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  1. I am reading. Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey. Florida crime/humor novel. Any of the books by Tim Dorsey are great I think. I am also reading The Eye Of The World yet again aswell .



    I just got done with the Maze Runner series. Pretty good books I flew through all 3 of them and I am reading the prequel right now to them probally finish that one today some time. I read each of the other books in 3 days. Not sure what ill be reading next.

  2. i think when his bond to Moraine snapped, and the fact that it passed on to myrelle made the warder death rage not as over whelming. Since Lan deff had a purpose to seek out myrelle. I would think that the fact that he had to trumps the death rage just a little bit. 

  3. It will be a lot of many things,covering many different things. But hopefully with a few of the said many things being finally told to us stuff we have wondered about for many years that wasnt covered in the books but just touched upon.

  4. Ok so i read AMOL 2 times. All the other books except for the Gatherign storm at least 50 a piece (over 20 year period). Does any one else who used to pick the books up and read them all and then once you set the last one down pick the first one right back up again. Do you feel the need to read the books any more, or are you like me who packed them away probally not to be read again for a long long time.


    Like a whole turning of the wheel.



    thoughts on this from you all would be great.

  5. It seems to be that every time you do a reread that yes you find a few things here and there that you missed on the first time through. For me when i was in the upper levels of rereading say like 50 times for TDR that you just breeze by everything, and then you start to look at every little sentence to try to find out ever bit of foreshadowing that was in each book.


    I have read them so many times usually by the time im in the third of fouth chapter of each book i can remember what happens in the whole book, so it makes it easier to focus on the little things that you dont normally get the first few times through the series.


    But i also have to say that since i read the last book 2 times i feel no need to read the series again. Or at least for a few years, I used to finish what ever boosk were out then just pick the eye of the world right back up and read them again.

  6. I would think it needs to come down to each person them selves. Because no one knows thier own self better than any body else. Think about all the killers over the years that people have said he was such a quiet nice person who knew he could of done something like that. I would think the person would deff know themselves better than any other person.

  7. Well the end has come and the book is out. I have read it and i enjoyed it. This will be my last post on the forums. I dont see the need to speculate about what happens next, as i am pretty sure it will not come to any type of head. The encylopedia will be a good thing to have when it finally comes out. But other than that this story over the last 20 years has been a boon to my mind when ever i was depressed (used to be a dailything ) i would jump into Rand Land, it always made me feel better. I was always able to project my self into the story, like i was right there the whole time. Riding out of the Two Rivers with Rand and Co. Now a little part of me has died i think. Because i now know that no matter how much i want there will never be another new book to look forward to in the great and wonderfull world that RJ built for us, sure the pedia will be nice but it just wont be the same. I am going to miss each and every last one of these characters, that have meant a lot to me over the years they all were almost brothers and sisters to me (even the bad ones).


    So now its time to find a new set of books to read until they fall apart.Each of my Wot books are all pretty much falling apart anyways except for the last 3 in the series, i havent read them enough yet to make them not look like a book any more lol. I am sure they will be that way eventually hahahahah.



    Good Bye forums I wont be back unless its in peoples memories of my Badass Nick name hahahah



    Ill still be in the chatroom ive made many friends in there and them i wont leave. So this is a fond farewell

  8. Took me a day and a half to read it. Over all i enjoyed the book alot. But i really had some issues that i had been waiting for since i first read the books. Some things that happend off screen i did not like at all. The buildup of certain prophecies over the years, then to have them fall flat or not even cover them, makes me a lil bit mad.


    But hey we got to read the final book.


    Now to go onto something else, not sure what though.


    Nothing by Sanderson thats for damn sure.

  9. She drew a fingernail along his jaw hard enough to make him flinch. "The time for games and subterfuge is past, Lews Therin. LONG past."


    His stomach lurched. "Do you mean to KILL me, then? The Light BURN you, I —"


    "KILL you?" she spat incredulously. "Kill YOU! I mean to HAVE you, forever. You were mine LONG before that pale-haired milksop stole you. Before she ever SAW you. You LOVED me!"


    "And YOU loved power!" For a moment he felt dazed. The words sounded true – he KNEW they were true – but where had they COME from?




    Thats a good one. Short and simple, i think Terez that we are the only ones having fun with this .

  10. Raen says in the EOTW



    "You are WELCOME  to our FIRES.Do you KNOW the song.

    Elyas bowed in the same way, both hands pressed to his chest. "YOUR welcome WARMS my spirit, MAHDI, as your fires warm the FLESH, but i do not know the SONG."

      "Then we SEEK still," the gray-haired man intoned. "As it WAS, so shall it BE, if WE but REMEMBER, seek, and FIND."  He swept an arm toward the fires with a smile, and his voice took on a cheerful lightness. "The MEAL os almost READY. JOIN us PLEASE.

  11. Mat said'


    "I have no intention of MARRYING . And I have no intention of DYING , either, whether I am supposed to LIVE again or not. I walk around with HOLES  in my memory, holes in my LIFE , and you stare at me like IDIOTS . If I had my way, I would want those holes FILLED, but at least ANSWERS to my questions might FILL SOME OF MY FUTURE. You have to answer.

  12. :myrddraal:



    "Rand," she said firmly, "you can’t be SURE it will have any effect, just because it did on Harine. If you being ta'veren ALWAYS affected everything, you’d have every RULER kneeling at your FEET by now, and the Whitecloaks, too."


       "I’M THE DRAGON REBORN," he replied haughtily, "and today I can do ANYTHING." Scooping up his sword belt, he fastened it around his waist. It bore a plain brass buckle, now. The gilded Dragon lay atop the coverlet on the bed. Gloves of thin black leather went on to cover the golden-maned heads on the backs of his hands and the herons branded on his palms. "But I don’t LOOK like him, do I?" He spread his arms, smiling. "They won’t know until it’s TOO LATE."


       She almost threw up her hands. "You don’t look much like a FOOL, either." And let him take that how he would. The IDIOT eyed her askance, as if he was not sure. "Rand, as soon as they see the Aiel, they will either run or start FIGHTING. If you won’t take any of the Aes Sedai, at least take those Asha’man. One arrow, and you’re DEAD, whether you’re the Dragon Reborn or a GOATHERD!"


       "But I AM THE DRAGON REBORN, Min," he said seriously. "And TA'VEREN. We are going alone; just you and me. That is, if you still WANT to come."


       "You’re not going ANYWHERE without me, Rand al’Thor." She stopped herself from saying he would trip over his OWN FEET if he did. This euphoria was almost as bad as the dark bleakness. "Nandera won’t like this." She did not know exactly WHAT went on between him and the Maidens - something VERY peculiar indeed, by the things she had seen - but any hope that that MIGHT stop him guttered out when he grinned like a small BOY evading his MOTHER.


       "She won’t KNOW, Min." He even had a TWINKLE in his eye! "I do this ALL the TIME, and they NEVER know."



    When you do it that way Terez, it makes Rand seem TO be more crazy than he actually is, i think it would of GIVEN more depth the story overall lol

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