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  1. “I believe it.” Rand regarded his wine. Lews Therin had loved wine. A part of Rand—that distant part, the memories of a man he had been—was displeased by the vintage. Few wines in the current world could match the favored vintages of the Age of Legends. "Not the ones he had sampled, at least." Did anyone else notice the addition of the line above? Not the ones he had sampled, at least. Apparently, Team Jordan/Sanderson listened to everyone complaining about the wine comment. I went back and checked and the excerpt that was released initially from chapter 1 was missing this line. It was added after the fact. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  2. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/09/prologue-to-a-memory-of-light-now-available-for-preorder "A man who loves the hunt begins a new pursuit, red veils appear, and one of the Forsaken stands newly revealed. The forces of the Shadow swell in triumph as the world unravels. By grace and banners fallen, the Last Battle has come."
  3. I suppose if he's going to play a big part they need to introduce him sooner rather than later...
  4. I always kind of assumed there was some connection between the Red Veils and Sails. As for the "newly revealed" forsaken, I would be really surprised if Demandred's long awaited reveal came in the prologie. But then again, if he's going to play a big part in the book...
  5. Would they really give away Demandred in the Prologue?
  6. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/09/prologue-to-a-memory-of-light-now-available-for-preorder "A man who loves the hunt begins a new pursuit, red veils appear, and one of the Forsaken stands newly revealed. The forces of the Shadow swell in triumph as the world unravels. By grace and banners fallen, the Last Battle has come."
  7. 80 POVs in a single chapter! Did I really read that right? What's below is from BS's Q and A at Dragoncon... "The discussion of multiple viewpoints prompted one audience member to ask about the growing amount of secondary viewpoints in the series itself, most notably in the prologues. Brandon pointed that Jordan himself began that trend in the prologues; “Embers Falling on Dry Grass” being among Sanderson's favorite uses of that device, and revealed that readers should expect even more in the final volume. How many more? Upwards of 80. In a single chapter. That's around 70,000 words and which takes place near the end of A Memory of Light. (We're very curious to see if that chapter is titled “Tarmon Gai'don.”)"
  8. I thought it got better as the excerpt went on. At first I wasn't a huge fan of Mat's voice. It seems that BS struggles more with Mat when he has "filler" thoughts to write. Still, I'm extremely excited for aMoL. It's also curious that by chapter 11 Mat isnt directed towards the last battle. I'm starting to think Mat travels with Tuon on the WT attack. Especially if Galgan isn't around, as the end of the chapter hints at.
  9. I thought this thread was going to be funny...full of exaggeration and hyperbole. Worst... Thread... Ever...
  10. I have difficulty believing this is after his resurrection, due to the blood stains on his shirt. It looks like the old wounds have ripped open. If Rand had been resurrected already wouldn't those be healed?(everyone seems to be arguing that his hand is hidden because he's been resurrected and it's back. Well, wouldn't the same logic apply to his never healing wounds too)
  11. You mean at the end of The Shadow Rising.
  12. Tam has a POV in AMOL...awesome!!!
  13. Just a quick question (I don't have the books on me) when is the first reference to the "eyes" in TAR?
  14. I don't have the book in front of me but I'm about 99% sure. If someone has the book with them and can confirm it would be great. Thanks.
  15. When Rand was on Dragonmount during VoG he was still holding the power from when he created the gateway. That's why he didn't get sick again.
  16. I'm not agreeing/disagreeing with the opinion, but it's fair to point out the contradiction in that. Let's change a few words in there and see if it makes any more sense. "if Rand put extra weaves on Callandor I think we all could agree they'd do something quite nasty. If Narishma could figure of the weaves then one of the forsaken sure as hell could have." Rand, The Dragon Reborn, the most powerful channeler on the planet, had set wards on Callandor. Wards that he was SUPREMELY confident would prevent any Forsaken from being able to get around. Wards that he subconsciously 'forgot' to tell Narishma about, and yet Narishma was able to just figure them out? I'm not talking about Rand's weaves, I'm talking about the Forsaken adding weaves to try and kill whoever is attempting to retrieve Callandor...maybe this will help clear up my thought process: I don't think Narishma would have been able to get through the wards without Rand's assistance. I think he would, like any of the forsaken, have been killed. I'm making the assumption (which I know I shouldn't be doing) that because Rand had told Narishma how to undo most of the weaves it would be a little easier trying to figure out the remaining weaves based on what he knows from Rand. it would seem logical to me that like a puzzle, knowing part of the answer makes it easier to solve compared to not knowing any part. If the forsaken had added entirely different wards to kill whoever tried to retrieve Callandor then it would have been almost as impossible to figure them out, just like for one of the forsaken trying to get through Rand's wards without any prior knowledge. Does that make more sense to you now?
  17. We've never seen Rand to do anything crazy like that. not once, not even close. If you have an example please do give it. This would be particularly true here because he'd certainly be careful when giving instructions about Callandor of all things. Sorry guys but this explanation is completely out of the question IMO. My point is that Rand is crazy and paranoid. He might have thought he was giving Narishma all the necessary instructions but his Lews Therin/Crazy part of his consciousness was in control and he didn't. And do we really need individual example of Rand being crazy or thinking one thing and having it be another? How many times do we see him paranoid of everyone. He even gets skeptical of Min in tGS and he isn't really justified in that. Jesus, he almost balefires Tam and thinks that Cads has turned Tam against him. Do you really think that Tam is against Rand? NO, you don't because we know that Rand is a crazy paranoid a$$hole. This is the type of stuff I'm talking about. We see plenty of examples of it. I think it's much more reasonable to assume that the crazy guy who has been screaming about killing all male channelers might not be completely level headed then some giant conspiracy regarding additional weaves put in place so that Callandor couldn't be retrieved. And that brings up another questions, if one of the forsaken put extra weaves on Callandor I think we all could agree they'd do something quite nasty. If Narishma could figure of the weaves then Rand sure as hell could have. So what's the point of adding the extra weaves if an ashaman could figure it out? Just to try and inconvenience/delay Rand retrieving Callandor? I assume that if the Forsaken had really added weaves or wards to Callandor then something really nasty would have happened. Otherwise, what's the point. But hey that's just MY opinion. So, feel free to tell everyone that it's ridiculous and completely out of the question again.
  18. It's not really clear what the nature of the tampering was and what it was intended to do. It might also simply be that he took Callandor (hereby fulfilling the prophecy about the one who follows after) did something with it and then put it back. Doing that would require disarming and recreating the wards and he may not have recreated them exactly as they were originally woven. The wards were apparently quite complicated. This is of course pure speculation at this point but I don't see why he wouldn't just tamper with the wards in some unknown fashion even if he didn't plan on getting Rand killed as the result. I've never seen this idea put forward and the issue has been discussed many times. If the scene was intended to show Rand's paranoia then I'd say it failed utterly. IMO the obvious impression on the reader is that the wards were tampered with or maybe that Narishma was not skilled enough to follow Rand's instructions. I can't view it any other way myself. I actually agree with the idea that the scene was there to show Rand's continued paranoid state. Throughout all of PoD, Rand is screaming about killing any man who can channel. The entire book is basically a pysch eval on how crazy Rand has become. Just look at his attempt to kill all the Seanchan with Callandor. That's obviously went well. Every time I've read that scene I have assumed it was to show that Rand is having more and more trouble separating himself from Lews Therin (or his crazy ass paranoid tainted side, if you'd prefer). Has anyone ever asked RJ/BS about this? To be honest, although I visit the forums often, I don't recall a consensus that the weaves on Callandor were obviously tampered with, in fact this is one of the few times I've seen it discussed. And just because Rand thinks it wouldn't make sense to not tell Narishman all of the weaves doesn't mean that we can believe his pov 100%. remember we've seen how crazy Rands becoming. It's like reading a Fain pov. He may think that his motives are logical but the dude is batshit crazy. And I don't think that anyone takes his pov's as being 100% accurate. But hey, I could be wrong.
  19. Remember Mat went through the same doorway and because he didn't set a good price he was hanged.
  20. Rand's and Jesus's stories have very few details in common. why do you think that this particular one will play out? I think it's just the idea. In tons of stories does the main character get betrayed. Heck I can think of about 10 off the top of my head. Lord of the Rings - Saruman Jesus - Judas Mists of Avalon - Lancelot Gates of Fire (300 Spartans) - Can't remember the name Inheritance Cycle - Murtagh Harry Potter - Snape Half of the Shakespear plays.. List goes on and on. Hasn't seem to happen yet in WoT so we can still speculate, but that's not saying that it is in fact going to happen. Don´t know if you have finished all those books. If you haven´t I wont tell you wich one, but one of those characters never betrayd the good side. Don´t know if someone will betray Rand. Maybe he will rescue Mierin and trust her and then she will betray him. It could be Bashere or Alanna. Don´t think Alanna is a DF but maybe she will manipulated by someone else to betray Rand? I'm curious who exactly you are talking about. I think I know but would like to know for sure. If we're thinking of the same character then he does actually betray the good guys. It just happens very early on and we only see it through a flashback/memory.
  21. I think Rand and Lan in Far Madding was pretty awesome. It showed just how dangerous Rand had become.
  22. Mat remembers more than just battles. He says how he remembers only a couple of days of someones life or several years. It varies. I don't have the book in front of me but I'm re-reading LoC and just read the part where mat uses his memories for dancing with a serving girl and also recognizes the various Sea Folk by rank. This is the same chapter that Mat meets Oliver. So mat remembers battles and strategies, yes...but he also remembers customs, dancing, music, and women among many other things. He also remembers dying several times. So, it's not like all of his flaming memories are good ones:)
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