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  1. On the casting page it lists Clare Perkins being cast as Kerene Nagashi, one of The Searchers when Gitara foretold the Dragon Reborn's birth on Dragonmount. Does this mean we will simply see a flashback of the sudden foretelling and Gitara dying, with Kerene in the room along with Suian and Morraine? Or will they go further and show the search and how they tracked down a boy born in a specific time window that narrows his age, back to the Two Rivers and Morraine's eventual arrival there, etc?
  2. My main hope is that the incredibly detailed, relevant and necessary-to-show back story, the history of Randland, is used a lot. There are obvious flashbacks and references, whether verbal or visual, that are absolutely critical to nail in terms of how they are placed and when they are conveyed to the audience. The passage of long Eras of time, the motivation behind a lot of why things happen they way they do, the rich history and world-building it evokes are not unlike the LotR or the Silmarillion in Tolkiens' very detailed and immense histories, languages and other details he invented to make you feel a complete world is there. A few examples that have to be included as flashbacks, narrated 'old stories' in some form, or else 🙂. They will likely be out-of-place in some of them wrt where we normally would think of them occurring per the books, but they better be there somewhere ... - Lews Therin/Dragonmount formation (too bad it sounds so far like they aren't planning a prologue in Ep. 1 jut like the books) - The Birth, Gitara's scene (likely flashes back to Gitara's foretelling, and later what she saw and Tam coming upon it) - The Collam Dan breaking, Somesheshta's task - all of the Foresaken's storylines harking back to what they were known for or what they did - THE RINGS IN RHUIDEAN is huge of course, tying a lot of explanation to things we would have seen happen so far in the series - Manetheren's fall, Emond's Field evolution - Artur Hawkwing, Birgit, etc - who they are and why they are powerful (so the Horn scenes are big)
  3. The Battlestar Galactica remake is one of the best series I have ever seen, and they used their own world-speak of Frak always ... and it was never a 'kids show' at any level. Using Jordan-esque language, which is in large part British-sounding euphemisms to curse, is a must. Part of world-building, especially a world NOT YOUR OWN, is unique (to us) language to convey relatable (to us) emotions. Audiences aren't stupid, they get it quick. Well some audiences ARE stupid, but those aren't the ones you want I hope. You know the first thing I noticed about The Witcher which turned me off and squarely gave me the impression right away that it was a shallow show? When that young girl (I don't know her name because I could care less, but she is in the first episode and is the one that eventually runs away from the town she is in after her King & Queen parents are killed) says 'Gross' while sitting in that throne room. There is a lot of tween-speak in that series I am guessing, and it sounds utterly stupid. Actually, there are a LOT of issues with that series, but this was one of them I noticed first.
  4. I will say Ruth Wilson is wonderful as a clever, witty, dangerous baddie in Luther. I thought she would play a Liandrin or Elaida very well.
  5. Jennifer Cheon Garcia Warn is Leane Sharif. And I will say that she definitely looks the part as a svelte Domani.
  6. I think a central issue surrounding a lot of decisions that otherwise may seem unrelated, is the simple fact that in adapting the books to the screen, you cannot telegraph that Rand is uber-special too early. It is also why Morraine is advertised as being the center figure for now. Having unique scenes that highlight him too much is a dead giveaway for those who haven't read the books but that they need to secure as interested viewers. Rand falling over the wall and meeting Elayne just seems like another one of those obvious scenes that give away too much about him. ESPECIALLY if the wall story leads up to Rand and Elaida whispering to him. Unless they balance him with Perrin's wolf story and Matt's dagger story in a way that doesn't just scream "THIS is the story that realy matters". They may focus more on Logain's capture on-screen as a way to sort of mute this part of Rand's focus for a while, as well as up Logain's presence in general (which is something else I think they are trying to do). If the goal is to reveal something is up with the boys and maybe Rand in particular, I would think that is best saved for Meetings at the Eye.
  7. I moved to Redmond WA in 1997 to work at Microsoft. I went into a little used book store called Half-Priced Books in little downtown Redmond, and spied a hardcover of Eye of the World laying on a table full of various books. I had never heard of it nor Robert Jordan but Darryl Sweet's odd cover intrigued me to pick it up, and I remember reading the inner jacket teaser, which got me to thumb briefly through the first couple of pages and Table of Contents. I saw the Prologue: Dragonmount and quickly scanned it. The sense I got was of an immensely old history of something huge happening which would fast-forward to the main story's simple beginnings. To this day I remember the end of the Prologue: "... waiting". Years later when Fellowship of the Ring was released by Peter Jackson, I also remember thinking that the prologue flashback to the War of the Last Alliance was so effective in establishing the vast history we were about to see unfold, and realized "Hey, they have good taste, they did the same thing the Wheel of Time did in the first book. They even ended the prologue with a pull-back on the Misty Mountains while Galadriel narrates "For the time will soon come when Hobbits will shape the fortunes of all." And I pictured what Dragonmount would look like in that same scene.
  8. I am referring more to foot-soldier reporting like: costume pics, on-set photos or shots of actors in-character while lounging between takes, weapons, etc. And I don't necessarily mean unsanctioned content; I'd think the production team would like to get some of this PR out there as some "responsible spying". The sorts of things that give a more visceral image of what the world is shaping up to look and feel like. It is REALLY hard to believe that none of this exists, no one has been able to get any of this, and we are already hearing about them scripting season 2?? You would think the production itself would leak some of this to amp up attention from fans. Remember LOTR, when we got stories, interviews, photos, etc about things like: the 2 armor guys whose sole job was to make and assemble ring mail from 100k's of rings manually put together? Or extensive info and WETA tours about the weapons and armor of all the good and evil races involved, and why they crafted the hero swords the way they did vs the non-closeup ones. Even interviewing gardeners hired to tend the growing of grasses, bushes and flowers for the Shire over a year before any filming began. For example, I would like to see a treatise on Loial's size, and how they are going to do forced perspective or whatever in rendering him 10 feet tall compared to the humans. LOTR defined what it meant to have an embedded documentary to everything being done, which pays off hugely in fan-base attention, later historical "how they did it" DVDs, and a general feeling that the level of detail and professionalism paid to the world-building simply wouldn't allow those movies to be anything but excellent, well before we saw footage of anything. So while I do have faith in what I know so far, I guess I am forever tainted by the bar raising that was done in terms of fan communication by Peter Jackson/WETA for LOTR, so I was hoping for that here (and also for Amazon's LOTR TV series about the Second Age, where even less is known than for WoT). I should add that a huge reason why I harp on this so much, admittedly, is that I still feel a need to wash away the taint I got watching that Red Eagle b.s. way back when in their desperate bid to keep the rights alive (the one with Billy Zane). That was beyond embarassing. So while I was fist-pumping like everyone else when I heard that Wot finally got a "Real Deal", this production began with a bit of a deficit with the Red Eagle legacy, even though I am fairly sure that Red Eagle is along for the ride as a "producer credit" in name only I hope. It seemed for the longest time that without Harriet's insistence and perseverance, the wheels would have come off multiple times and we are lucky it got to the mainstream point it now is and deserves. I'd just like to see some reassuring content and signs because of those earlier scares. Btw, Narg doesn't do The Daily Trolloc any more, and hasn't for some time correct?
  9. I completely agree...from the POV of the production folks themselves calculating when and what to release. But I am referring to the rabid fanbase types, who you would think there at least a few of who try to infiltrate sets, and glean bits of info about the sorts of things I mentioned as soon as they possibly can. Is the location in EU part of the issue? I mean, does anyone even know where exactly the CGI/digital post is being actually performed, or where literally the costumes and props are being manufactured and stored? I find it hard to believe that it is simply that the WoT crew is perfect at stiffling all these efforts better than LOTR, GoT, etc ever were. I don't even know how to gauge the relative size of the crews compared to those other productions, since I know all about those LOTR and GoT crews in all facets, but I don't know more than a handful of WoT folks (and only from their own info releases I might add). UPDATE: To be fair about LOTR, it was a once in a lifetime confluence of many things: 3 movies filmed at once, NZ economics and newness to the game, utter devotion on a crazy level of faithfulness to realism (like planting Hobbiton a full year before filming, so the plant life and trimming all looked as real as possible), and a quite long public design news period about John Howe, Alan Lee and WETA prior to filming. Not to mention being the most famous and sweeping of all fantasy series, that WoT and others drew great inspiration from. There were spies flying down to NZ that didn't even live there (from US, EU) who would post info and photos and such they could gather. So I guess I am measuring WoT against a lofty goal. But still ...
  10. Why is there such ... I guess I'd call it 'radio silence' around WoT where there don't seem to be any fan spy reports, photos of sets, shots of props/weapons/costumes at all? I am also surprised to still not know all of the actors, whose identities are still dribbling out even well into apparent filming! When LOTR was in development, it was the polar opposite; lots of fevered activity reported on almost every day, cast announcements well before they ever set foot in NZ or shot anything, background on WETA Workshop and Digital, lots of concept art, designs, weapon mockups, a couple internet teasers even before and during filming began. Anyone who frequented sites like TheOneRing.net back in the day (and I'm sure there are a lot of you here also interested in WoT) know what I mean. This series is already a known quantity in terms of fame of the books, so it isn't like it is taking anyone by surprise. Are there any spy reports or people who regularly are trying to look at the filming or production activities in any capacity? It just seems ... odd to me that there is such silence around everything given the stage it is at. Or am I just not looking in the right places for this info?
  11. “You could tell him, Lews Therin, could you but remember when you wore flesh.” He was looking at Rand.” (esp. if you are talking about 'moment' in the stricter sense of a point-in-time where something particularly memorable happens, like a specific phrase or action)
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