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  1. Never thought of amnesia thats a good one, but having it would they infact remember that they could channel do you think?
  2. I remember some where in one of the books some one says something along the lines of once linked you can maintain the link from across the globe. i may be wrong though just cant remember.
  3. may it be a dream depicting the evidence of the dreamshard and how its is somehow going to play a part in the end?
  4. You are. SG was not so much a city but a ... Not to mention waygates were made during the breaking. As for the daily post this should be clear to anyone who has followed Felix Pax's ravings. It's quite obviously that group of DF Ogier from the Shadow Coast moving to attack Ituralde!!! If that were to actually happen that would be by far the best guess that had ever came from Felix. Now throw Valan Luca comming ou tof the ways with them and its even better hahahahah.
  5. So with the three oaths we have the main one that i think serioulsy puts the Aes sedi at a huge dissadvantge is the one about not being able to kill ppl with the power. have never liked that one my self. I just thought of one way around the oath its self. Have them learn the sword. Since they live for such a long time any ways they woul dhave an exrta advantage if they were able to spend a little amount of time after there final test before they leave the tower and go out in to the world. Make them take 20 year sor so to spend on nothing but the sword until they were a blademaster. The they would be able to defend themselves far better than with the power, it would make sense to me. then once they felt in danger they could then go and use the power in tandem with the sword. Almost liek the equilivant of a women AshaMan. so what can you all think of to get around the three oaths?
  6. Galad in a Portal stone world? I think the key phrase overall are the words PLACED HIM HERE AT THIS MOMENT, that right there is the important thing in this i think. He is about to do somethign either for the good side or maybee for the bad side not knowing it at the time. I belive the Light is showing him either a vison or some type of indicator that he has to take out somebody or something, and in the process gets either killed along the way or succeds. that all sounded good in my head. Not sure if it does now lol. you could say at a certain time and a certian place and in a certan way he is either going to do somethign badass or stupid and end up gettign killed. or he is going to die any ways. Wanted to add may this be the begining of the final battle and one of the major veiw points of the last battle its self, the one with the ton of different point of veiws?
  7. We shall see but so far with the lil info that we have got from what they have put out day number 2 had questions about Shara so even though we may never see what it is like there to even mention yet again so more of a disapointment to me to be bring it back up on someplce that has no pertinince to the overall story.
  8. Yeah, it's nice to get a behind the scenes look, but not like this. But do they really have anything to lose? Are people going to protest and not buy the next book? It's the last book and lets be honest, people have been complaining about Brandon for years, imo being ungrateful that the series is even being finished. I think it would be hilarious if bong is right They would be risking the fan reaction to the book. While some of them have been vague enough to not do much harm, if you tease people with the possibility of hearing things about Shara in the last book, you are setting yourself up for people to be disappointed in the book, no matter how good it is. There's no good reason to do that. it would be shitty if they mention shara liek they did and then nothing comes of it. There has been a lot of stuff thats been like that throughout the whole series. Stuff you hear about and its interesting but then nothing ever comes from it.
  9. yah no brandon bashing please this is fun topic lol
  10. Ok here is a little bit of humor for you all. So what if the things that they are (as in TOR) letting loose so to say, are things that are not in the books. But in fact things that got taken out. Didnt Peter say somethign along the lines of no new material will be let loose until the book comes out lol. So all of these things could be things that we will never actually see hahahahahah. Everyones thoughts on this would be fun. But lets keep it on track for once and no sidelining the main topic or ill get it locked right quick.
  11. I am kinda thinkign that it is Moraine trying to get the bond passed to her for some reason, maybee its from alana right before they go down to the pit. As for the one from yesterday i think it is deff Loial. He seems to be the only person in the series that would talk that way so it kinda makes sense to me for sure
  12. I think Herid its just running slow since we are all trying to get on to see what we all missied over the last few days
  13. Good to hear Jason im glad its back up and running. I knew with the powers of callandor you would be victorious overall. Now time to do some posting.
  14. Also to point out Noal said "Mercy of the Winnower". To me that doesnt seem to be the creator. Could that be another type of way to say Great Lord grant mercy, mayhaps? Or it could be an alltogther type of deity that we have no idea about and wont since it may be from where ever Farstrider went and explored? So throw that and the different language that mat does not know, he might be speaking Sharan. and mercy of the winnower could be one of their sayings.
  15. The "should" in context should be able to tell us what nation they are at least from. being by who ever talks like that. I am thinking of some one from illian.
  16. Or it could be hard to carry it on your person, so he leaves it behind when he doesn't need it specifically. Could be either. He had that thing since TFoH and a lot of people know about it. It could be Justice though. He never told anyone that it actually is Justice, not even Min. I don't know how it can be significant though. Unless it's another Sword That Is Not A Sword, so to speak. Crazy idea: Justice is a ter'angreal with the same function as the Crystal Throne. he didhave that sword since fires but after he got hawkings sword he stopped wearing it and took up wearing hawkwings. Then in either chapter 1 or the prologue he is wearing lamans sword, and not justice. so he had to go somewhere to get it, and i do belive that it was in Tear.
  17. most of the time lines are messed up best not to think about them. It will make you go insane trying to figure them out.
  18. Im thinking along the lines if it is an item of power he only knew what it was post VOG. It may incorporate the halo of light on his brain some type of item that he knew where it was after his mind awakeing moment.
  19. This just made me think: Could Rand have made a new Eye of the World within himself? It took a few channelers to make the eye originaly and they all had to die to make it so i dont think he made a new one. And Ltt wasnt around when they eye was originally made.
  20. He goes somewhere to get something. Tear if i remember correctly but i dont remember if it was before or after maradon. Cemm beat me to it lol.
  21. Maybee he is holding the power and some how he knows now how to hide his ability from others. Pretty far fetched i think but a possibility.
  22. yes, that's what I meant. I'm not at all sure on this but I think it's a possibility which would explain a number of things. Yah i have always thought along those lines aswell. Where else could have all that power gone if not into him self. There has to be some type of resonace or somethign slong those lines when something like that has happend. And it would explain alot of things that he has been able to do now. And the same with his and Avi's kids, why else would they be able to live and breath saidar all the time with out some type of influence of some type. Unless it is a side effect of them both holdign the power and being bonded to each other whilst knocking boots.
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