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  1. I'm not bothered about the documentary. I'm sure its great and all but I'm happy with my box set of the series and I'll leave it at that. It's depressing enough as it is.


    It will make your heart happy I bet to see the story.

  2. Anyone in here a fan of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity? I actually didn't find Firefly until about two years after the show actually went off the air. But boy was I hooked after I got hold of the complete series on DVD. This has to be some of the best written and funniest dialouge I have ever seen. I so recommend that if you havn't seen this, you should and do it fast. Heck just ask for it for the holidays.


    Sad to think we may never see more Firefly again. But at least we will be getting a new story from Joss next year that is part of the story. It will be in comic form.


    Also, if you have not heard about it already there is a fan produced documentary out there that is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. It is called "Done the Impossible: The Fans Tale of Firefly and Serenity." It is a great tribute to how the fans of Firefly were able to bring it from its ashes to its own full length motion picture.


    If you like Firefly and Serenity, I think this documentary is a must have. You can find out more information on it at www.donetheimpossible.com


    If you just want to buy it you can get it off their website or you can search for Done the Impossible on amazon.com as well. I also really love the soundtrack, I think it played an integral part of the story. As such I own it as well.


    So I think the complete Firefly story collection would have to be:


    Firefly: Complete Series - DVD

    Those Left Behind - Graphic Novel

    Serentiy - DVD

    New Graphic Novel (in comic form at first)

    Done the Impossible - DVD

    Done the Impossible - CD


    Also sitting out there is the Serenity paper based RPG which has gotten some pretty good reviews. It has a new expansion book called Into the Black.


    See told you I was obsessed.

  3. If prospective players could see examples of roleplay' date=' that would be very helpful for me at least.[/quote']


    Sorry, meant to answer this in my last post, but if you follow the link posted here in a sec, that will lead you into some examples of roleplay in a mud environment. Some in there is written roleplay, but many like the Questioning of Ewinne is basically how the interaction on the mud goes. Its not forum based, but real time with other people.



  4. Hi Zaren' date='


    I have experience in forum-based roleplay, like Dragonmount's own, but I've never tried a MU* of any description. I've heard that the focus is often more on combat and dice rolls than on the more social aspects, such as character development, intrigue and drama. Can you tell me a bit about roleplaying in a MU*? Is this more like a giant videogame than an interactive story? If prospective players could see examples of roleplay, that would be very helpful for me at least.





    Hi Sirayn,


    When it comes to a mud and its focus it reall just depends on how the mud is designed and what its creators have in mind as far as mission. I recently mentioned www.wotmud.org in another post on here, they are a balanced MUD in that they have possibilities for all types of players ie the socializer, the explorer, the roleplayer or the combatant. Mirrors of the Wheel is more focused on roleplay than anything of the others.


    As far as how roleplay is handled, I would say it is much more than just a video game. There are other factors like trying to improve your character, but at the heart of it roleplay is simply the minds of the people involved. Roleplay starts with how you envision your character and its background. That is what is the underlying motives on how the character acts. Then your roleplay evolves as you meet people, join organizations (like the White Tower or the Queen's Guard of Andor), and through your actions. How you act and what you act upon has real consequences which leads to your story unfolding. You have an active role in the storymaking as well. The story between two characters, your desire to lead an organization, how organizations act with one another.


    Roleplay on a MUD is exactly what you make it. It is very similar to forum based roleplay except that it is live. You interact with all sorts of people. And the best part, if you have an internet connection, it is free. The only charge is using your imagination.


    Hope that helps, if I can clear up anything else, just let me know.

  5. question....


    is there anyway to start without having the Java Browser thingymajiger?


    Sorry to wait so long to answer. But to answer your question, no you do not need to connect with the Java browser applet. From any telnet application you can connect to www.mirrorsmud.net port 2222.


    Most users who are past the telnet stage choose to use an application like Zmud (www.zuggsoft.com) which is designed to help basic commands and movement in a mud environment.


    Hope that helps.

  6. I will definately check it out. Always love roleplay and I am always looking for quality over quantity. I have to say that if you want live interaction with people from across the globe in a realtime Wheel of Time environment you might want to check out Wheel of Time MUD (www.wotmud.org). They are a text based mud, probably the largest WoT based mud in existence, but are not too large.

  7. Wow, nice to see some fans out there. And don't worry, once you get your hands on the DVD of the series, get through the first disc and you will be hook as ever. I would definately say watch the series before the movie, because after all the movie is set after the series.


    When I first saw it, I was like oh great, more Star Trek/Babylon5 scifi. But oh was I mistaken. There are no superlasers or aliens. They put it in space but gave it a western motif. The stories told are character driven and afterwards you just sit there and go....Wow, I want more.

  8. Enchalada Cassarole (not so much a dessert but edible at all hours)


    2 cans Enchalada Sauce

    1 bag shredded cheese

    1 lb ground beef or turkey

    Crushed Red Pepper

    20 corn tortillas


    1) Brown 1 lb ground beef. Spice as desired (a taco seasoning, or I use my own mixture of Cumin, Coriander, Chili Powder, Onion Power, Minced Garlic, Red Pepper, Black Pepper). Drain grease.


    2) Take a 10 inch round casserole dish. Lightly cover bottom of dish with a layer of sauce.


    3) Create a layer of tortillas on the bottom.


    4) Layer the top of tortillas with a new layer of sauce, cheese and about 1/2 of your meat.


    5) Add another layer of tortillas.


    6) Layer the top of tortillas with sauce, cheese and rest of meat.


    7) Add final layer of tortillas.


    8) Top with sauce and remainder of cheese.


    9) Cover and bake @ 350 degree for 30-40 minutes or until cheese is beginning to brown.


    10) Remove from oven, serve immediately. Garnish with crushed red pepper.



    Tricks of the trade: This recipe is very customizable to how you like it. If you like it a little more dry, don't put as much sauce. Some like more cheese. I really like this with ground venison.

  9. To start a new character, here are some basic steps...


    1) Log into the mud. You can do this through telnet, a mud client like zmud (zuggsoft.com) or use the applet link on the Mirrors homepage.


    2) Create a free account. You will be prompted through this.


    3) Once your account is created, you will be given a list of things to do. One of those things is create a character. Choose the appropriate command and be guided through character generation.


    4) Once your character is created, you simply have to choose the play command and enter the weave.



    All new characters will start in a training area where you can learn a bit about the game and its mechanics. I highly recommend you do the quests there and hunt for a bit to level up your character. Players there are cool, if you need help just ask.


    And something I did not mention earlier is...it is absolutely free and open 24/7. It is live also, so you are interacting with people from around the world.


    And if anyone has questions, do post, maybe I can help by answering posts.

  10. My recs and probably are repeats of others...


    Terry Brooks - World of Shannara

    Dan Brown - Just his four novels

    George RR Martin - Song of Fire & Ice

    George Lucas & Chris Claremont - The Shadow Trilogy based off the movie Willow


    My wife would recommend:

    Mercades Lackey

    Anne McCaffrey

    Robin Hobb

    Marion Zimmer Bradley

    Rosalind Miles

    Gregory Maguire

  11. Hey guys,


    Long time lurk, first time poster. Thought I would let people know since this is up their alley and mine as well. I need to be more active and I will be.


    Since this community loves Robert Jordan, the Wheel of Time and the world that has been created. I wanted to let you know about Mirrors of the Wheel MUD. This is a mud (multi user dungeon) that I stumbled across that just totally captured the Wheel of Time atmosphere that Jordan described in the books. When I am there, I feel like I am part of the land that Rand, Mat and Perrin are part of.


    And I also wanted to let you know because there are a lot of people in this community that enjoy roleplaying in the world that RJ created for us. Mirrors of the Wheel mud is dedicated to this roleplay and encourages it players to help develop this atmosphere. There are a lot of great players who enjoy roleplaying everything from a White Tower novice to a Child of the Light to a Defender of the Stone to an Aiel Stone Dog to an Armorer. And it just rocks. To be honest, it is set up so that anyone can easily become a huge influence in the atmosphere, not just the people who are there currently.


    Now it is a game of sorts as well for people seeking that angle. But rewards and advancement come from all areas, hunting, roleplaying, questing. And there are over 50 clans to join, all nations for character backgrounds and a great channeling system. They also have a unique combat system and blademaster system and also the Game of Houses.


    I just find this place great fun. And wanted to invite you to share that fun. Here is the info...



    telnet www.mirrorsmud.net port 2222


    The people are great there and welcome newcomers with open arms and help. Come by, try it out. Ask questions and don't just leave once you arrive.


    So the place really combines an area for all people...the roleplayer, the questor, the adventurer, the explorer, the hunter, the player killer (within the roleplay of the character), the hack n slasher. All are welcome and can easily find their place.




    PS I recommend starting with the race wetlander for a new character. It is just a bit easier to learn and get help with when starting out.

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