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  1. Just wanted to add something to my previous post...


    I disagree mainly because i've read the 4 books from the series that are out so far. Yes they are quite graphic, they involve sex, some incest and lots of murder but at the same time it's brilliantly written.


    GrrM also does an AMAZING job at developing his characters, which as a reader, is something I have come to appreciate in a good fantasy book. He also keeps you on edge since he doesnt shy away from offing his characters.


    These books may not be for everyone, which is apparent already from some of the replys. I just personally think that Martin is the type of Author everyone who likes fantasy should atleast give a try.

  2. So I just finished watching the semi's and I wasn't too impressed with the guys performances. I mean there were one or two that were real good, the beat box guy and the bald guy at the end. The girls on the other hand, stepped it up a notch. Compared to the 2 for the guys, id say there were about 6 quality performances. With all that being said, LaKisha Jones is easily the best singer on this show. Like Simon said, shes in a different league.

  3. Good points everyone. It was starting to look like Rand was on Prozac for a while. I definately think that him showing a little emotion is a good thing and Cads the one whos trying to help him to do this.


    As for the way Cads treats him, I cant say its with a lack of respect. It's more of a tough love kinda thing i'd say.


    With that being said, I still hate (yes i know hate is a strong word, but so is my dislike for Aes Sedai) 95% of the Aes Sedai of the White Tower.


    Just so the AS lovers don't jump all over me ... Moraine gets mad respect in my books and is one of my top 10 fav chars.

  4. hmmm.


    In one of the later books, I cant recall which. Anyways, Rand sends some crazy stuff out of his fingers. The only way I can describe it is by saying that its kind of like what Cyclops can do with his eyes.


    He also turns the gateways into a weapon by opening and closing them rapidly.


    LTT had a name for both of these talents because I can remember logain asking Rand what he was doing and he replys with something.

  5. Any respect Rand should have shown Aes Sedai was immediately thrown out the window when he was bonded by that biatch alanna.


    as for cadsuane....


    I dont really think she has any right to lecture Rand about how he should behave. I'd like to see what kind of sacrifices shes making that make her so special. She's suppose to die facing the DO in the LB right? She was kept locked in a chest and periodically tortured by a group of Aes Sedai right? She was illegally bonded by a male asha man right? No, she wasn't.



    Just as a side note. I LOVE the way Aes Sedai get treated by the Wise Ones. Its a little taste of their own medicine


    Oh, and the next time one of those things trys to get Mats medallion...I really think he should slap her, quite hard too.

  6. playing rugby in highschool reminded me of all those recesses in grade school where we would play full contact foot hockey (which is essentially soccer with a tennis ball). Some of those games got prettttttttttttty intense.

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