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  1. There was no question he was the greatest of the current crop (except for a few rabid Gawyn fans). I said he was well beyond two-handed Rand (Toram example, plus Aviendha's comment regarding Lan). Lan is definitely the greatest blademaster of the current Age and I would say ever, greatest fighter ever too. It does not matter if you are somehow magically better than him, he still beats you. Demandred stated that NOBODY in this Age could be that good, thus Lan > Jearom. Gawyn with 1 ring took out 6 Sharans at once without a scratch, with 3 rings he could not touch Demandred, who completely toyed with him. Demandred could have taken out perhaps 3 Gawyn's at once. (no rings) Demandred states that it cannot be Asmodean and that it must be LTT he is facing. In his PoV, we see that Demandred was preparing/practicising for LTT. In Lan's PoV, we see that if he was not exhausted/injured before the fight that perhaps it would have been different (no need to sheath the blade). LTT was very likely the greatest blademaster of AoL, he and Be'lal took up the sport. LTT was #1 at pretty much anything outside of TAR. The ease at which Rand became #2 blademaster implies how insanely good LTT was. Since Demandred is Mr.Almost, it is also likely he was #2 in AoL. Then we have a none exhausted Lan taking out 2 Myddraal at once within around 5 seconds! "The Fades froze, STUPEDIFIED for a second". From their expression and Price Kaisel's comment, this appears to be an impossible thing. Mat (FoH) states that you have to attack A Myddraal before it OVERWHELMS you. These two Fades were simultanaesouly attacking Lan and he took them down with incredible ease. Q.E.D.
  2. Somebody had to defeat Demandred otherwise the forces of the Light were doomed. I believe in Mat's PoV he mentions this. Demandred was nearly as good a general as Mat and with that sa'angreal, forget it. Demandred would have destroyed the forces at Merrilor and then attack Rand at SG, GAME OVER, if not for Lan.
  3. The Voice, on both occassions was the Creator. Shai'tan was unaware of Rand's presense until he entered and there is no way Rand would be hoping to hear it. The Creator also appears to have showed Aviendha the future of the Aiel and was with Rand at the end. I suspected it was the Creator talking to Aviendha, but we have no proof. Would be an interesting question for Brandon.
  4. If not for Demandred, the entire Shadow forces and Shai'tan proved to be very impotent. If Shai'tan angers the DR enough, in one of the turnings, DR could annihilate it.
  5. We know that Aviendha's children will be Super Channelers, now I wonder if they will have Pattern manipulation abilities on top.
  6. Wonder if that was Brandon throwing the fans a bone. He's knows this has been debated a lot. (P.S. - Won't be able to read the book for another couple of weeks so please don't spoil even if it wasn't against this sub-forums rules.) I will only say that Lan is very badass and even I was surprised at his skillz.
  7. Entreri, go back and read the first meeting with Moridin. It clearly states it was the heartbeat and Rand thinks on the tricks himself.Actually Sutt it wasn't. I think that was Moridins thought but that doesn't make it fact. Rand didn't confirm it. I think it was more to show that Moridin truly didn't understand what he was dealing with.Rand did later think on it. There were hints before in ToM and it was confirmed in AMoL. See Terez's post above as well. Nope. Rand however needs to get close the DF's and see their reaction to his Light. So DF's can still hide amongst his followers, unless he checks them them all, like he did Weirmon and that woman. Someone can ask Brandon this.
  8. I am sniffing these new pages. I also forgot the smell.
  9. Just read AMOL, the answer will be plainly evident.
  10. He clearly did not power up completely in KOD. Again, he only had the same angreal as in LOC in Maradon. That had nothing to do with the hearbeat, Weirman and what's her name could not stare at the Light enamanting from Rand, which proved to Rand that they were indeed DF's. Rand also drove several DF's mad at Maradon. Ishamael believes that he is only facing LTT, not something beyond LTT. LTT was/is insufficient to finish off Shai'tan. Rand is not the only one with this type of ability, Fain can spot anyone turned to the Dark side. As I stated long ago and some have disagreed, Rand after Dragonmount has move beyond LTT.
  11. I don't think that is completely true. Yes we know by the end he took a huge step forward in powers but per Brandon he had already powered up immensely(in op strength, recall the "battle of the temple" quote) by KoD. Hope he gets asked for clarification on this tour and I know you don't like to take his word on this topic but he was clear about that. We know he used an item of power at Maradon(that by his own admission came in very handy) and that the DF "light power" was actually a trick. The patter manipulation was of course a big level up however. KOD, with 25+ channelers, including Rand himself, Logain, Alivia, Cadusane+angreal, Nyaneve+angreal etc, they barely defeated 100,000. At Maradon, Rand had the same angreal as in LoC (that item of Power, as stated in AMOL), he took out a much larger force than those 25+channelers. His Dragonmount moment took him to the next level, peerless. His Pattern manipulation was certainly his ace card. At the end of AMOL, without the One Power or the True Power, Rand bend reality to his will. He is no longer ta'avern, Shai'tan is imprisoned. And at one point, I would say he is even beyond the Power level of the Creator. Rand stated he can destroy Shai'tan like an insect. Creator=Shai'tan, ying and the yang. DF light power a trick? I will have look at AMOL tomorrow, I read it rather fast.
  12. The problem in Mass Effect 3 was that whatever you did, it really had no impact on the ending. Rand: Since his awakening at Dragonmount, Rand's abilities have increased dramatically, well beyond LTT. He can manipulate the Pattern, counterpoint to Shai'tan and after his confrontation with Shai'tan he is intimately aware of the Pattern (Neo of the Matrix). He also gained a lot of raw OP Power: In the Lord of Chaos he was very easily shielded by a circle of 13 AS, even with the angreal. In AMOL, he threw away a shield from a full circle with the same angreal. Also, nobody else could have done what he did in Maradon without a powerful sa'angreal.
  13. The POWER of the DR was beyond the Creator and Shai'tan at one point, able to destroy Shai'tan. Now he can bend reality to his will. I was surprised at how easily he toyed with Shai'tan at the end. I hope we see a few novels set 20-100 years from AMOL, I would love to read them.
  14. That is some incredible pace to the novel, essentially a none stop battle. What beasts Rand, Lan, Perrin, Demandred, Egwene and Grandael. BEASTS. Utter weaklings/dissapointments: Shai'tan, Logain, Moridin, Fain and Lanfear. Logain? LOL, truly the most pathetic of the lot, he was a complete useless character, Androl(sp?) would have been a much better leader. Shai'tan, what a weak, pathetic being, the DR should have taken pity on it and destroyed it. The Power of the DR at one point > Creator or Shai'tan. He had that insect/Shai'tan at the palm of his hand, ready to utterly destroy it. I don't why Shai'tan would ever want its prison drilled, just asking for punishment and possible utter destruction. I knew that the DR has moved well beyond LTT, but even I was surprised...at the end the book bending reality like it was TAR to light his pipe. Oh yeah. I was pleasantly surprised that Lan had such a pivotal part in the book. Lan/greatest blademaster and fighter ever destroying Demandred, epic, holding his head up for the Shadowspawn army to see. I can't believe he defeated 2 Myddrraal at once in about 5 seconds! Even the Fades were shocked! 4 Myddraal at once may not be beyond him, if Lan was not exhausted. Poor Galad and Gawyn (almost shed a tear for this character and with 3 rings, Demandred toyed with him, man vs. baby, same Gawyn that took out 6 Sharans at once with 1 ring without a scratch!) Demandred schooled Logain as well. Demandred was THE wrecking machine for the Shadow and if not for Lan, the Forces of the Light would have lost. Perrin, BEAST of TAR, greatest at TAR ever, finally when he let go (like Superman) he took out Slayer with EASE, broke Lanfear's neck like a twig. Schooled Grandael in TAR very very easily, however he let her escape. Etc.
  15. It was revealed in TGS. None. We don't know how "blademasters", in the way they are known in the Third Age, got started, but we do know the requirements are not skill with a sword, so much as the demonstration of skill - either in front of five others, and gaining their unanimous consent, or through killing one in a duel. So no AoL person - LTT, Sammael or Be'lal - is known or even strongly suggested to be a blademaster, even if they have equivalent skill, because none of them have met these requirements. Also, he was a sportsman, and swords were a sport back in the AoL. The BWB probably would have the information on what his sport was. The problem here is you are attempting to draw conclusions from very slight evidence. It's possible for a better fighter to lose to a worse one - we see evidence of that in the books, and such things happen in reality as well. One fight between Rand and Riatin and one between Lan and Riatin is not enough to draw a reliable conclusion. Any fighter can have good days and bad days. There could be a significant skill gap, or Lan could have caught Riatin on a bad day. Unfortunately, fights to the death tend not to lend themselves that well to rematches. Lan took out 6 at once 20 years ago and he is much better since then. Rand nearly took out 5 at once in practice in LoC and it was only several months later he fought against Riatin. Lastly, as good as Rand is and with LTT's memories floating around, he has not had enough time to pratice. At that level, it has to become a muscle memory, you think, you are dead = a lot of pratice.
  16. Pretty amazing that they were able to construct the Horn. When was it created and how did it survive this long? Certainly not made of cuendillar.
  17. I guess my question is what do we know about Jearom to even make an educated guess? Just seem like wild speculation given the evidence available. The difference between Lan and Rand (#2) and Aviendhda's comment regarding him. If Lan survives long, I think his fighting prowess will be prominently displayed in AMOL, given what he will be fighting against (impossible odds).
  18. Nyaneve never gets the credit she deserves. I certainly agree she was very annoying in the earlier books.
  19. Curious as to why you guess Lan is better than Jearom? Hammar would have obviously known Lan very well and in his opinion Jearom takes the top spot. When was the last time Hammar saw Lan pratice the sword? Likely 20 years ago, when he just joined the WT. Not like Moraine would stay at the WT...Moraine and Lan tend to be lone wolves. Hammar may not have seen Lan fight in eons either. Of course Lan has gotten MUCH better since the days of Ryne. So yes, Lan is better than Jearom. If they fight, I would wager the house on Lan.
  20. I would say Lan is the greatest blademaster not only of this Age but of any Age. In the end, that granite willpower puts him over the top. I can see Lan fight with almost any type of injury (s) and complete exhaustion and winning. Aiel are the best fighters (3000 years of evolution under the Waste), Rhuarc is the best of the Aiel (Lan=Rhuarc, according to Perrin in book8), after the death of Moraine, Lan has surpassed any Aiel (according to Aviendha in book7). Rand is #2, would have beaten Toram Riatin with difficulty. Bear in mind that Rand was playing with him, with gloves and shirt that his movement (as Toram stated)...so no, Toram would not have beaten Rand in a real battle even without ta'avern luck. Lan killed Toram easily. So there is a significant gap between Lan and Rand, SIGNFICIANT. Lan can probably kill both Galad and Gawyn at once. I hope Lan gets to face 2 Mydrraal or 12 Trollocs (or 12 humans) at once in AMOL. He can beat them, he is that good IMO. AOL blademasters: LTT was likely the greatest blademaster in AOL, not just merely the greatest channeler (He is the Creator's champion and the greatest human of his Age, Rand's natural fighting prowess strongely implies LTT was truly UBER). Be'lal stated they took up the sport and learned to kill with it. Whatever LTT takes up, he tends to be the best at it (thus his arrogance in AoL)...main reason why all the Forsaken fear and envy him and Shai'tan wants him as Nae'blis. Likley Demandred was #2 blademaster in AOL, he was "almost" LTT, that is why he is so envious and wants to prove himself the better man. Almost as strong in the Power, almost as tall, almost as pretty, almost as skilled a blademaster, almost as smart...Mr. Almost. Hopefully in AMOL, he will prove why he was considered almost as good as LTT and not just die pathetically. The Forsaken have proven to be very impotent. I can definitely see Lan beating either LTT or Demandred, minus ta'avern luck. Age of Legends: LTT, Demandred, Be'lal and Sammael. I have no reason to put Be'lal over Sammael, just a hunch. Rand was shocked at how good Be'lal was. Current Age: Lan, Jearom, possibly Rand two-handed (minus LTT memories).
  21. I know it sucks. I was so hoping to sneak into work and read it. It will all be digital soon, like the cameras. All my books are now in the Kindle, incluidng WoT...Amazon just rules. I gave all my paperback and hardcover WoT books away a long time ago. I will have to buy it twice (I don't mindd :) to have a complete collection, but I dislike the delay. I bought Brandon's The Way of Kings (1007 pages) for the Kindle, I could not imagine carrying that around.
  22. Entreri

    On Lan

    Lan's fighting prowess is competely unmatched, greatest blademaster ever (even greater than Jearom), best fighter ever (yes even better than Mat with luck). AMOL will prove quite entertaining.
  23. The Wheel keeps turning...Now did Rand make it so that Shai'tan cannot touch it anymore, we will have to RAFO.
  24. There are some great posters from Dragonmount that you can PM to get information. One person in Canada got the book mid-Decemember...there are a lot of lucky WoT fans.
  25. It appears this book will have a good death count, which is fantastic, typically only seen in horror. I am looking forward to this. If Rand and Perrin die, no big loss. Only person we can expect 100% to survive is Mat.
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