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  1. @thor that is interesting isnt it, even Harry Potter had the womping willow
  2. If all Slayer is is an assasin who kills wolves in his spare time, who cares about him?, hes just a glorified Gray Man. I think there is more to the Slayer character than that, he is featured in the ToM blurb, hes closely related to Rand and Lan, he can acces T'A'R. It could be his role is just to lead the Darkhounds against Perrins wolves and then battle him in T'A'R, but i think hes killing off heroes
  3. I think its certain to be a similar situation to Egwenes accepted test. I think Rand will be trapped or captured by the shadow and about to be turned, and alivia will give him a knife or a sword and we will see him sheath the sword in order to not be turned. This will happen at the very end of ToM
  4. No it was seen burning imediately after or during the battle with asmodean. We should see it again in Aviendahs Rhudien POV in ToM
  5. I think the physical eye itself has no further use, but some information will be learnt or realised from it that will be very important for the LB. I think this info will come through Moiraine and it will be something she learnt on his first visit
  6. Thank you for doing this, i was getting tired of the lame theories that SH and M are the same. Now some irrefutable evidance that Cyndane is Lanfear and Bela is not the creator?
  7. I would of much prefered a picture of nynaeve and rand facing eachother over the choedan kal. I have a realy vivid image of that in my mind everytime i read that chapter
  8. we will see, im pretty confidant about that theory. RAFO
  9. I just dont see Moiraine fitting back into the Aes Sedai scene; with Ewgwene as Amyrylin, Siuans situation, Cadsuane in the picture, and Moiraine at reduced strength, i just dont see it. I think she will choose not to be healed, she will be Rands friend and Thoms lover, theres no point of her being Aes Sedai or channeling anymore. I would bet money that she will choose not to be healed and when ToM comes out i will quote myself from here to prove i was correct
  10. @dmanmiller34, i agree, i think that could likely happen
  11. There was no ambiguaty with satelle anan, she couldnt feel anything through the adam, siuan could. Thus people who have been stilled can sense through the adam, burnt out cant
  12. Also did we ever find out what Thom was doing on winternite, when he was not seen by anybody but his cloak was burnt. Are Thoms knives mini shocklances like that darkfriend sister in KoD. And does Thom still have his knives, i seem to remember him losing them in a couple of trollocs or something and he said "those were my best knives"
  13. Yeh probably a waygate in a stedding in the spine of the world. I highly doubt they would have used a portal stones
  14. It could be you appear as your most recent incarnation, or you appear as the incarnation in which you gained HotH status, and hawkwing gained his status in the last third age
  15. I get a bad feeling everytime i read the interaction between rand and the aiel, he just uses them and doesnt respect them. That may change as of VoG, ill RAFO. No matter what though the aiel will be at the Last Battle to spit in the dark ones eye on the last day.
  16. I think the very last paragraph will be: there WERE niether beginings nor endings to the wheel of time, but this is THE begining.
  17. Ridiculous. Of course she is reborn, as every single person in the wheel of time world is reborn, but, as every single other person in the WoT world except heroes of the horn, she is reborn as a diferent person, of no relevance to Rand at all.
  18. Yeh he was only partialy bound, he was freed and trapped at 40 year intervals, so he would be free for 40 years, then trapped for 40 years
  19. btw what is mats ring made out of? When he firsts gets it it is stone, a "carvers try piece" that was meant to show the skil of the carver, but im pretty sure later on its gold.
  20. If you dont have a twitter acount then just click on the name of the person he replied to and go through their tweets to find one adressed to @brandonsandrson
  21. @Thor Aginor 'rearanging genetic material with the one power' has nothing to do with his fighting ability, and again, i refer you to that chapter, aginor was shocked at what Nynaeve was able to do with his flows, it was something hed never seen, thought was imposible and had no knowledge of how to counter. Similar tecniques are used in martial arts were you use your oponents strength and weight against them.
  22. I said fairly apathetic. I am interested i just think there are much more important threads in aMoL that im worried would be overshadowed by the revealing.
  23. Who else is like me and fairly apathetic about who killed Asmodean and but is praying we find out in ToM? i just want it out of the way so we can focus on the awesomeness that will be aMoL. Ive been reading Brandon Sandersons twitter and he is refusing to say whether it wil be revealed in ToM. It just seems like their dragging it out for fun. I will be realy dissapointed if Asmos killer is not revealed in ToM
  24. Does anyone know of any celebrities/politicians/VIP's that read tWoT?
  25. looks like a mistake then, good catch. Ive done the same thing going through the books at 2am to find a quote or reread a passage.
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