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  1. I don't quite know if I'm allowed to sign in here, as its been several months since my account has been active but... Mae-Accepted
  2. I don't quite know if I'm allowed to sign in here, as its been several months since my account has been active but... Mae-Accepted
  3. Mae - Accepted//Aspirant of the Gray Ajah I'm a dishwasher/bathroom cleaner/kitchen slave. I keep the sanitary needs of the Family Resto that I work at in peak condition, primarily by doing the dishes, scrubbing toilets, washing walls, cleaning the grill and helping out whenever and wherever I can. And I'm also in Adult Education, finishing up some business. :3
  4. Woohoo a new member! Always glad to see a fresh face. Welcome to DM! I've just started Towers of Midnight and all I have to say is 'wow'. Ledinna has given you all the basic information you need to know, I also highly recommend the social groups, as they're a blast to take part in. Any more information you'll need you'll find in the handy pinned topics that are all over DM. Best of luck!
  5. Wow, DM is a teenager. And I've only been here for it's awkward pre-teen years. I wonder how DM looked as a 6 year old.. Anyways! Theres a lot of reasons why I like DM. One being that I can share my enthusiasm for the wheel of time with hundreds of like minded fans-something I don't often have the chance to do in real life. DM also has somewhere for everyone to go- Whether it be spamming it up in the SG or sharing Crafts and recipes in the Gray Ajah quarters. No matter where I go, there's some sort of activity or game.. I could go on for hours about DM and the WoT. But basically, that's what I like about DM. Sharing the experience!
  6. ... I'm so glad I logged in today! Laura, how is it that we've never passed each other by while reading WoT on the Metro or bus? I'm also in Montreal- and I've only met perhaps two people outside of my family who have read the book. This is a pleasant suprize. Anyways! Welcome to the wonderdful world of Dragonmount- It's nice to see a duo joining at the same time! Theres plenty to do and participate in here- such as the Artists (Crafters, and Writers) guild(s), and the Gallery where everyone on DM is welcome to share their handy-work. A quick scope around will reveal all the other places to be, such as The White Tower, Black Tower, etc!
  7. NOOOO, SPOILER REVEALED, MY LIFE.. IS.. DEEPLY.. AFFECTED. Really though, I hadn't learned of her death yet. I was only on chapter 30 of TGS.. Oh well, the wheel weaves.. :P
  8. Mae

    New here!

    I see Nynave already got to you.. And she's hyper, we're all doomed now she's basically told you the basics of all you need to know. If your a fan of Loial, and your that quick of a reader, I'm sure the Ogier Social Group would interest you. Welcome to Dragonmount! If you're that addicted six weeks into the series, I'm sure you'll find many friends here and plenty of things to do.
  9. Mae


    Another wolfbrother! Welcome! Christine is very much right, chili and tequila are the never ending supplies in the wolfkin division... and I'm sure you'd get a kick out of the Warders Guild as well. You'll find many more rabid TWOT fans here, especially in the General discussions, they go real crazy there..
  10. Raena Where in Ontario? I'm moving in with my boyfriend so I don't know exactly where I'll end up, that depends on where he's living when it's time for me to move. I've actually been to Canada three times already, but just for short visits. Umm, it's been like five years since I was a Novice... I'm getting old and forgetful. But seriously, I think I was a bit intimidated. Everyone seemed to be so smart! *Sorry about that, my time stamps are messing up..* I was in Cornwall, Ontario.. I visit bi-monthly. It`s a nice little city with lots of nooks and crannies. I would not be surprised if you live there, or nearby, as the highway goes right through the city.. There actually is a lot more snow than you think there is, just not so much in the central parts of Canada.. I lived in the Maritime aread , and there was often snow up to my waist, blocking our door. :P Haha, I`m sure the Initiates of the two classes can relate to that feeling right now!
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world that is DM! There`s plenty of Social groups, and role playing arenas, such as the White Tower, Black Tower, etc. As Talmanes mentioned, do try to be careful with spoilers, I`m on the 12th book and I`m still finding spoilers by accident when I`m on DM.. n_n`
  12. I've seen you in my Field Trip Threads, you must be in Ithi's class! Welcome to Dragonmount, as for the bowing, don't be expecting that just yet xD If your on winters heart, I suggest you check out the BT, or even the SG. Perhaps you can wreak havoc there.
  13. Mae


    Welcome to Dragonmount, Noal!
  14. Raena,I'm in Ontario right now! You'll like it here, lots of space and quiet. Forgive me, this is off topic. xP I've got a question: What was your first impression of the Brown Ajah, way back when you were a wee Novice?
  15. Sorry about the Confusion, Heartie! I forgot to post week twos homework when I posted all of these threads. n_n' Ithi and I split up the field trips, rather than making duplicates. Hello Raena! Wow, you're in Sweden? I'm stuck here in Canada! Which province do you plan on moving to in Canada?
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