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  1. I wonder if they portray Rand as having consternation and introspection that we can't quite place the reasons for early in Season 1, and sometime later we have a flashback tidbit that shows Rand indeed did already meet Elaida and having her uttered that line to him, as a nod to fans and to show why Rand has (presumably) been acting like the weight of the world is on his shoulders ... because it is and he already knew or at least suspected something major was up about him. It likely wouldn't matter to do this after, say, Falme or even the EotW in whatever form they include it. At th
  2. I would be fine with that. They need to show progressions within the show medium, even if they have to change the time line of things. The show will place emphasis on visualizations in lieu of how the book uses in-head thoughts. Jordan is the king of in-head thought detail.
  3. Daniel has a great jawline and look to portray stone-faced and implacable quite a bit more than that shot. Esp. if it was a goal of theirs to specifically show that aspect. Another poor choice (thus far) for me is that he is clean-shaven which makes the stony-faced bad-ares look harder to pull off. If they let him grow his whiskers for the rough-and-rumble rugged appearance a bit, and let his hair down then we'll talk.
  4. I still think they avoid Camelyn in S1 which also conveniently avoids having to include Elaida whispering to Rand. It's all about Rand after that line, and they don't want the TV series to go there so quickly imo. So even Logain's actual role and importance can by more of a mystery for longer. They may even let us think he is THE dragon for a while. (well, let's face it, anyone remotely paying attention to book chapter 1 would already know Rand is the center of the story, but for TV marketing and all the Morraine advertising, I can see how they woudl want to carry on the misddirect
  5. WoT is as complex a story as any fantasy series ever. Even LOTR doesn't come close to the number of named characters (that actually play parts in the story and not just as historical/legendary reference material). There is so much going on, and so much written descriptive detail, smoothing of dresses, braid tugging, and in-head exposition about what people are thinking not so much doing, that inevitably leads to the on-screen adaptation having to choose which scenes to keep/cut/change. My comparison, thinking back to the LOTR when it was being made, and the rumor mill that "OMG! To
  6. I won't bother quoting all the good stuff above, suffice it to say that Thrasymachus sums up my thinking well. Right now, I get the vibe that Lan is being played more as a monk along the lines of the monk-like character that Donnie Yen played in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, than as the style of hard-nosed, stalwart (and yes elegant blade dancer when needed) of the books I am familiar with. And yes, it is only "so far", but there it is. 1. Asian descent for Lan (and Bordelanders/Malkieri) is fine. I only pay attention to casting for race/cultural portrayal of homogeneit
  7. from WoT Fandom: Lan is often described as having a face of stone and chilling blue eyes. He is very tall with shoulder-length hair graying at the temples, held back by a leather headband called a hadori. He wears the color-shifting Warder cloak, and uses a sword as a weapon. His skill with a sword is such that he is capable of besting two Myrddraal at once. from encyclopedia-wot.org: He is very tall with shoulder length hair held by a leather headband or hadori (NS,Ch1). He is tall with long hair, gray at the temples, held back from his face by a narrow lea
  8. Daniel's acting abilities I am confident are fine, and being asian and athletic can tie into the Borderlanders region he hails from. All that I can buy, even though that may not have been my choice when I read the series. What I don't buy, at least not from what I've seen and heard, and esp. after this "teaser" is that he can actually carry Lan as the type of physical force character he is. Picture a body build more like Henry Cavaziel (put long DARK hair on The Witcher character, for example). That is how big and present Lan is supposed to be. Where is the long hair ti
  9. I never really liked the somewhat ambiguous explanations like "well he was sort of trapped but not quite at the surface". I prefer to rationalize Ishmael's situation as: He escaped being trapped in body, but his connection to the DO's power source are severely constricted via the sealing if not shut down almost entirely. Hence he has to figure out how to "unknot" or otherwise work around them over the 3000 years he is restricted. much like being severed. That also explains (to me) why he needs Rand to take the Eye himself first, since he will then attempt to steal it fr
  10. I think they will start early on with Logain and show more details than the off-screen happenings in Ghealdan, but I do not think they will reveal anything about "false dragons" right away. When they show Logain initially, a new viewer will just assume form what they are being shown that (a) he is powerful in some kind of magic, and (b) he is perhaps a little nuts in how he acts or appears. Then I think there will be some follow-on exposition and scenes (not sure about outright flashbacks vs simple conversations about the past) that ease us into the notion that (a) magic men are da
  11. This series will be measured right off the bat by first impressions of what they show to the world in content terms. All the theory-crafting and supposition to-date will be supplanted by what our eyes and ears show us. 1. Realism as an ambient property - like LOTR and GOT, they need to establish a world which is both grounded in practical aspects, good believable characterizations, and fantastical phenomena (like channeling, myrddraal, Machin Shin) that is presented as an integrated part of the world fabric and not "hey look at the cool effect". Magic in any series has to seem like
  12. My suspicion more and more wrt what things they may have cut and/or changed, relate to how much they are going for covering up which boy is the most 'special'. Book readers might forget just how much slanting towards Rand is done fairly immediately in tEotW. I think the series will purposely stray from that immensely for a while. - Dragonmount as an opening cannot happen in Season 1. Gitara flashback may take its place simply to establish why Morraine is looking for boys of a certain age. But nothing more, no mention of the babies heritage yet. - don't be su
  13. This. Changing the number of Forsaken is like changing the number of Nazgul in LOTR. Combining the Forsaken into fewer roles is like: - combining Athena and Aphrodite, or Apollo and Hermes in Clash of the Titans (either version) - combining Morgoth and Sauron into one villain to 'make it easier on the audience (lol)' - combining Mandos and Tulkas as one Ainur in The Silmarillion just ... because. As in, please don't do it. You don't do things like that to what is trying to bill itself as 'historical'. WoT (the books) tries and larg
  14. I go for mostly subtle scenes where the import of what is at stake or a small but telling reaction or comment is a major inflection point in the story. Often where the overall stakes have just been raised by what was just witnessed, even if we don't know precisely now yet. You can imagine a suitably epic but understated theme song riff to undercurrent these scenes: - Rand is staring at the untainted pool of saidin, unconsciously backing away from it. - Forward ... and back, all of it. - Blademaster, when he realizes he is facing a real heron mar
  15. True, similar to the LOTR movies. I don't think they ever went back to the actual on-location places for pickups, whether for the theatrical or EE releases. They just replicated whatever environments in a studio and did them.
  16. Don't TV shows like this have pick-ups potentially, or is that not part of the process like it is with movies? What do they do if they feel like they need any scenes redone or enhanced or added, that need sets and actors again?
  17. On the casting page it lists Clare Perkins being cast as Kerene Nagashi, one of The Searchers when Gitara foretold the Dragon Reborn's birth on Dragonmount. Does this mean we will simply see a flashback of the sudden foretelling and Gitara dying, with Kerene in the room along with Suian and Morraine? Or will they go further and show the search and how they tracked down a boy born in a specific time window that narrows his age, back to the Two Rivers and Morraine's eventual arrival there, etc?
  18. My main hope is that the incredibly detailed, relevant and necessary-to-show back story, the history of Randland, is used a lot. There are obvious flashbacks and references, whether verbal or visual, that are absolutely critical to nail in terms of how they are placed and when they are conveyed to the audience. The passage of long Eras of time, the motivation behind a lot of why things happen they way they do, the rich history and world-building it evokes are not unlike the LotR or the Silmarillion in Tolkiens' very detailed and immense histories, languages and other details he inv
  19. The Battlestar Galactica remake is one of the best series I have ever seen, and they used their own world-speak of Frak always ... and it was never a 'kids show' at any level. Using Jordan-esque language, which is in large part British-sounding euphemisms to curse, is a must. Part of world-building, especially a world NOT YOUR OWN, is unique (to us) language to convey relatable (to us) emotions. Audiences aren't stupid, they get it quick. Well some audiences ARE stupid, but those aren't the ones you want I hope. You know the first thing I noticed about The Witcher which
  20. I will say Ruth Wilson is wonderful as a clever, witty, dangerous baddie in Luther. I thought she would play a Liandrin or Elaida very well.
  21. Jennifer Cheon Garcia Warn is Leane Sharif. And I will say that she definitely looks the part as a svelte Domani.
  22. I think a central issue surrounding a lot of decisions that otherwise may seem unrelated, is the simple fact that in adapting the books to the screen, you cannot telegraph that Rand is uber-special too early. It is also why Morraine is advertised as being the center figure for now. Having unique scenes that highlight him too much is a dead giveaway for those who haven't read the books but that they need to secure as interested viewers. Rand falling over the wall and meeting Elayne just seems like another one of those obvious scenes that give away too much about him. ESPECIALLY if t
  23. I moved to Redmond WA in 1997 to work at Microsoft. I went into a little used book store called Half-Priced Books in little downtown Redmond, and spied a hardcover of Eye of the World laying on a table full of various books. I had never heard of it nor Robert Jordan but Darryl Sweet's odd cover intrigued me to pick it up, and I remember reading the inner jacket teaser, which got me to thumb briefly through the first couple of pages and Table of Contents. I saw the Prologue: Dragonmount and quickly scanned it. The sense I got was of an immensely old history of something huge happening which wou
  24. I am referring more to foot-soldier reporting like: costume pics, on-set photos or shots of actors in-character while lounging between takes, weapons, etc. And I don't necessarily mean unsanctioned content; I'd think the production team would like to get some of this PR out there as some "responsible spying". The sorts of things that give a more visceral image of what the world is shaping up to look and feel like. It is REALLY hard to believe that none of this exists, no one has been able to get any of this, and we are already hearing about them scripting season 2??
  25. I completely agree...from the POV of the production folks themselves calculating when and what to release. But I am referring to the rabid fanbase types, who you would think there at least a few of who try to infiltrate sets, and glean bits of info about the sorts of things I mentioned as soon as they possibly can. Is the location in EU part of the issue? I mean, does anyone even know where exactly the CGI/digital post is being actually performed, or where literally the costumes and props are being manufactured and stored? I find it hard to believe that it i
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