it probably goes to Taren Ferry, and probably traded for another product. My uncle lives in Bremerton lol right across the street from the sound. yah they are going to treat it like booze i guess.
  12. It all turns out that this long and drawn out story is all the figment of Rands insanity. They never left the two rivers. Everything that has happend has all been in his head. He in fact lives with Tam on the farm locked in a closet so he doesnt harm anyone with his wildness, what no one knows is that it is really the one power trying to come to the front so to say. The last chapter involes Lan and Moraine coming into the two rivers and finding Rand and then gentling him. Then he dies.
  13. Yah that Two Rivers Leaf gets all over it seems. I think Lord Alegemar had some in the Eye of the World. I also do belive that Bashere had some at one time and the same with the guy from Arad Domain. can not remember how to spell his name right now. Seems to be that the tobacco out of the two rivers is prefered over any other type of tobacco. It would not suprise me that you could find it all the way in Shara.
  14. LOL, you should be in Colorado or Washington State not Ohio then. Im planning a vacation out to see my uncle in Washington hahahah
  15. I dont want any Taxation on my Two Rivers Long Leaf.
  16. I am probally on my last and final read through for a few years at least. This has to be at least the 50th time i have read the series over the last 20 years. Used to be id finish what was out there then start right back at the eye of the world. I am at the point now where i can breeze through every book in a few days. i am currently on The Gathering Storm,just after Hinderstrap. Probally finish up this one this weekend then slowly go through towers of midnight so i can be ready come january 8th.
  17. Maybee some type of rememberance of her in one of his dreams, but i really think they were all Ishmael.
  18. From the album: Untitled Album

    same day out the front window. this is the after picture
  19. From the album: Untitled Album

    out the front window after a lake effect snowfall. This is a before picture .
  20. From the album: Untitled Album

    My back yard 2 years ago after a good day of snow.
  21. I will shake ur hand any day Mik my man.
  22. As of right now Neald can only teach the others how to do the basic power wrought item. That one night was a one time thing i think in my book, as being unique in it was Perrin doing the forgeing
  23. I think it is something more along the lines of what Perrin is feeling while he is making it. After all further on down the line he has the rest of the blacksmiths in his camp making the ordinary type of power wrought weapon, with the spear points for the maidens and whatnot. So you would think it is something special that has to do with Perrin himself. It could be his tavernness or the fact that he is a wolf brother and since he is connected to the dream world more so than others he is some how able to draw what basically is i would call it his essence of him self ( if that makes sense) into what he made. Like when it starts feeling warm and whatnot it could be the warrior side of Perrin being glad for the killing. And of course the hammer is mentioned in the prophecies. As a sing of the last battle but there may be a little bit more to it being mentioned.
  24. So we all know Perrin hasthis new badass hammer. It was the first power made weapon inover 3000s years. But it seemsto me to be more than just an ordinary power made weapon. Since Perrins feelings and anger and all his emotions went into the making of it along with Neald drawing the power in a way that just seemed right, makes methink that Perrins hammer is infact some type of special new type of weapon that uses the power in some way and its albe to be used my any one channeler or non channeler. every one else's thoughts ?
  25. A great thing to read first thing in the morning. NEARLY spit my coffee all over the comp.
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