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  1. I think there was some link between Taim and Sammel, they were both using the same 'gauntleted fist clutching lightning' sigil, maybe Taim was Sammaels pawn, then once he gained power with an Ashaman army, Moridin offered Taim membership in the Forsaken or put Taim in a position where he only had to answer to him, explaining the red and black theme at Taims palace and this started a beef between Taim and Sammael
  2. Its can be fun spotting those mistakes in WoT, i give myself a pat on the back everytime they mention Rand embracing Saidar or Egwene embracing Saidin
  3. At the end of The Great Hunt, Lan is seen sharpening his sword, is this a mistake by the author or what, because Lan’s sword is a power-wrought blade: The Great Hunt page 678 ‘What Was Meant To Be’ “The two women had to support him, one on either arm, down to where the campfires were already burning, not far from a road of hard-packed dirt. Loial was there, reading a book, To Sail Beyond The Sunset, and Perrin, staring into one of the fires. The Shienarans were making preparations for their evening meal. Lan sat under a tree sharpening his sword; the Warder gave Rand a careful look, then a nod. “ It’s especially weird considering this little speech from Lan at the beginning of the same book: Page 6 ‘The Flame Of Tar Valon’ Lan talking about power-wrought swords: “You’ve heard the gleeman’s tales. The reality is enough. Blades that will not shatter or break, and never lose their edge. I’ve seen men sharpening them-playing at sharpening, as it were- but only because they could not believe a sword did not need it after use. All they ever did was wear away their oilstones.” I noticed this the first time I read tGH and every time I re-read the book it really annoys me for some reason. Sad, I know
  4. I’ve seen mention on the forums of the Seanchan guy in Tear in Knife of Dreams, but is interesting that just before him, we see what seems like a Sharan, on screen for the first time: Knife of Dreams page 446 ‘Within The Stone’ SHARAN GUY “A very dark fellow with tightly curled hair, at a square table beside the door, seemed not to notice the Maidens at all. Rand took him for one of the Sea Folk at first, though he wore a peculiar coat without collars or lapels, once white but now stained and wrinkled. ‘I tell you, I have many, many of the… the worms that make… yes, make… silk on a ship,’ he said in haltingly in an odd, musical accent. ‘But I must have the… the… andberry… yes, andberry leaves to feed them. We will be rich.’ His companion waved a plump, dismissive hand even while staring at the Maidens. ‘Worms?’ he said absently. ‘Everybody knows silk grows on trees.’” SEANCHAN GUY “‘It is worms that make silk, friend,’ a man drawled behind him. ‘My eyes on it’ At that familiar accent, Rand spun to find Alivia staring, wide-eyed and her face bloodless, at a man in a dark coat who was just passing through the doorway into the street… What was a Seanchan doing in Tear?” Even though we don’t know what Sharans look or sound like, I think the guy in the peculiar coat and the musical accent and the knowledge of silk, is definitely a Sharan. It’s interesting because we have heard a fair bit about Shara throught the books and this is the first time we have seen one on screen, and there has been discussion on the forums about the Seanchan guy who appears a few paragraphs later and what his presence means, but as far as ive seen no one has even noticed the Sharan. Maybe he’s fled Shara because of civil disorder after Demandred’s takeover? (smily face) I think his appearance indicates some Sharan involvement in the next couple of books. Significant?/Insignificant? (as ive writen this I just remembered I think Graendal had a couple of Sharans in her collection of pretties)
  5. the Golden Crane chapter on KoD always makes my spine tingle
  6. she somhow knew moghiedien was posing as marigan because when she has captured her she says 'see you soon marigan, its important to remember that sometimes the characters know more of whats going on than is conveyed from their POV's
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