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  1. Well, Keanu has that presence in the John Wick series IMO. Not just a look but the presence as a whole. Look at Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Not the physical presence but the "attitude". Liam Neeson would be pretty good, but might be to old at this stage.

  2. Rand along with Min,Elayne and Avienda. I would love to see Tam survive and know he is bouncing "ALL" his Grandchildren around back in the Two Rivers. His reunion with Rand was very emotional ! They both deserve it and I'm sure Rand would love to hear the full story about Tam.

    Mat I'm sure will. He'll go back to Seachan with Fortuna and reconsolidate the Empire there possibly leaving Egewene (with Llewellyn as an advisor)AND Logain to work things on this side of the Ocean.

    Tom.Moraine,Lan and Nyeneve I'd all like to see survive. As much as I'd like to see Perrin,I don't think he will survive. He will die saving Faile and she will avenge him, but not before she is with his heir.

  3. Oh, Saidin definately ! Either before or after the taint. Being able to use the powers of nature, earth,water,fire and air...would be just awsome. All I can think of is Jim Carey in "The Mask" as to the fun you could have...."Why, with these powers I could be a.....SUPERHERO ! but first we have to make a little stop.."

  4. Millon, I was under the assumption that Machin Shin was a product of the taint on saidin, therefore, it's part of the Shadow. That's something that sounds interesting, so I might look into it further.


    Elder Haman, I think the Power will be lost eventually (see my post about the sul'dam and damane relationship), but not right after the Last Battle. Looking at prophecies and Foretellings, the White Tower still exists after the battle is complete. There wouldn't be a White Tower if the Power completely disappeared.


    78Warlock, I thought it was pretty clear that the oddity of Aviendha's babies is that they touch the True Source at all times--even when asleep.


    Yes I believe that also. It was just a "what if.." thought.

  5. Interesting theories. Can't say which I like or feel more plausible. Lets try though.

    Fain kills a forsaken..Lanfear ? Rand will know who she is, won't bend to her being bonded/ in love and she will attempt to kill him. A "woman scorned " if I can't have you no one shall and in the ensuing fight Fain, in his berserker rage, kills her for attempting to kill " what is his "


    Fain kills Demandred.. very well know of the jeleousy between LTT/Rand and Demandred. Again it will be the "what is mine " rage.


    Fain kills the "Dark One"..I personally like that thought because Rand must face him and as it has been shown numerous times throughout the series, Fain truely believes he is the only one to kill Rand for what he believes he has done to him.


    Alivia "helps Rand die" Fain goes absoultly berserk, kills her, the Dark One, any Forsaken that are near by then Nyn and Egewene in a link with.....LOGAIN trap Fain in a new bore using Calandore.


    Yea..it could happen !!

  6. I can agree on most of this but I believe the columns are showing her " a possible " future. An example of what I mean can be taken from "Back to the Future" at the end when Doc gives Marty the picture and tells him,"The future is'nt set yet,so make it a good one". I am of a belief that the visions show her if the Aiel continue on the path they are on,this WILL be thier future. Aviendha now needs to show HER strength,resolve and commitment to her people and get thier whole society to put aside the Aiels war/fighting belief.Those who can see the right of what she says will be the "remnant of a remnant". I also feel that those who don't follow her will be destroyed by the Seachan. I think her argument can be," if you thought you were strong enough wed to the spear, I'll show you true strength in putting aside that spear and being a true "People of the Dragon"

  7. @Mashiara Sedia: Moiraine is trying to mislead Aeglmar, she needs Rand to admit / accept being the Dragon. Borderlanders knowing the proficies as pertains to them Rand at this point probably would have run from it all.


    Something else to consider, Rand severed Asmodeans "lines" with his "Powerwrought" sword, Lanfear in the Stone shies away from that sword. Yes, the sword works as a real sword in dealing death but being who she is why does she actually seem afraid of it. Is it because it's the only thing that can sever her from the Dark One ? Cut her connection as it did Asmo ?


    Maybe Rand using the Eye started the process of the seals weakening. It held hidden a seal and Lews Ts' banner. Because later Rand with help from ??? at his school realizes he needs to break the seals. So in that respect, possibly they will need to refill the pool to reseal his prison as it is a part of the whole thing.

  8. One word...Ta'veren ! Rand did not blow the horn, Mat did. I feel that is the "something wrong" that Hawkwing mentions. The prophicies say the Dragon will blow the horn but being Rand and Mat (also Perrin) are Ta'veren (and as Min has pointed out on numerous occasions) they are tied together.They came because of the horn but follow the "banner".So if Rand was turned they would follow the "banner" which ever side he was on. "The weave of this moment is set",all 3 are there,Rand,Mat and Perrin. They will all have to be together to defeat/re-seal the Dark One.

    I hope this makes some sense, It seems odd but don't know how to put into words what I am thinking.

  9. I've read all but "A Game of Thrones". Started reading the Recluse books way back in the 80's while in the Marine Corps..... Yea, I'm kinda old...LOL. I also have read the Dragonlance and Shanara series, though not all of them. The major books by Weis and Hickman,there are alot of others. I also read Sinchana by Joshua Dudley.Very good read and IMO a different spin on the whole fantasy world.

    Someone looking for a sci-fi read I highly recommend Piers Anthony-Bio of a Space Tyrant.Also Weis/Hickman Deaths Gate books.

  10. Currently in The Lord if Chaos in my re-read of the series in anticipation of the final book. Not quit sure of my feelings, happy,sad and excited to see the end of this.


    Next I'll have to wait for the next Encyclopedia to match the earlier book.


    Thanks to Brandon and Team Jordan.

  11. Lets add some fuel..Ready, Rand has lost his hand (left) ie: dead,

    I am pretty certain Nynaeve states somewhere "she wonders if she can do anything about it...". It was a passing refrence she had if I remember rightly. Could that be the "healing death". She figures out how to "regenerate" lost limbs ?


    Just a thought to ponder..:)

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