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  1. I don't see how you look at this clip and pronounce them as 'terrifying' or 'better than LOTR orcs'. What I see is an odd set of wobbling creatures, which they seem bent on hiding a full-on view of. I get no impression that these creatures can run fast, and their barrel-shaped bodies look more like World of Warcraft owl beasts then a lean, muscular, dangerously quick adversary to be afraid of. I expected more of an athletic, muscular neck and torso look. I'll reserve judgement until I get a full-on look at them and their movement.
  2. Really? GoT had actual dragons that looked like they are completely real and in-scene. Undead in various stages of decomp that looked real. For any show these days with a decent budget (which WoT has waaaay more than decent), its just the vision of the director: are they going for realism or not. There is literally nothing that cannot be put on film as realistic if that is the goal. And that is where I squarely lay the blame for scenes like the arrows. Someone had to script it, storyboard it, direct it, film it, view dailies of it, CGI it, composite it, color grade it, edit it, score it ... and at NONE of those stages did anyone say "hey, this looks fake as hell, we can do better". Same with the Lan posing entrance. Anyone I would call a critical thinker would immediately notice how cheesy and cliche it looks to do that. That is what worries me when I see stuff like this make it into anything, be it a trailer or the show itself. Its not just the finished product we see, its the myriad of crew and processes this had to go though to make it to us, and no one stopped it.
  3. See, this is the sort of thing I unfortunately imagine hearing were I a fly on the wall in the writer's rooms. "Hey (other writers), here me out ... what if we ..." Making stuff up unnecessarily to explain other unnecessarily made-up things. Jesus, just tell Jordan's story.
  4. I hate, hate, hate the lizard-mouth silliness. Nowhere do the books state or even imply that a Fade has a mouth or teeth like that. Not only would it certainly be included being so utterly prominent a feature (even more than being "eyeless") ... somewhere in all of Jordan's evocative descriptions, but the attacking of a Fade with teeth like that would definitely include biting, tearing or some form of use of all those teeth. I mean, a creature does not have a mouth like that and not use biting or ripping of flesh as a primary form of attack. Yet nowhere in the books does that ever happen. You'd have an easier time convincing me that was the mouth of a Dragkhar maybe, and claim its "kiss" was being mauled by 1,000 vampire teeth (j/k, you could never convince me that lizard mouth was on any of Jordan's creatures he described). What do those teeth do to the Fade's voice and characterization? It is supposed to speak a lot with a raspy, grating voice. How do you speak with a mouth full of those, and not make *that* look or seem cheesy? Speaking of budgets and saving money on omitting or radically altering actual book scenes like Camelyn or A/B and Someshta at the Eye, how about saving all that teeth CGI budget for those scenes instead? A skull-like head with no eyes seems a lot easier and cheaper to do, and is like the books too. Hence, it looks nothing like a Fade in the books.
  5. Yeah I meant as a purely power-oriented peak-of-battle type theme. Imagine the beginning of this theme as Rand is starting to gather the energy and untie knots to break out of the box in LoC. Its sort of a "look out what is coming" theme.
  6. Of course, this show has GoT in its rear-view mirror to completely evaluate what recently worked and drew the most critical/fan/casual praise and what didn't, storylines that worked and didn't vs what the books did in term of deviation and why, overall plot directions, etc. Also, cheesier series and what makes us feel they are such, all of that is know to them. So when people point at GoT (or LOTR for that matter), they do so from the knowledge that they are universally acclaimed (as much as "universally" can mean) for their tonal style, filming innovations, CGI realism/seamless integration and story adherence levels ... or not sometimes. And Rafe should be expected to fully take advantage of knowing all of that. If he is truly going for gritty realism (which I don't think he is despite him claiming he is). I think this should be TV-MA for one thing. Or at the very least TV-14 with a V for violence (I could care less about boobs or nudity or language - at least English language cursing). But violence should abound in certain scenes, and that alone makes me wonder why this isn't in the same ratings camp as GoT. Besides all the deviations so far, my biggest fear that will permeate the entire series is: will the CGI of the Power get better than what little we have seen? B/c so far the only 2 appreciable things I have seen (Morraine whirling around and doing whatever and Alanna stopping the very-fake looking arrows) are very underwhelming for me. It is 2021, and there are countless examples of TV and movie work, not even major productions, that have very realistic and integrated-into-the-scene CGI effects. WAFO.
  7. Brian Tyler who wrote the F1 theme, I can imagine power themes like this for a lot of scenes. In fact, if you have to use generic trailer music I wouldn't mind parts of this at all literally used. 1:45 and 4:48 have particularly epic riffs.
  8. Like I have always said, I am not a blind critic I just want to see the WOT story I read and love to be brought to life, and while I understand changes are needed in any media move (book to screen here), I also know what scenes, what beats, what characterizations and what foreshadowing/linked events transpired throughout the series that hooked me and made it into one of my all-time favorites. Those are mainly what I am protective of. When I see any of those altered, omitted or deeply changed (and for no discernible reason other than "I want it to be different", then yes I get upset. For example, I understand why the ruby dagger looks different. That has a scoped reason for why (it shows on camera better). However, when the root rationale boils down to just "it's artistic vision and choice" or "it's so non-fans" for major omissions or alterations, I am not very forgiving. Esp the "for non-fans" excuse. None of us were born understanding the plot of WoT, yet we all "got it" regardless of our ages or experiences. It's not hard to "get it" at all. And the clever use of foreshadowing, flashbacks, etc all work to enhance the richness of the story. If Rafe is building a TV show that an idiot who can't comprehend those techniques will like, then I don't consider that a valid excuse at all for why things are the way they are. LOTR and GoT both "got it" as well. When they made those, they never omitted story just "for non-fans" at all. In fact, if anything they made their stories as complex and layered as their source material dictated it needed to be, and dared non-fans to watch and come along for the ride. Which they did. In droves. Don't dumb-down for casuals, smarten-up for fans and the heretofore non-fans will elevate to become fans. Take a lesson from that, Rafe. Please.
  9. My comments on the footage as a whole What I did like: - Morraine walking past Nynaeve like she did. - the close-up of Lan's face and hadori (minus the b.s. way he entered though). - Rand and Perrin's look and banter. - the sky and weather and the small way they make Emond's Field look underneath it. - production values for the set and costuming are okay - look of actors in general, in terms of carrying themselves, facial mannerisms and such are okay. - special mention: Lanfear and Verin actresses look good (if that is who they actually are) What I didn't like: - some of the larger-than-one-scene themes and more grandiose integrity of the storyline is once again somewhat hamstrung for future scenes and topics, due to changes made - why does a town of a few hundred (if that) villagers have such a diversity of looks that only a large city which is also open to foreigners/strangers and a "melting pot" mentality of every-day existence have? They react to any "outsider" the way they do here, and yet they are as eclectic as any NYC bar gathering would be. - see above, esp. with how almost-comically uniformly they all stop and get quiet all at once and put hands to weapons (lol Nynaeve, +3 over-fierce) just b/c someone walks into a rowdy bar scene - as if 80-90% of the entire room would even notice this unless someone started shouting HELP!. - how much experience does Nynaeve have in stabbing or defending in a knife fight I wonder? To the point of so immediately going to grip like that? Think that will be touched on or explained? Nah. - why does the woman immediately know she is Aes Sedai, and that she is not an evil bad-intentioned witch like all the rumors say she is? So in Rafe-world, everyone even the smallest most isolated village know exactly who and what Aes Sedai are, the bursting out when Lan detects Trollocs that reveals who they really are, and those story angles are now gone as well. Is she still going to give them coins, including the other boys a different kind of coin, and say it's "just for some simple errands" if needed when they already know she is what she is? - I fear Manetheren story-time is jettisoned as well in Rafe-world. B/c if they needed explaining as to who they used to be and have become, they would not already seem to know so much and need a refresher. - why would Morraine and Lan want to make this kind of uber-visible entrance and not stay low-key. - why does Morraine walk with her arms in that "I'm helpless" out-turned saunter sort of way. - why does Lan ... oh forget it, you know exactly what I am about to gripe about there. The irony is as much as I have complained and feared the whole "Lan is now a samurai" thing, he actually looks pretty good...IF you cut the stupid entrance drama. Sorry, but my impression so far is some good things offset by some pure YA-style shortcuts and silliness, but it remains to be seen how far down the rabbit-hole Rafe actually took all this. I am praying that it is just bad reads on my part, or this is not trending as it seems to be.
  10. I have comments about the footage and most of you won't want to hear them, but as for Tam's sword ... "Twice and twice shall he be marked Twice to live and twice to die ..." Even the most fervent apologist has to be kidding me if you excuse not having precisely an embossed heron that protrudes from ONLY ONE SIDE of the HILT in order to carry out the first 2 of the 4 markings: https://wot.fandom.com/wiki/Blademaster ... "Rand al'Thor is confronted by Ba'alzamon while hunting for the Horn of Valere. While holding his sword Ba'alzamon heats the sword, thus branding a heron onto one of his palms. Later, in the battle with Ba'alzamon over the skies of Falme, Rand channeled saidin through his sword as he struck the final blow to Ba'alzamon with Heron Wading in the Rushes. This melted Tam's heron marked sword (even though it was Power-wrought) and branded the heron mark in his other palm (the blade was held in reverse). Thus each of Rand's hands are branded with the Heron Mark, fulfilling the prophecy from the Karaethon Cycle." There is just no room for "adaptation" or changing this. None. Never. No excuses. So I hope to God that Rafe didn't screw with this, and that this is indeed present as it must be and we haven't seen it yet. I mean, what goes on in the minds of writers who willingly and purposely change stuff like this? What is it going to take for some of you to admit this is way too different to be labeled as the WoT story we all read?
  11. And SPR is acclaimed as a realistic, visceral war movie, with atrocities and combat and inhumanities depicted as extreme as they really are. Same with Band of Brothers. Same with Schindler's List; I still shed tears every time I see that movie. War is ugly, not convenient. You want to see what Ashaman Kill! should look like on-screen? Like when those guys in SPR trying to get into that German tank get ripped apart by saidin ... I mean the bullets. Only much worse. My point above was: if a scene calls for commensurate violence to give it the impact it deserves and to stand out, then not doing so (being non-gratuitous) reduces it to a caricature of emotional masterpieces that do run with it and make it sting.
  12. A real problem with having limits wrt the rating, is merely the fact that there *are* boundaries and censor avoidance and guard rails to constantly tiptoe around. Yet another excuse (like we need to give Rafe more) to deviate in very big ways from the story and tone RJ wove. There are 100s if not 1000s of plot points that have to artificially be sanitized "for our protection". Btw, all 3 LOTR movies were PG-13, but what you may have forgotten is that one reason orc blood was shown as black was to keep a few scenes intact that would have been R (TV-MA), otherwise if the blood had been the color of human blood they would have meant an R rating. And nothing in LOTR comes close to the graphic goings on in WoT; there is a lot of human blood and guts involved in a lot of scenes. So clearly they will not show it or they would squarely be TV-MA. You know how you see some TV scene of a couple in bed, and the woman always magically has a sheet covering her breasts as if she is embarrassed to be seen by the man who just slid all over her naked body? That is the kind of non-organic watering down I hope we don't see but fear we will. There is a discernible fakeness when the sexuality, violence or language obviously and logically called for in a scene is purposely detoured for the sake of shoehorning into a target rating. The audience can tell, and it most assuredly can and will take you out of the immersion that the show desperately is trying to establish. Unnaturally coercing the story and depiction to be non-gratuitous is just as bad as coercing it to be gratuitous. Can you imagine Daenerys' dragons not chewing up and burning people like in the arena scene? Or Hardhome not having all the terror and brutality of an undead legion killing and adding the once-living to their ranks? Or the Battle of the Bastards not having, well, every awesome frame it had (or have its name changed to the Battle of the Illegitimate Children)? Now apply that to the myriad scenes that would be of like kind in WoT. Ashaman Kill! ... yeah right. This has no chance to be the "next GoT" if they go the overly conservative route. None.
  13. The teaser in the right hands and vision could have been something special, more like when this smacked the world on the head back in 2000 and changed everything:
  14. If the Old Tongue sounds like Gaelic then he's all set.
  15. You need to go listen to the guy replacing Barney. Hiding that accent will be fun, unless Matt in Season 1 happens to talk with a considerable Irish brogue.
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