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  1. Demandred was mentioned in a private interview with the DO at SG in LOC. He was told to be use balefire in the DO's service. It says there that he was taking a gamble that could have huge chances for success. In turn, the DO hinted that he might be made Nae'blis. At the end of that book Demandred has another appearance where it seems he has succeeded at the task given to him. Only Moridin knew what Demandred was up to as was clear from other POVs of the other forsaken. The name Bao and Wyld don't appear in any of the earlier books. This is well-known, but Brandon Sanderson mentioned numerous times that Demandred's other character was mentioned in the other books and we were all trying very hard to find it. Now that we finally know who his alternate ego was, I'm surprised no one went to find the reference point. It was one of the more popular theory discussions. The RJ/BS quotes about Demandred were a bit red herring and a bit Aes Sedai answer. I need to look at the quotes again, but I thought the where was "you can figure it out" type of answer, but the who was still anyone's guess. As to seeing the alter-ego on screen, I need to flip back to the Graendal scenes when she did stuff in Shara. I am wondering if Demandred had a cameo there, but without the direct link that it was him.
  2. From what I have pieced together from the early "body swap" theories, there is a bit of foreshadowing in the books. We know that the DO can move someone's soul around. We know that there is a connection between Rand and Moridin. We also have some of Min's viewings. I think Lucker's has/had a Body Swap thread in the General Discussions section. You aren't alone on how it happened. I am guessing it was Rand that did it. In the book, it happened without going into any detail. As far as Alivia, she "help Rand die" by assisting him get away at the end. It isn't that she physically killed him, but she help him put the old life behind him.
  3. Thom is bonded to Moiraine as her Warder and if he was killed, she would have sensed that and therefore would have been alerted to the attack. that is true - but none of the BA knew that fact, or did they? I must have skipped that chapter. And anyway - Mo and Nyn couldnt channel at all until Rand came out of the void, as he was in charge of the circle until some point that wasn't clear to me when. The BA didn't know who was in charge of the mass amounts of power being weilded. Plus, the BA could only sense the Saidar which leads to my opinion they didn't want to tip anyone off that they were coming.
  4. 1. From Encyclopedia WoT (and the glossary of the books): Dreadlord - "Those men and women who, able to channel the One Power, went over to the Shadow during the Trolloc Wars, acting as commanders of the Trolloc forces." I think in aMoL it was used as a more generic term for the Dark-side channelers once the fighting started. 2. There was a tremendous amount of power being weilded within site of Thom by Moraine, Nyneave, and Rand. By channeling to kill Thom, it could have tipped off those inside.
  5. The best I can come up with related to the manner and place of his death involves Rhavin's death as well. Asmodean died from Rhavin's trap (at the same time Mat died), but he was brought back to life by the balefiring of Rhavin. A short while later he was balefired again. I think the reversal of the first death using balefire only to be balefired to death created something wonky in the Pattern. The "place of his death" doesn't have to do with the geographic location in Randland or in the palace, but more to do with the location in the Pattern as if it messed up the time-space continuum. Just my theory.
  6. Of the Sharans that followed Demandred. I was not under the impression that Boa the Wyld had control of the entire Sharan population. Just like the Aiel, we are never told that the Waste was emptied for the Last Battle.
  7. After reading the one suggestion about Morgase being the corpse on the horse, I am itching to get home to my book as well. I do think Elayne could be given some credit in the emotional part of it since her warder just died, her babies are threathened to be cut out of her, and Mellar threathened to have his way with the Queen. I can see how a corpse on a horse might not receive the attention it deserved.
  8. Holy crap! How did I miss that many deaths. Time to re-read.
  9. I just skimmed the 22 pages, but here is a simple question: Did Rand give to Tam "Justice"?
  10. Are you KuraFire? No, I'm just a returning nerd who hasn't posted since before sanderson took over. As for moradin's body being special, as far as I'm aware its just an attractive body with the right genome for channeling. Avi's kids being able to channel from so early... No idea why besides their parents both being channellera probably got them tested super early. Couple of comments... 1. We know that Avi's children can channel from an early age only from Avi's visions. We don't know if that vision is destined to happen or not. Based on Avi's fears for the future of the aiel, she has to change something. Wouldn't this also allow for the possibility that something about her children can change as well. 2. Sticking with the body-swap theory, here is Min's viewing of Avi: Aviendha would have Rand's babies, too. Four of them at once! Something was odd about that, though. The babies would be healthy, but still something odd. (cut and pasted from Wheel of Time Encyclopedia, http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org/) Saying that they are "Rand's" is ambiguous. Rand's soul? Rand's body? Rand in spirit? Also, there is the comment of "still something odd". Is this foreshadowing that the babies will be from Rand's soul but Moridin's body? That would be odd. 3. Do Rand and Avi have time to hook up before the Last Battle? Rand and Elayne had a knowingly passionate night together. Rand and Min have spent plenty of time together which has led to probably many passionate nights together. Isn't there some reference to Min drinking the moon-tea or something like that which seems to be a form of contraceptive? Yes, Rand and Avi had the adventures in the snow, but it was kind of an accident. Seems fair that Rand and Avi should have their knowingly, passionate moment as well. She could conceive there.
  11. My theory is that this is just one of the open ended things that Jordan wanted to end the series with. I believe that Jordan didn't even have an answer for this. He just wrote it that way, and we are a left to noodle it.
  12. You're right on that. I put it more as neither of the two authors conveyed/wrote the supergirls well.
  13. Let's put this into a little context... - For thousand of years, men that could channel would go crazy. Plain and simple, it was a given fact. The population is taught this from an early age in stories and fables. - You have an organization that helps protect the populous from these crazy men. Even to the point that this organization has a 1/7th or 1/8th of its members actively hunting for these crazy men. Ok so with those two points, I think the pattern is established that the entire society has a firm basis for not trusting men that can channel. - LT only exists in Rand's head. - No one can "cure" Rand's madness. Even if you could, do you think anyone would believe it. If Nynaeve comes up to you and says she cured so-and-so's madness without any proof, how far do you believe it. Sure I would trust want Ny said, but in the back of my head I would have doubts. - No one can prove that Saidan is clean. Much like the prior comment, you can take people's word fr it, but do you really believe it in the back of your mind. No matter what Rand said or did, he is figthing against thousands of years of history. Do you expect that in the matter of a few months, people are supposed to beileve/trust him? Even more to the point, he was dark Rand just a month or two ago. Personally, many of Egwene's (while she was Armylin and psuedo-Armylin) actions when dealing with Rand I felt were portrayed accurately when you realize that there was no proof that Rand (1) actually had LT's memories, (2) he wasn't mad, and (3) he wouldn't go crazy(ier) because Saidan was clean. Sure we, as the readers, were privy to this information, but the other characters in the book were not.
  14. Olver hiding in the rocks (and I don't think hiding is a strong enough word) was the saddest for me. Before aMoL, Olver talked the big talk about wanting to fight. This was the same for the beginning of aMoL. Then Olver was actually there and knew he was in over his head. His interaction with Bela (in the Blight and Bela's dying scene) added to this as well. Then the only thing in Olver's power that he could do was crawl into the rocks. That hit me.
  15. No and no. That just upsets me more that the body swap occurred. I never liked the idea, but if it was going to happened, I was hoping for some desciption of what was going on.
  16. your second question is very interesting. I dont think its true but interesting I think for #2 there was a bit of foreshadowing in the book. In a couple of Perrin's PoV, it was either Lanfear or Slayer that kept mentioning that T'A'R and the waking world are not that different. I took the context to mean that all people if "enlightened" enough could exist in one with the benefits of the other. So for Rand, being so enlightened, has T'A'R-like powers in the waking world.
  17. Did I miss the body swap chapter? Was there any description of what happened?
  18. I have finished as well. I have it narrowed down to two charaters. One is mentioned in this thread (dies on screen), and the other is not mentioned here (dies off screen). To me, both story lines for these characters are a bit fragmented in aMoL (i.e. some here, some there) so any kind of re-write wouldn't be too bad.
  19. The viewing was just of a "red eagle". I took this to mean that Mat was just of Manatheren blood, not that he was connected to the Red Eagle of Manatheren. I will concede that it could be that Min saw the Red Eagle of Manatheran, but just relayed it as a "red eagle" due to her not knowing the history. Also, remember that Mat didn't form the Band of the Red Hand. His men formed the Band and selected the banner. Mat didn't have any direct input on it. Am I remembering that correctly?
  20. I think everyone else hit the good ones, but only one scene made me laugh out loud. (I know that I am not quoting it correctly) Elayne to Birgitte, "What would you do if you saw your queen riding into battle weilding a sword" Birgitte, "Move to a different country"
  21. Opps, forgot about her. I got hung up on Gawyn (B character) and skipped over her. Also, I could be convinced that a couple of the Foresaken could qualify as A characters. Regarding the plot holes, with how much detail that went into the "too many pages spent on", I don't see how anyone could have wrapped everything up that was introduced and developed in the first 11 books. At least not to the level od detail that was presented in the first 11 books. It is a matter of opinion is all.
  22. Ok, this is more of a review of aMoL as it pertains to the entire series instead of the just the individual book. 1. I doubt that RJ could have wrapped up all of the loose ends in the final three books. Looking back at how the book series went from a 3 book to a 6 book to a 12 book to a 14+ book series, I can see how things could get out of control. RJ developed a lot characters and side plots that simply just ran out of pages to bring to closure. Characters that would not have had a name or real role in the three book series all of a sudden had POV chapters by the end. I loved the detail and all of the plots along the way. I am upset that more weren't brought to clean closure. 2. I am glad the story was finished. I feared that with the passing of RJ, I would not receive the conclusion to the story that drew me in. I never had hopes that BS would equal RJ's righting style. Heck, I would have been happy with a bullet point outline of the completion of the story. Yes, I would have preferred to have RJ finish the story, but the Wheel didn't allow it. I am grateful that someone was willing to step up to finish it, and he probably knew all of the critisism that he would receive. For that, I thank BS. 3. Ok this pertains to #1 a little bit. I really started irking me by chapter 37 about how many random plot lines/theories/fandom were wrapped up in a single line. Too many items were left as RAFO and all we got after 13 previous books was a single line. Examples: Prophecies - Moraine's little speech at the Field of Mellior(sp?) was a very anti-climatic confirmation of the prophecies. Blood on the Rock - Ok, Rand bleeding at various other times through-out the books received more detail than at SG. Oh the wound broke open again and it ran down his leg to his foot and he left bloody footprints. Really? THAT fulfilled the prophecy. I don't mind that some minor items were closed with a single line, but some of the major items either were built up too much earlier or they needed a bigger finish. 4. This might apply to #1 as well, but some major items in the earlier books were left as plot inconsistencies. They were introduced as a major cliffhanger or teaser, but then nothing came of it. More importantly, the author didn't pay off on the teasers. Examples: Verin's Letters and Alanna: Ok, to bring some closure to the Black Ajah, I understand Verin's revelations of the BA members just thinned out the herd of channelers a bit before the Last Battle. I have no issues there, but RJ/BS made a point to mention the various letters (or at the very least make it appear the letters were from Verin). There was no pay-off to that information. Also, there was a huge gap of information on what happened to Alanna (Tear...she is in the north...<blank>....being captured at SG) Why didn't Rand ever feel her fright through the warder bond? He mentioned she was to the north so he felt her, but nothing about her being captured/injured. Seanchan 2nd Attack on the White Tower: At the end of ToM(?), we are left with Tuon, may she live forever, ordering a second attack on the White Tower. In aMoL, the attack is never mentioned. On top of that, it appeared that none of the troops were marshalled for the attack because it took Mat a while to get the troops in order when he became the 3rd in command. I would have been happy that the troops were at least organizing, and Mat then diverted them when he assumed his post. I mean it took Mat a while to go from the Tower of Ghengi(sp?) to Ebou Dar. During this time there should have been some Senchan activity if the Empress, may she live forever, ordered the attack. 5. Along with the teasers, I know that BS mention the butchers bill (death toll) in a tweet or something. Did an "A" level character even die? I know we had a few "B" level characters die and a passing mention of various "C" level, but I don't think and "A" level character died. [Disclaimer: we might disagree who is "A" level and not.] 6. At least in the final books we finally had some decent action by the Chosen. Too many of the Chosen were complete let-downs compared to their legends. Some of it may have been they didn't get enough page time to develop their plots and actions. Instead we are left with no real action from most of them. 7. Overall, I liked the book only because it brought closure to the story. I was disappointed in the direction that the entire series went. Too many pages spent on Perrin/Faile/Shaido. Too many pages spent on rebel Aes Sedai burning candle wax and looking at supply lists. Too many pages spent on the Dark Ones touch and spoiling food. Too many pages spent on the Elayne securing the throne. Too many pages spent on developing "C" level characters that stole page time from "A" and "B" level characters. Too many pages spent on the traveling circus. Yes, these added depth to the WoT world, but in the end they created more issues for the readers/fandom than closure would allow in the final book(s). Sadly, for some the items with a poor closure or non-existent closure, I thing back to the "too many pages" list.
  23. I am tired of all of the mythology "musts". By this I mean, yes, the characters have certain parrallels to various mythical/religious characters, but it doesn't mean that the characters HAVE TO follow the same path/ending/battles/etc as those mythical/religious characters.
  24. Dang it, I hate all of the random quotes out there for stuff that isn't really definite in the books.
  25. Regarding the refilling of th Eye, I took RJ's linked quote to mean it isn't as easy as refilling a normal well. His analogy of the glass and canister I took to mean that a glass of water is easily refilled from a faucet, but a liquid nitrogen canister needs special procedures. I like the thought that Callandor is somewhere linked to the Eye. Perhaps Callandor isn't flawed, instead, everyone has been using it incorrectly. An item would appear to be flawed when using it for something different; however, when used correctly it isn't flawed.
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