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  1. Yeah she only saved his live twice over, planned a defense that spanked all the forsaken allowing the taint to be cleansed, rescued Rand from being shipped back to Elaida, and swore to do what was best for Rand(not herself or the WT) and was the catalyst for his epiphany on DM. She had Rands back as hard as anyone. Exactly. Most of the fans may not like Cadsuane, but she is one for the Ages, similar to Moraine, Egwene and Nynaeve.
  2. "He wove something majsetic, a pattern of interlaced saidar and saidin in their pure forms. Not Fire, not Spirit, not Water, not Earth, not Air. Purity. Light itself. This didn't repair, it didn't patch, it forged anew."
  3. The Bore, any AS with a strong mind would have sufficed (e.g. Cadsuane). Nyaneve was more essentiall at the Bore, due to her herb knowledge. As for the meeting, I suspect without Moraine, Cadusane would have done the same thing.
  4. The Wheel turns infinite amount of time, however it does not mean that everything repeats. It may be that Rand has sealed Shai'tan off for good. I wonder if Lanfear is dead for good, given that she died in TAR in the flesh.
  5. What was the point of Moraine? I would like to see a seperate Lan and Tam thread.
  6. Demandred practiced the sword for 2 years in this age.Well so did Rand for nearly 2 years till he lost his hand. I think a sword fight between the 2 would have been pretty even if Rand had his hand. In a battle with the OP, Rand would have blasted him something Demandred himself admits that LTT was stronger than him in the OP.Why he went crazy searching Rand out in the Last Battle,I have no idea. I should say, good point...Rand did practice for 2 years...Rand Sedai two-handed would have been pretty even, yes. Demandred did mistake Lan for LTT. Lan and Rand, they go the extra mile to win, admantium level willpower and will always triumph over the rest. I could certainly see two-handed Rand Sedai beating Demandred, although if he was exhausted, probably do what Lan did. Demandred needs to learn his place, #2.
  7. Demandred wanted to fight LTT as a blademaster and channeler simultaneously to prove he is #1. Blademasters: LTT (as usual #1), Demandred (the prerennial #2)...after this the rankings purely guess work. Sammael/Bel'lal, Asmodean/ Ishamael I would wager than Demandred is now as good as LTT was. As a channeler Demandred would have lost, Rand Sedai is too much for even Shai'tan. As a blademaster, Rand two handed would have lost even with LTT's memories, due to lack of practice. Demandred has been praticising to prove he is also the better blademaster (see his PoV). Demandred to Gawyn: "I was always the better general. I will prove it here. I would have you tell that to Lews Theirn, but you will not live long enough, little swordsman". "If you do survive this and see Lews Therin, Demandred said, tell him I am very much looking forward to a match between the two of us, sword against against sword. I have improved since we last met". The scar in Sammael's face...likely from LTT's mad sword skillz.
  8. "No saidin in the void, nothing. He paused, then smiled and felt an enomorous relief?" "Thusly, my understanding on the ending is simple. Rand wields the True Source (both saidar and sadian(sp)) and doesn't need to draw upon it. Simply uses it to create that which he needs." Very interesting explaination. I like it.
  9. Rand going to dark side being a draw is nonsensical. For instance, if Rand joined the Dark Side of the Force, he would have destroyed the world using the Choden Kal, which he almost did... If Rand died, another champion taking over? Come now, Rand barely survived having LTT's memories and being Rand Sedai, forget it. I know it is a fantasy series, but still, it makes no sense. What is up with Lanfear? Demandred? Oh well.
  10. I think Demandred had more right to be big headed than the other Forsaken. He was the consensus #2 in AoL. If not for his insane jealousy of #1, the Light forces would have been doomed in AMOL. I always knew Lan was #1 from EoTW, greatest blademaster ever, yes, I never got the feeling Galad was #1 even after reading FoH (he only took out rabble), Lan has been fighting Myddraaal and Trolllocs routinely, not to mention Aiel in the War. All the Light forces were exhausted, but even if Galad was fresh, Demandred was several leagues above in skill and experience. Lan on the other hand: "Lan had been fighting for an entire day"..."Perhaps if they had come ot the fight evenly, it would be different". There isn't a blademaster in any Age that Lan cannot defeat, with the possible exception of LTT ta'avern. Demandred: "No one of this AGE has such skill". "Lews Therin?" "It IS you behind that face, isn't it?". Demandred was lucky Rand Sedai was not there to spank him, but instead was wrecking Shai'tan.
  11. Lan is that good as I have said on numerous occassions.
  12. I was hoping to see Perrin's hammer do more things...but it does kill the T-1000 Darkhounds. He also has a good death count: Lanfear and Slayer...and would have killed Grandael except for the hestitation. I would say that Perrin is more than a match for ANY channeler in TAR, including the strongest TAR Forsaken, Lanfear and Moghdien. With Perrin's ability to appear and dissappear at will, he can kill almost any channeler. Perrin's natural prowess in TAR is greater than Slayer's. Slayers stated that his ablities in TAR rivaled the greatest Forsaken, and Perrin wrecked him in the end.
  13. RJ scrapping Taim being Demandred because the readers figuring it out, I would not be surprised. The role the Asha'man played in AMOL was completely insignificant...and they were being protrayed as being rival to the WT. The Sharan Army came to the field and I was like, meh, whatever. I think it would have been much better to introduce them in the Towers of Midnight, to build them up and introduce Demandred as their leader in the final book.
  14. Mat did hold the army together and what not, but nowhere as impressive as what Rand and Perrin accomplished. Mat was mostly impotent in this book . He was not that effective because Demandred proved to be nearly as great a general. According to Mat's PoV, if Demandred had survived they would have lost.
  15. Definitely he was consumed by jealously and envy of #1 and that saved the Light siders. He also expected LTT to set some kind of trap for him if he came down... If not for LTT, Demandred would have wasted the Light siders with the sa'angreal, went to SG and destroyed the vulnerable Rand. He was the only Forsaken in the series that was a wrecking machine. Even Shai'tan was pathetic.
  16. Well, Rand survived a similar fate with Ishamael. If anyone could have survived an devasting injury, it is Lan. And as said in his PoV, if Lan did not come in exhausted and semi-injured the battle would have been different (no need to sheath the sword). Lan, greatest blademaster ever. Not sure if Lan is the grestest ever, he simply wanted Dem dead, he wasn't trying to win. Who knows what would of happened had it been to see who was best, as Lan said himself he came to kill Dem. Impaling yourself on the other guys sword is hardly a tatic one takes to see who is better. Nope, he is the greatest blademaster ever. As stated by Demandred, nobody in this Age could be that good. Demandred(#2) has be practicising the blade to beat LTT (#1). How great is Lan? Demandred thought he had to be LTT. Lan had to sheath the sword because he was exhausted from 24 hours of fighting and still had semi-healed injuries. Anybody who has actually done battle can attest to the impact that has on performance.
  17. Well, Rand survived a similar fate with Ishamael. If anyone could have survived an devasting injury, it is Lan. And as said in his PoV, if Lan did not come in exhausted and semi-injured the battle would have been different (no need to sheath the sword). Lan, greatest blademaster ever.
  18. Lanfear does have a great appearing and disspearing trick, but beside that I don't see what she can do to Perrin in TAR. Perrin is stronger in TAR and he also learns to travel between TAR and real world without the OP. Her channeling would be completely useless...even Compulsion failed her. Hand-to-hand, Perrin would break her like a twig. A battle of wills, I would wager on Perrin. At the end, Perrin passes through the ter'angreal barrier like a boss and she complains of it. Perrin > Slayer >= Lanfear or Moghdien in TAR.
  19. A worthless character, Androl is the true leader. Logain has only endured a small fraction of what the DR has. Even excluding the DR, look at someone like Egwene, the torture, the capture, and Egwene is merely a child of 18... Logain is a whining crybaby.
  20. I am surprised how easily he handled Shai'tan, no more than an annoying "mite". Rand should have destroyed it, Shai'tan serves no purpose. The human race without Shai'tan affecting the Pattern = AoL.
  21. I was very happy with the Perrin arc, he was very badass in AMOL. Taking out Slayer, Lanfear and nearly Grandael. Perrin vs. Slayer could be the best fight of the series.
  22. WoT the numbers are off, especially the number of channelers. There should be at least 2500 Wise Women that can channel for the Aiel, which is about 1/2 of the Shadio clan. The Seanchan should have at least 1000 damane, looked like they had 1/2 that. The Sharan army was overly exaggerated, no way it should have been bigger than the Seanchan. I can understand Trollocs in the multiple millions but the Light channelers were there to offset some of the Shadow's far superior numbers...instead it appears they were barely equal in size to the Shadow channelers. The size of the Trolloc Armies were never stated, but likely around 1 million for each front. The Sharan army, probably 1 million as well. Shadow Forces, 5 million. The Light Forces, 1.5 million or so.
  23. Taim could be a clone of Demandred. Oh yessssssssssssss.
  24. Bela dying was great. Egwene dying was better. I always like to see a high death toll for the final novel of a series.
  25. Surprisingly Gawyn (who I can't stand, such an idiot whiner), his speech to Galad before dying, very touching. Of course, he death was completey expected and desired for. Rhuarc, to get wasted like that! Perrin should have killed the Ugly One when he had the chance. When Egwene died, I felt absolutely nothing. I thought I would be happy. Oh well, we can't get everything we wish for. Brigitte's death, also very expected, no impact. Meh. She came back...now if she stayed dead, different story. In the entire series, when Hopper died was the worst. Damn Slayer! Damn Perrin!
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