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  1. Most likely he'll use them during TG...and then die!!!!!!!!!
  2. I loved Lan giving Rand pointers before he met with Siuan in TGH. Moiraine balefiring the crap out of Be'lal in TDR. Obviously, Lan tossing Mo into the pond in NS. Mo's POV in TFOH right before she tackles Lanfear into the the Red Stone Doorway!
  3. When BS was answering question via twitter he stated that Lan>Gald>Gawyne. I don't have the quote but I'm pretty sure BS stated that Gawyne is not as good as he thinks and has gotten lucky.
  4. What do we think the significance of Perrin witnessing Rand on Dragonmount was? We know the wolves were there to lend support to Rand. Could Perrin have been essentially doing the same thing? Min foretold that Perrin would need to be around Rand two times to save him...or something like that. Could this have been the second time?
  5. I agree with this. I think it had to be one of her requests. Otherwise, Lan(and probably others) would have tried to save her and they all would have died. I think the destruction of the doorway severe the bound I do not see how the destruction of the doorway severs the bond. Now of the destruction of the doorway killed Moiraine, and one of her wishes was to be resurrected from that, or simply the Snakes and Foxes ressed her to feed off her, then that is another story. 1.)The Ter'angreal was destroyed and it is the only known direct link with the Eelfinn, and as she went to another world entirely, then that broke the bond. 2.)It wouldn't likley reconnect through the Tower of Genji. 3.)Moiraine also knew what would occur down at the docks and a possibility of what would transpire with the rescue. 1.)The ToG was a direct link to the world of the Eelfinn. Also, people have speculated that the doorway being destroyed could be the reason for Mo and Lan's bond breaking but it's just speculation. It hasn't been explicitly stated how or why their bond was broken. 2.)I'm not even sure where to begin with this statement. Also, I'm a bit confused with your logic. You start by saying, "The Ter'angreal was destroyed and it is the only known direct link with the Eelfinn," but then in the next sentence you say, "It wouldn't likley reconnect through the Tower of Genji." So, you're contradicting yourself, why would it reconnect through the ToG if it doesn't link to the Eelfinn world? So are you arguing that the ToG is or is not a link to the Eelfinn world? Even though, we know that Mat, Thom, and Noal(Jain) use the ToG to enter the world of the Eelfinn. Maybe I'm just not getting what you're saying. Can you explain it a little more? If the ToG is a legitimate link to the world of the Eelfinn then I don't see why the bond would break...It's like bricking up the front door to a house and saying that there's no way inside, when there's a backdoor into the house that isn't bricked up. (I know, a weird analogy...but hopefully you get what I'm saying) 3.)I'm not sure what point you're trying to make? We've known for awhile now that Mo knew possible future outcomes from her trip into Rhuidean. That isn't something new. I think we can only speculate at this point why MO's bond to Lan was broken...hopefully, we'll learn more in aMoL.
  6. It's Justice, Artur Hawkwing's sword. He remembers it from Falme.
  7. I agree with this. I think it had to be one of her requests. Otherwise, Lan(and probably others) would have tried to save her and they all would have died. I think the destruction of the doorway severe the bound Remember that Lan could feel his bond change to a new sister as soon as Moarein went trough that portal. I don't think there could be enough time for her to make wishes for severing the bond. This leaves us with: 1.she intentionaly switched the bond the way Nyn got it later on, or 2.the destruction of the portal did the job. though she's been to the snake/foxes world once before(in tear) and she didn't loose the bond Either way, I don't think any of her wishes had anything to do with Lan's bond. However, we KNOW that time runs differently in the land of the Eelfinn/Aelfinn. RJ stated this on more then one occasion. Remember when Mat and Rand were in Rhuidean? They thought they were only there for a short amount of time when in all actuality it was like 7 days or something ridiculous like that. It's extremely possible with the difference of how time works in the land of the Aelfinn/Eelfinn that Mo could have made a bargain with the Eelfinn that included her bond with Lan to be severed.
  8. If this was the case then when she went through the doorway in Tear her bond with Lan would have been broken.
  9. I agree with this. I think it had to be one of her requests. Otherwise, Lan(and probably others) would have tried to save her and they all would have died.
  10. Posted Yesterday, 09:52 PM The Boston Harvard Coop was definitely today @ 3 I agree, I posted the above comment yesterday :)
  11. The Boston Harvard Coop was definitely today @ 3
  12. I was impressed with BS at the Boston signing today. I'd heard multiple reports about how laid back he was and it was definitely true. I was even more impressed with Harriet, it was amazing talking with her. She seemed to really appreciate the fans, it was very humbling.
  13. I just got back from the Boston signing. When BS was signing my book I asked him if we could expect to get more insight into Avi's vision from ToM and he immediately said "RAFO."
  14. Rand's questions (and his responses to the answers): Q1. Something like "How can I fight the last battle and live" A1. "To live, you must die" (mentioned countless times) He beats himself up over this for 9 books now. Q2. Something like "what now?" A2. "The north and the east must be as one. The south and the west must be as one" (mentioned in TGS, iirc) He took this to mean "build an empire," which he did. He went for Cairhien and tried very hard to exert complete control. He entered Andor (center of the map) just to kill Rahvin, as well as Sammael in Illian. In TGS, he began taking it literally, cutting the map in two, giving the Seanchan the Southwest, and keeping the Northeast for himself. Q3. Something like "How can I cleanse Saidin?" A3. Not directly stated in the books, but they gave a description of the cleansing, which Rand did. (sometime before LOC, since he discussed the theory with Herid Fel) Straightforward. He got instructions on how to do it, and did it. EncWoT gives two questions: http://encyclopaedia-wot.org/prophecies/aelfinn.html "One question was how to cleanse saidin. •The answer was a riddle that Herid Fel says "stated sound principles in both high philosophy and natural philosophy." •"How can I win the Last Battle and survive?" •"The north and the east must be as one. The west and the south must be as one. The two must be as one. If you would live, you must die." •The third question and answer are unknown. The Aelfinn did not mention Rhuidean to him. " "The two must be as one." Is this Andor and Cairhien (see later chapters, around Ch55)? Rand + Lew Therin
  15. personally thought the BUT was the purpose of Mat's ashenderei Agreed
  16. Why do you think it would loop through the gateway?
  17. I'm still confused why the bond between Lan and Moiraine was disconnected. She wasn't cut off from the true source. Yes, the Snakes and Foxes drained her of most of her one power ability but she did still have a small amount left....I'm wondering if this was one of her wishes because she knew Lan would try to rescue her and end up killing them both.
  18. Well, we've speculated about channelers being turned to the shadow for a long time now...looks like we know where a lot of that is going down.
  19. Yeah, this viewing was sad. I hope that it doesn't turn out this way but I tend to think this is what the future really holds. Also, it makes sense. We've already seen a large portion of the Aiel unwilling to change and accept there past. It shouldn't be a surprise that they have difficulty coming to terms with their existence after the LB.
  20. I didn't like his letter to Elayne at all. I thought Mat was pretty well done in ToM except for the letter
  21. Hey Guys...sorry for the delay in responding. I've been on the road all day. The bookstore in Philly didn't have ToM in stock. I had to have them order it on Wednesday and it arrived at like noon today(10/29). So they won't have any in stock and you'll have to order it. My only concern is that even if you place the order tomorrow, ToM won't actually arrive until the Nov.2nd anyway.
  22. Edit your post and post your email like this(or another way so bots can't read it and spam you). Cool. Thanks. See this is what I mean, people are soooo nice here.
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