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  1. i think Rand might use, or Egwene might demand that they use, all the gathered forces to either intimidate the Seanchan into allying for the Last Battle(Rands plan), or use the combined forces to destroy them(Egwenes plan). the Seanchan have been involved in the story since the second book, there not going to just stay in the south while everyone else fights the last battle, then take over the world off screen after the last battle, i think theyll have a huge role to play. there is the dream/ viewing off a golden hawk touching egwene(probably Tuon), and theres the dream of a seanchan woman with a sword saving egwene(Eaganin(sp?)). theres no way Rands plan to break the seals the day after the meeting at the field of merrilor is going to happen, if thats even what he actually intends to do, he may be just manipulating Egwene to gather all his allies for him in one place, united. whatever Rand does to kick off the Last Battle, it will happen in the finall quarter of the book
  2. I actually got chills at the way Elayne was behaving in this book, it just felt really wrong that she is putting herself above the last battle, im just really glad Caemly is burning, Elayne does not deserve to lead, and maybe it will be a wakeup call that the verry fabric of existence is at stake, so stop making people who are way more important than you to the Pattern and to Creation itself ( Mat and Perrin)bow down to you. in the scheme of things, Elaynes throne is nothing,whereas Mat and Perrin are Vital to winning the last battle, Elayne is not, Andor is not, Elayne needs to realise this soon. I hope Talmanes and the band secure all the dragons and keep them for themselves to use at the last battle, seriously, Elayne does not deserve them.
  3. towards the end of the book, Mat says "Yeah". ill try to find the page
  4. i really liked Nynaeve's little speach after her Aes Sedai testing, she really is too good for them, and it was awesome how she saved Lan, in the ter'angreal
  5. what he has really taken liberty with is he has all the characters saying "bloody ashes". hes just invented a knew saying and thats wrong, its blood and bloody ashes!!
  6. some evidence for Nakomi being an Aiel, rather than Verin or someone else, is the roots that she brought with her to cook, that Aviendah remembered from her childhood. i think that like most Aiel foods/plants, these roots that nakomi had are only available in the Waste, so why would Verin go to the trouble of finding a specific food only available in the Waste?. I dont know who Nakomi is, but i think shes an Aiel. though the way the coals on the fire suddenly increased was suspicious, as was the way Nakomi disappeared. Maybe shes an Aiel from the future
  7. as anyone living in melbourne would know, tuesday is melbourne cup day, a public holiday, and no bookstores are open that i know of, ive rang borders, dymocks, angus and robertson etc. how are any of you living in melbourne getting around this, its really annoying!
  8. you guys think you have it bad, november 2nd is a public holiday in melbourne where i live, so no bookstores are open, and i have to wait till november 3rd to buy the book
  9. There are two men, the first one, who starts talking about silkworms, is a Sharan (Sorry Fains nose, but this has been discussed since the release of KOD, so you are a few years behind with your discovery). The second one, who says the first is correct, he is from Senchan, and he is the one who makes Rand and Alivia react. well if its been discussed since KoD ive never seen it, and ive seen a lot of people saying that Shara cant be involved in the future story because there is no foreshadowing, those people obviously didnt know about this
  10. interesting the parallels between the three main WoT characters and the prominent norse Gods, Thor Odin and Freyr, who are usuall portrayed together. from wikipedia: Freyr- Freyr (sometimes anglicized Frey, from *frawjaz "lord"[1]) is one of the most important gods of Norse paganism. Freyr was highly associated with farming, weather and, as a phallic fertility god. The most extensive surviving Freyr myth relates Freyr's falling in love with the female jötunn Gerðr. Eventually, she becomes his wife but first Freyr has to give away his magic sword which fights on its own "if wise be he who wields it". Although deprived of this weapon, Freyr defeats the jötunn Beli with an antler. However, lacking his sword, Freyr will be killed by the fire jötunn Surtr during the events of Ragnarök. Perrin is associated with Farming/agriculture through Mins vision of plants flowering all around him, which many think means he will find The Song. Freyr is often portrayed as/with a giant Phallus, Perrin is portrayed as very muscular. the legend of Freyr falling in love with a woman but having to give up a magic sword and pick up another weapon parallels Perrin having to give up the Axe in his quest to get Faile back Odin- Odin (pronounced /ˈoʊdɨn/ from Old Norse Óðinn) is a major god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard. Odin is a principal member of the Æsir (Norse Pantheon) and is associated with wisdom, war, battle and death, and also magic, poetry, prophecy, victory, and the hunt. odin is also associated with a horse, spear and ravens. he was hung from the world tree for 9 days and nights, peirced by his own spear. Obvious parallels with Mat here that i have seen discussed on this forum Thor- In Norse polytheism, Thor (from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, destruction, fertility, healing, and the protection of mankind. Rand al Thor, the protector of man kind against the Shadow, male channelers are associated with lighting and destruction. Discuss
  11. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed the Sharan man that appears in an Inn in Tear during Knife of Dreams, page 446 ‘Within The Stone’ (British paperback edition). [Rand, Alivia, Nynaeve, Cadsuane, Min and some Far Dareis Mai enter the Inn] A very dark fellow with tightly curled hair, at a square table beside the door, seemed not to notice the Maidens at all. Rand took him for one of the Sea Folk at first, though he wore a peculiar coat without collar or lapels, once white but now stained and wrinkled. “I tell you, I have many, many of the… the worms that make… yes, make… silk on a ship,” he said haltingly in an odd, musical accent. “But I must have the…the … andberry … yes, andberry leaves to feed them. We will be rich.” His companion waved a plump, dismissive hand even while staring at the Maidens. “Worms?” he said absently. “Everybody knows silk grows on trees.” Walking deeper into the common room, Rand shook his head as the proprietor advanced to meet him. Worms! The tales people could come up with to try prying coin out of somebody else. The man’s physical description (dark skinned, with tightly curled hair) is consistent with descriptions of Sharans we have seen in Graendals lair, he has a weird, never-before-seen accent, and knows about silk, which comes from Shara. He is obviously from Shara but I have never seen him discussed or mentioned on these forums before. It is interesting because immediately after he is shown, Rand and co. and us as readers, are distracted by the Seanchan drawling accent coming from another man: [Rand talks to the innkeeper, then…] “It is worms that make silk, friend,” a man drawled behind him. “My eyes on it.” At that familiar accent, Rand spun to find Alivia staring, wide-neyed and her face bloodless, at a man in a dark coat who was just passing through the doorway into the street. With an oath, Rand ran to the door, but there were close to a dozen men in dark coats walking away from the Inn, anyone whom might have spoken. There was no way to pick out a man of average height and width seen only from behind. What was a Seanchan doing in Tear? Very interesting that RJ shows us a Man who is clearly from Shara, though perhaps it’s not immediately noticeable, and then he distracts us, the readers, and the characters, with a Seanchan. Even weirder, and to add to the conspiracy, I posted this exact extract and write-up a few months ago on this forum, but didn’t even get one response on the subject. *the twilight zone theme tune plays* So, to stop me going crazy over this, can I first get an acknowledgement that the man with the dark skin, tightly curled hair, halting, musical accent, and silk worms is from Shara, and then, tell me what significance you guys think this has. Could this be an indicator of some potential future Sharan involvement in Randland? Or does it just mean that Shara is in upheaval/civil war because of the Forsaken or news of the Dragon Reborn, and that Sharan refugees are fleeing? Personally, I have no idea, I just want someone to acknowledge that LOOK, IT’S A SHARAN!!!
  12. if you enter the dream in the flesh, your meant to lose some of your soul. I imagine if you did it to often for too long, youd end up like that ogier who got caught in Machin Shin.
  13. RJ miscalculated by dragging this out for so long, Asmos killer was something a lot of people cared about for a long time, but its gone on so long, no one cares any more. It should have been revealed in CoT
  14. That is shockingly reckless, if true, though i havent seen her say or think that.
  15. A ter'angreal that takes the ogier back to their home world. Expect more in ToM
  16. How did she teach him to laugh? She drove him literaly to the brink of insanity, to the point where he nearly destroyed the entire world. It was Rand who got himself out of that, it was Rand who discovered a reason to go on, Cadsuane taught him none of that.
  17. Seriously Egwenes allright, i really think a lot of people just hate some of the female characters just because they are female.
  18. It really pisses me off that no one in the books has yet acknowledged that Rand cleansed the source. I seriously hope that all the Ashaman aknowledge what Rand did
  19. @Luckers, oh yeh, thats even more interesting, i hope for more insight into Fains Aridhol powers in ToM
  20. I just wanted to remind people that there was a POV from Fain where he says he brushed Elaida with his dagger.
  21. I dont think any of the kin will be binded on the oath rod because none of them will bother coming Aes Sedai; why would they? The Kin are more aes sedai than the aes sedai, in that they serve their community through healing, dispute resolution etc. They also command genuine respect, something the aes sedai dont. Not to mention the live longer, have more numbers, are more talented in some aspects of the power, and that from what we have seen, they are generaly more capable than average Aes Sedai (look at Alise, Reanne). I think Egwenes plan to tie all female channelers to the white tower will fail, because aes sedai arent the best. The Aiel wise ones are unquestionably better, the Kin are arguably better, female channelers including Aes Sedai would have a lot to gain by being tied (subordinate) to the wise ones, while they gain very little and lose a lot by being tied (subordinate) to the tower.
  22. @FarShain, of course they are still married, we have a POV from fortuona as empress (after she "died" as Tuon) where she thinks of Rand as first prince of ravens, the equivelant of prince consort, i.e husband of the Queen
  23. Being awesome. Plus she will has to be there for Rand to win ala Mins viewing. I think she has learnt something vital from the Green Man, or in finnland. Also she has to marry Thom.
  24. While i accept that Mats character change in tGS was intentional, it was just poorly done by Brandon. And your right, he has a terrible sense of humour. I think Brandon has trouble writing Mat because Mat is 'cool'. He is a laid back, funny womaniser and a hard c#nt. Brandon is none of those things, so i hope that most of future Mat is written by RJ
  25. I think that personality flaw is heavily due to her being brushed with fains dagger
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