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  1. I have won again, Lews Therin. "Not yet. It is not done between us. It will not be done until the end of time..."
  2. As to whether it drops off or not, you'll have to decide for yourself. There are people who absolutely love every single book in this series (and you'll find a lot of there here, obviously), people who find them boring and everywhere in between. Personally, I think the plot of the books is incredible but the writing is far too slow; it slows down considerably as the books progress. If the pace has been bothering you already you'll probably feel like me: the story is amazing but the telling is somewhat poor. If you're fine with the pace though there's still a lot of epicness yet to come.
  3. RJ confirmed Sammael's death. It really surprised me-I thought the whole "Rand swept down Balefire, but stopped because he was sure Sammael was dead" business was a setup for his return, but no. "Sammael is toast!" (direct quote)
  4. The hottest character? Depends. If you mean pure physical beauty then Lanfear was described as such. Probably Galad on the other side. If you mean who would I most want to get involved with (so personality and looks are both relavant) then Min. She's very loving, and the description sounded hot. Plus I have a thing for women who are strong, outgoing and "tomboyish" yet still distinctively feminine. Min fits that to a tee.
  5. I actually didn't get all that attached to any of the characters for a while. I love these books, but it always felt to me like the plot was more important than the characters. That said, I have to admit that I'm hoping for a happy ending for Rand. Light knows he deserves it...
  6. I kind of thought his luck came from the Dagger. We know it's not just standard Ta'veren at work, and there doesn't seem to be anything else special about him, barring his Old Tongue skill (until he goes to Finnland and gets the memories, medallion and ashandarei). If the Forsaken could grant that kind of luck the Shadow would have won long ago. Perhaps Shai'tan felt like taking a hand, but why strengthen hsi enemies, and particularly why Mat and no one else? If it's the dagger though, it fits together IMO.
  7. After Veins of Gold things really do look more hopeful for the Light. I suspect it was meant to be a major climax in the final book and we just saw it early because of the split. However, why are people saying that there was no suspense beforehand? Before Veins of Gold things were really bleak. The Dark One has virtually unlimited numbers of Trollocs, all united under one banner. The Light has hundreds of thousands of troops, but they're all at each other's throats and would be pitifully outnumbered even if the Dragon, Amyrlin and Seanchan all started getting along (no small feat in itself). The Dark One has Shadowspawn we don't know anything about. Worms are apparently terrifying, bloodwrasps don't sound too friendly, and what about all the creatures the Forsaken just mention in passing? Moghedian thinking about being stuck in a cell with a "darath in moult", one of the Chosen being described (sorry I forgot which one, my memory is good but there are limits to my WoT-nerdiness ) being described as a "hissing correer, spitting venom"? We don't know what they would be like on the battlefield, but in TGH we see a possible future where Rand stayed in the Two Rivers and the Seanchan took over the world. They were thrown back by the Shadow's armies despite fielding the entire Ever Victorious Army, including the damane. Does this sound like the Light's channellers are going to have an easy time of things? Rand has had superior firepower since he took over Tear, but the Light's forces are as nothing to what is coming. Rand seems to have become enlightened now, so I could see him being able to stand up to the Dark One. Before Veins of Gold though? Forget it. He could have used the Choedan Kal, but there's indication that would have ended badly, and without it no one could have stood up to the Shadow. Now, admittedly the point about the villains being dumb is valid. RJ wrote them that way deliberately-he talks about it in a couple of places that have been mentioned above. I get the impression there are good reasons for all of that, but it might have been nice to have them explained...
  8. How would I feel if the genders were reversed? Honestly about the same. There would definitely be some changes though. Female Rand would remind me of Hermione. A skilled, powerful woman struggling to gain acceptance because of factors beyond her control (mudblood status/taint on saidar). Her refusal to harm men would seem more alien, but this is what, about 6000 years in the future? Things are going to be rather different. Mat would be awesome. He's great already, imagining a beautiful woman with that personality... just great Perrin would seem slightly odd. His personality strikes me as distictly masculine (not saying a woman couldn't act like he does, just that it would be less likely. Gender distinctions do occur on average, although there are plenty of exceptions and there's nothing wrong with "manly" women or "feminine" men). Egwene would seem the same either way: a good person who has struggled against horrific circumstances and Aes Sedai politics with little preparation and done amazingly well. S/he does need to relax more though. Asserting authority is important when you're trying to be Amyrlin at age 20, but s/he's facing somewhat similar problems to pre-VoG Rand. Min being a guy? Well, I rather like the story having a character who is kind, understanding, loving, smart and a beautiful women, so her becoming a him would be somewhat disappointing. Still lots of respect for the character though. Just random thoughts...
  9. When you pretend to be an Asha'man everytime you wear a black coat. When you mutter "Dovie'andi se tovya sagain" for luck.
  10. Lanfear will be doing something though I'd imagine. Daughter of the Night, she walks again. The ancient war, she yet fights. Her new lover she seeks who shall serve her and die, yet serve still. Who can stand against her coming? The Shining Walls shall kneel. Maybe she'll be part of the circle, but then take over and use Callandor against the Light?
  11. if this is the only quote people are referring to, ...I'm not really sure it says what people are saying it does, or refute's emu's take on lanfear. I also even after a cursory search am still having trouble finding textual evidence besides (of lanfear's utter evil-ness). the only really bad thing I can remember attributed her is vague mention of an old wives tale that she kills children or something? indeed it seems like most of her actual malevolence is directed toward other darkfriends and forsaken. ok I also just checked the BWB on her...so she occasionally served as an assassin for the shadow, and gave people nightmares? it also said this: sounds a little grey to me... Lama please don't cherry pick info...just a couple other examples. RJ and if you read the BWB entire you know that... BWB Exactly.
  12. Way too slow. The plot is wonderful, but the pacing is rediculously slow and the characters never feel real to me. And while the practice of giving little hints about the AoL, Shadow, Finnland, etc. and never telling the complete story is tantalizing (imagine the full story of the AoL: it would be sci-fi instead of fantasy, but not any more awesome than the Third Age. By doling it out in little pieces though, RJ made the AoL feel utterly badass ), it would be nice if there were a few more tidbits. You get one scene with the wonders of the ancient past or the tricks of the Shadow that makes you go "AHHHH! This story is amazing!", but then you slog through 500 pages that feel like padding. If it was cut down to maybe eight or nine shorter books this would have been a much better series IMO. On the other hand, one of my WoT-reading friends points out that these books are all we get of this world, so them being long and detailed isn't nessesarily a bad thing...
  13. RJ answered the question about Aginor; I don't remember the specifics, but I think he said something along the lines of the Forsaken wanting some Power that the Dark One didn't monitor or control. Could someone post a link? As for the rest of it, I suspect it may have been a plot point that didn't go anywhere, lost in the shuffle of an evolving story that was origionally planned as a trilogy and intented to let the first book be stand-alone if needed. Or maybe it had some awesome purpose that will be revealed in AMOL My own crazy theory is that Rand is now in touch with the Light, and he needed Power untainted by the Shadow to start him on the journey. BS did say that it was significant that Rand was described as using "Light and Power" in ToM, and this echoes the wording from the fight at the Eye. Guess we'll RAFO...
  14. One comparison that I have never seen mentioned but seems to fit too well to be an accident is that WoT reads like the Christian end-times story with sides reversed. In the Bible, the Dragon takes over the world (actually called the Dragon! Not kidding!), while Christians are persecuted, but try to stay loyal to the Lord in the "sure and certain hope of life everlasting" (to quote the Darkfriend social in TGH). The Dragon seems invincible, but when the Last Battle comes he is swept away by the Lord's forces. I don't think RJ was trying to be offensive with this, and it may be inadvertant, but it really seems to fit IMO.
  15. She's evil. RJ said so, he wrote the book, end of story. Emu, I know literary critics love to ignore the author's statements and tack on their own interpretations, but the WoT is the story RJ thought up. Now, you're right she could have been written a little differently to make her a grey character rather than a purely dark one, and that would have been interesting (perhaps someone wants to make non-evil Lanfear fanfiction?), but in the story as it stands she is a complete monster. Maybe a redeemable one-if I were writing WoT I'd make her kind of like Gollum, getting what seems like a redemption but making it only partial and having her die in the end having gone off the deep end, but who knows what RJ and BS have in mind? Definately a monster though.
  16. Yeah, I'm in trouble... Automatically say "Light!" and "Blood and bloody ashes!" even in serious situations. No one's ever commented on it, which is probably a good thing. Re-created Sha'rah, and played it a couple times. Won by giving my opponent control of the Fisher On the Forsaken from memory... Ishamael-Elan Morin Tedronai Lanfear-Mierin Eronaile Graendal-Kamarille Maradim Nindar Asmodean-Joar Adam Nessosin (or something like that; I'm going from memory, not wikipedia) Moghedian-Lillath Moiral? And wasn't she an insurance saleswoman? One of the Forsaken was at least... Never have nightmares because I balefire anything scary that shows up in my dreams (seriously! )
  17. Guys! Taim is not Demandred. Olver is not Gaidal Cain. There are plenty of new theories out there to discuss, so lets not rehash what RJ has already debunked.
  18. "My Eyes" from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog reminds me of Rand and Egwene in TGS. Someone should make a WoT version. Something like: Rand- Any poor wool-headed fool Can see we've let the Lord of Chaos rule To the point where I can't tell if it'd be better then than now If I broke all the Seals on Shayol Ghul. Listen close to everybody's heart How soon it beats its last. All that is is shattering apart And fading to the past. I cannot believe my eyes! That was Semirhage in disguise! But it's plain to see Darkness inside of me Is on the rise... Egwene- Look around, we're living on the hallowed ground. Three thousand years of great renown: it's time to make the Tower sound And I believe there's good in everybody's heart Light keep it yet steadfast. With hope you can do your part Until the storm is past. I cannot beleive my eyes! Have the sisters at last grown wise? For it seems to me Some kind of harmony Is on the rise... Rand- Any poor wool-headed fool Knows I must be as stubborn as a mule. For the Dark is everywhere and Tuon doesn't seem to care The Dark will use our petty struggles as a tool! Listen close to everybody's heart How soon it beats its last. All that is is shattering apart And fading to the past. I cannot believe my eyes! How the world's filled with filth and lies! It will have from me Peace for eternity In its demise... Egwene- Take it slow They look at me and seem to know All that I must still strive to show And suddenly I feel this glow For I believe there's good in everybody's heart Light keep it yet steadfast. With hope you can do your part Until the storm is past. I cannot believe my eyes! How the Seanchan defile the skies! Yet it seems to me Chances of victory Are on the rise... With thanks to Joss Whedon
  19. Are the Dragon and Amyrlin equal? Depends on what you're comparing. If you mean in terms of quality as people, then roughly yes. Both of them have done their best to see their duty done. Both of them are ill-trained young adults from a very isolated part of the world who were thrown into positions of great power, and have tried to cope. Both have done great things seeking to provide unity and leadership. And both of them have been somewhat corrupted by their newfound power. Rand turned into an insane warlord who was willing to slaughter innocents almost casually at Far Madding. Egwene turned into a leader who forced her friends to submit to her and bullied the Aes Sedai into serving her vision for the White Tower. Neither is exactly warm and fuzzy! Yet both of them wanted to do the right thing, and made what mistakes they made out of misunderstanding, fear, riculous amounts of stress and Shadow influence (taint on saidin, anyone? And what exactly did Halima do to Egwene?). In terms of honor, both of them are very good people, and about equal. Now if you mean in terms of importance to the world, things are murkier. Rand is clearly needed for the Last Battle; from the emphasis RJ put on the reunification of the White Tower it appears likely that Egwene is as well, albeit in a (likely) more indirect way. What is the least important link in a chain? Rand gets the most power, by far (tied with Moridin for strongest channeler of all time, has all the knowledge of Lews Therin, commands a large part of the Aiel and Westlands, has both Aes Sedai and Asha'man, etc.), but both are needed.
  20. I'm a PF (Pasta Fiend). Actually, the reason I asked this is because my friend and I were discussing the weird way technology developed in the WoT compared to Earth civilizations. I figured that if gunpowder was discovered in WoT, maybe they also had noodles (which were also discovered by the Chinese on Earth.) While WoT has steel and gunpowder, they don't have other inventions that were discovered at the same time or earlier, like the printing press. Other than steel and gunpowder, I would guesstimate their Earth-scale technology level closer to that of Ancient Rome rather than the Medieval period, and thus the question about pasta. Their armor level seems hundreds of years behind their weapons tech too. Now that cannons are invented, it seems weapons jumped another 300 years ahead, and they still don't use plate mail armor. RJ said explicitly that the printing press survived the Breaking, which was the reason why the language has stayed relatively consistant. Seanchan and Aiel can understand each other, despite having been separated for thousands of years and thousands of miles. RJ said the printing press was why. Don't remember the exact link, but it was him answering a question about language in the WoT, if that helps. I think I recall references to plate armor too, but not certain on this one.
  21. I have Asperger's Syndrome, which despite many problems also gives me a very good memory, so I haven't really had this problem. However, it might help to keep track of the sub-plots by character. Rand-leaves the Two Rivers, fights at the Eye of the World and learns he can channel, retrieves the Horn of Valere... Mat-acquires the Shadar Logoth Dagger, is healed by Aes Sedai in Tar Valon and finds he's suddenly quite lucky... And so on.
  22. "Were I a non-channeler in the WoT world, I'd want all channelers collared. The Aes Sedai are the equivalent to having a bunch of people walking around with nuclear warheads who claim they won't use them unless they are "threatened", while demanding everyone bow down and kiss their feet and insisting on being obeyed (all while you're supposed to believe they won't nuke you if you don't obey them). They're dangerous, controlling, arrogant, and untrustworthy. So yeah, if I had to live in that world, I'd say leash them - unless and until they can prove they are just "normal" people and don't expect special treatment anymore. The Wise Ones do a semi-fair job of this, but even they are arrogant and obnoxious and controlling." So, you would punish people for their potential? If you could put that off, maybe you ought to be collared for that ability. If you can order channelers' lives bound for their possible threat to you, they should be able to have you Compulsed into a pet for your definite threat to them. You're being completely and utterly hypocritical, and while it doesn't matter as far as channelers go (there aren't any in the real world), such thinking has had horrific real life consequences.
  23. lol That's always something kind of interesting about books set in the real world-it can be exactly like the actual real world, but without the book in question. Otherwise...
  24. He wants help from the Darkfriends, and to destroy Light forces that could potentially clear the way for his resealing. If Rand doesn't make it to Shayol Ghul, the Shadow wins. Now, he can't keep Rand away by relaxing in his giant fiery toilet-the Pattern weakens as he begins to break free, and it's going to be blatantly obvious to humanity that there is a massive threat emerging. A Light counterattack is thus inevitable-the Shadow's only chance of victory is to be able to meet that attack and break it. For that they need armies. Everything the Shadow has aimed at has been to prevent another Strike at Shayol Ghul: raising Shadowspawn legions, instigating fighting between the Seanchan and Westlanders, between the Shaido and everyone else, between Black Ajah and true Aes Sedai, causing massive famine. The most important Dark plan was to drive Rand over the edge, guarenteeing he wouldn't be resealing the Dark One because they'd be fighting on the same side (Ba'alzamon's origional plan) or Rand would break the Wheel himself (the plan later in the series, right up until Rand's epiphany). All of this makes it harder to prevent Shai'tan getting loose, something that would be pretty easy if the Shadow just focused on chipping away at the Prison.
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