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  1. But why haven't we ever seen the same cords to the other male chosen?
  2. Gateways make distance obsolete really. True, but when the BT was established how many people could travel? Only two or three (outside of the Foresaken). So at that point of the story, location and logistics were huge. Even the supplies coming from Camelyn were via wagons and carts.
  3. Also from a logistics stand point, his non-channeling army was in Andor. So Bashere could eaily take the wash-out quickly and start training them.
  4. I would be upset if everyone from the orignial group leaving Two Rivers lives. The only death that would bother me would be Bela. Then again, I think Bela is the DO.
  5. The only thing that I hate about Perring is how much page time the whole Faile captivity and rescue received. There was just too much plodding along. Yes, Jordan gave some fantastic detail on various items during that time, but in the grand scheme of things, I feel that the page time could have been used elsewhere. I would have gladly traded Faile pages for: - Halima manipulations of the Rebel AS. - Meseena's actions in the Tower. - More stories about the Dark invasion of the north. - More battles/skirmishes that Mat's armies did.
  6. Also, I wouldn't give-up page time for the development of the relationships.
  7. I personally don't think the half the light of the world was about his eye. Min had an early viewing about Mat and his eye on a balance.
  8. Ihvon would have felt Alanna's pain and suffering when she lost Owein. Bascially, the surviving warder would know that something traumatic happened, but he/she wouldn't know the specifics of it.
  9. Several points to consider: - If Alanna is harmed or killed, Rand feels the pain and will be taken with a "Death rage" if she dies. - Rand gets the warder bond gifts as a result of the bond. His senses and stamina are enhanced, which explains why he can do so much without sufficient rest. - It is difficult for Rand to hurt women, Alanna included. - Rand needs Alanna or the Pattern would not have woven her to do such a thing to Rand. But this is just speculation. You know, we don't know if Male channelers get a death rage if they're bonded. I wonder if we'll find out. It was done for the pattern, it helped him survive the kidnapping plot. Also, since Rand has four bond holders, does losing 25% of them only mean a "mildly irritated" rage instead of a death rage?
  10. I don't know about how it applies to Jordan's world, but on these boards, it tends to hold true.
  11. You are too focused on your preception. They are tools to keep the Wheel in balance. It goes well beyond the sealing of the bore and/or assisting the Dragon. Yes, in the current age and dealing with Rand, they are there to assist with that goal. In past turnings of the Wheel, it has been implied that the Dragon wasn't a ta'veren or a very weak one. Namely, the Wheel didn't "need" a Dragon that was also a strong ta'veren. This time around Rand happens to be, perhaps, the strongest ta'veren ever. In the past, ta'veren have been spun out of the Wheel for various reasons. I imagine that the Trolloc Wars and other wars saw a few ta'veren to help bring things back into balance. I would go as far as saying that not all ta'veren have been on the light side. It isn't about good and evil, but about balance.
  12. The current books revealed less of the Essanik Cycle than of the Karaethon Cycle. The revealed portion does not explicitly tell one way or the other on that.The Seanchan people seem to think that the Dragon Reborn would serve them. The Empress (may she live forever), the Crystal Throne, and the higher ups in the Seanchan society seem to think the Dragon Reborn will server them, but then again, that is probably the corrupted version of the prophecies. What the common Seanchan folk believe, I don't know we ahve really been given that information.
  13. A is still burned out of the pattern. B since he was never asked to BF (at this point), he would be confused on why A is gone since he won't remember being asked and doing it.
  14. Obviously, being the strongest ta'veren has a sexual appeal to it.
  15. Something isn't translating well. What is this slang for? Well Fag's in other cultures are smokes, so based on the concept I'd assume one of those chicks who smoke outside the club trying to look cool and are really prissy. Or something to that effect. Is that sarcasm? Apple Scruff has the right of it. It is a woman who is primarily friends with and hangs out mostly with gay men. In many other countries a "fag" is slang for cigarette. So taking the the phrase "fag hag" and applying their slang, one could make the connection that it is about a woman or girl that smokes.
  16. Well, to be fair...Rand is in love with his half-brother's half-sister.
  17. Didn't BS have a tweet or FB post that he had a hard time writing a section that killed someone off? My first reaction to his statement was that Bela got killed off. For some reason, I could handle anyone else getting killed off, but Bela would hurt.
  18. That was how I saw her. Like she's all talk! She'd never actually give up the milk, just promise you the cow. I also understood it to be that is how Mayene has always handled it's negotiations to protect itself.
  19. I still think Bela is the DO. The DO's prison is actually a horse's form. Don't ask me what the bore is? This is a family board. Has the DO's presense and Bela ever been "on screen" at the same time? Nope. Hmmmm.
  20. With how the series grew from three book deal to a six book deal to a twelve book deal to thirteen books, I think the Horn is one of those items/plots that is a victim of the ever-changing length of the series. Since it is an endgame type of item, I never expected it to reappear until the end.
  21. Did you forget about the thousands of camp followers? I forgot the exact Foretelling, but it wasn't that it is a baby born on a battlefield. The baby was taking it's first breaths on the slopes of Dragonmount. Based on the armies that were present around Dragonmount at the time and the Aiel were leaving, I find it very doubtful that looking for an Aiel baby would have been at the top of anyone's list.
  22. While engrossed in the story while reading it, I never noticed the difference.
  23. I would like a shot a immortality, but I will not sacrifice my morals or beliefs to accomplish it. Even if I were a channeler, I would take immortality over 600-700 years, but once again, I wouldn't sell out to do it.
  24. I think Eye of the World would adapt well to a movie. The book doesn't contain the gajillion details like the later books which would really slow a movie down. For the other books, I think the Game of Thrones (season 1) HBO format would be great. Given 10-13 hours to develope each book would be fantastic. Heck, even 5-6 hours of screen time for each book would be better than a movie.
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