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  1. Gawyn was ultra fast. Fox head medallion replica's. Demandred's ego combined with the skill level of the combatants (Lan, Galad). Yes, Demandred could have destroyed the entire Light army and gone to SG, victory. As for confronting Rand Sedai prior to him entering SG, Demandred would have lost. Callandor has no buffer...at one point Rand wielded more saidin than at the Cleansing (Logain PoV)...LTT > any Forsaken, Rand Sedai >> any Forsaken. And of course LTT was better at everything than Demandred, except being a general (Demandred PoV). Certainly that would have cause temporary chaos to the Light forces. Grandael likes to play the long game. Eventually Mat would have been the leader, Grandael can't do anything to him. Who knows about the weaves. He is Moridin. Anyway, he has no chance against Rand Sedai in a Power duel. LTT wrecked him in AoL. Spider likes to hide and manipulate and never (almost) never put herself on the front lines. The bad guys were designed to lose. At the same time if Rand kept the Choden Khal he could have raped the entire Dark Forces and seal up Shai'tan at his leisure using Callandor, easy as eating pie. It is only fiction, but bear in mind that in real war there are A LOT of mistakes, fog of war.
  2. That was due to the DR being one with the land. Of course. You need to take a holistic view. No I have to take the view the authors told us is correct. You are good at ferreting out what the authors say, I give you that. Rand has been affecting the Pattern, from apples to trees. It is not mere tricks via OP that made DF's shied away or kill themselves in TOM, Egwene stating he would break the 13 shield etc. We had this discussion prior to AMOL and I was proven correct, once again. So I don't want to harp on this. I suggest you wait for the Encyclopedia for more evidence. At the end of AMOL, he is neither ta'avern or has any access to the OP or TP, yet lights the pipe.
  3. That was due to the DR being one with the land. Of course. You need to take a holistic view.
  4. Rand was able to understand the Pattern to such a degree (via match with Shai'tan) and also due to his awakening at Dragonmount, that yes, he was able to bend reality to his will at the end. He made apples grow, trees grow etc, Light in his mind, Light that drove DF's mad, his children with Aviendha have unique ability (held OP 24/7, could weave when they were children, "She wove a gateway-for her, it happened as fast as she could THINK") and so on.
  5. A good butcher's bill. Reminds me of the show Spartacus on Starz (truly epic show btw). Overall Light forces death toll, approx 75% all their forces are dead. Dark Side at approx 95%, given some Sharans escaped. Sharans dead toll, probably around 70% or so, almost none of their channelers escaped alive. Trollocs and Myddraal should all be dead...although it may be possible that a handful of Fades escaped, given their abilities. Dark side channelers? 100% death toll beside the Sharans. Darkfriends? Should be easily 99+%, given it is the LB and Shai'tan would want all of them in the fight. Light Side: I estimate around 95% dead at SG, up to 70% in Merrilor. Least % of casulaties, Seanchan 50-60%. Channeler dead: Aes Sedai: 60-70%, Sharan initial assualt killed a lot of AS Asha'man: Probably around 50-60%, Taim turning, conflict before the real war... Damane: Probably 50%, the were going all out with the Sharans, but they had a reprieve before rejoining the combat, otherwise greater % Wise Ones? Who knows, since they were hardly mentioned even though there should have been around 2000. Although one would assume at least 50% died. Windfinders??? Same as the Wise Ones. Sharans: 99%, only a handful left, whom Moghdiein tried to recruit before being captured by the Seanchan as a damane. The other Dark Siders: 99.9% (Grandael and Moghdien escaped death...Grandael will be killed by the Aiel, in the end the Spider survives).
  6. Grandael seemed to be a truly exceptional channeler, able to repel attacks with the best of them. Even though she was in a circle, she still had to fight against many, took on Amys, Aviendha, Talaan, Alivia and Cadsuane simultaneously at one time and was winning until Avienhda's desparate move. I can see why she was ready to go one-on-one against Lanfear in FoH and possibly win. I always figured she was the most dangerous Forsaken in the long run, given what Rand said about her.
  7. He was one of the greatest villians of all time in any form of media (Darth Vader so forth level), far greater than Shai'tan, Ishamael, Demandred, Lanfear and the rest, unique. Only a few had expectations he would replace Shai'tan, however one would think he woud have a better showing. What was the point of building up such a character for 13 books?
  8. Sanderson did Perrin better than Jordan. Perrin was terrific. The Hopper death was the most touching momment of the entire series. As for Perrin's abilties in TAR, they are unrivalled, the new Lion of TAR. With his ability to teleport at will and take people by force to TAR = unstoppable Juggernaut. Perrin was several levels above Grandael and that is before he let go like Superman. Compare that to what Egwene had to go through to finish Messana. Then he finished Slayer like he a boss, went through the ter'angreal barrier like it was nothing (Lanfer complaining) and snapped a TAR insects neck/Lanfear. And the final tally for TAR rankings: Perrin > Slayer > Lanfear/Moghdiein > Egwene If Egwene had lived she might be close to Slayer level, but alas, it was not to be.
  9. Yes that realisation was long overdue. I wonder if LTT ever had that problem in his own era? Lanfear's arc was initially great but after TFOH it kinda petered out. She hung about as cyndane, giving Moridin dirty looks and that was about it. As already said, I am glad that rand did not fall for her routine a second time. I guess she played to form, waiting until the best moment to use events to her advantage. All of creation is at risk, and she still plays the gambit to let the Dark One be at verge of defeat before stepping in to help him. Not sure how i feel about it being Perrin to kill her, they didnt really fit together v well but not sure who else it should have been. Moiraine? Since the Light siders were no longer using balefire, Moraine would have trouble, but anything is possible, poetic justice of Moraine killing her? Rand Sedai would be able to spank her quickly before she can run to TAR. Too bad he did not.
  10. She is small minded like Demandred, good to see Perrin kill her, always thinking that she is greater than she was. More like LTT wore her like an ornament. Powerful men do have trophy wives (plus many mistresses of course), what is more trophy than the most beautiful woman in the world? Then he dumps her for Ilyena. That is BOSS.
  11. Of course, Taim is a complete insect compared to Rand Sedai, likely defeat 4-5 Taim's simultaneously. Face-to-face, one-on-one, confrontation: Rand Sedai vs. Taim would have lasted all of 3-5 seconds. LTT slapped around Ishamael, Rand Sedai forget it. Demandred knows who is #1. Lanfear states that what LTT can do she can do better in book 4, lol (Man vs. toddler, poor Lanfear with her overblown self estimation and her relative weak OP strength compared to LTT). Rand believed that Taim was leading the full circle, even so he knew he could have won that confrontation.
  12. To be fair,he did not break it,he held it back long enough(which was something no one other man is capable of doing) and escaped. And I do not think they used a circle of 72,it has to be 13 which was supposed to be unstopable and was probably considering that Rand had to run from it. Egwene knew he could break that shield. Women are the weaker channelers OP strength wise, and in AMOL the circle was probably led by Taim... As for AMOL, yes, he did not break the shield but "throwing back" at Taim. I used to assume that it was 13 but after rereading the passage, it does not make sense for them to use only 13 (when Taim has 100's of channelers at his disposal) or Rand's reaction to the shield coming at him. He had no fear of going into the Tower facing 13 channeler shields, but ran away from that in AMOL? He was hoping Taim would come: "He laughed...I had hoped you would come!" They knew what he had done at Maradon, which would typically require someone of Rand or Ishamael's strength with a sa'angreal. Rand felt "at least three dozen Dreadlords" attacking him, likely a similar number of females. "One that was coming would be created by a circle of men and women. A man would be leading...Light! That had to be a full circle". Certainly a circle of 13 does not need a man to lead, of course to expand beyond 13 needs a man. Doing what he did, his Power in unmatched, even against only 13, if it was against 72, he is a true Titan. Either way, he stated in his PoV: "He could have beaten Taim!"
  13. It is almost plausible, almost: Rand appearing and disappearing. Demandred thinking LTT for Mat: "No man from this Age had lived long enough to learn the details with such care". Demandred thinking Lan for LTT. The hatred was certainly there: "The only thing that Demandred had ever done better than his friend was as a battle general".
  14. If we are considering filler, 1/2 the books were redundant. The series could have been finished in 6-7 books, the most filler being books 8-10, it happens to many series. This back and forth bickering is pointless, you guys can have a quardrillion posts and never agree.
  15. Rand can manipulate the Pattern at will. His children with Aviendha indicates that even they have some special powers. Like I said a couple of years ago, after Dragonmount, Rand has moved well beyond LTT. Another impossible thing he could do was break a shield created by 13, as Egwene knew he could do this in ToM. In FoH, the author said if LTT has taken over, Rand would have beaten Lanfear. This is a Rand who is nowhere near full strength. In LoC, he was easily shielded by a circle of 13, even with that angreal. AMOL, a full circle (implied to be 72), he overcame with the same angreal. "At least three dozen Dreadlords" attacking him with shields. "Light that had to be a full circle". It would make no sense for Taim to use merely 13, given he had so many channelers. "Full circle", same reference Egwene states about Demandred. Finally, he uses enough Power to be able to destroy the Creator or Shai'tan. He has moved beyond a mortal man.
  16. Sir Lancelot and his magical steed Swift Wind, uhh, Mandarb. No can defend. RIP Demandred, Myddrraal and a host of other unsavory characters.
  17. If one does not have a passion for something like the WoT, it is doubtful that these other author's could have done any better...maybe if it was just one book. With Demandred, logically the Shadow is victorious. That is the problem with building up someone like Demandred, 2nd strongest sa'angreal, 72 linked channelers and a massive Sharan army. Unless Rand Sedai comes with Callandor to engage and defeat him, it becomes unrealistic. I suppose Perrin could pop in, drag Demandred to TAR and kill him...that would still not feel right either.
  18. Main problem: Too many things to wrap up in one book. IMO, the "Last Battle" should have started around the middle of book 13, full on, which would led to more character interactions, development and tying up loose ends. Ending book 13 off in a cliff hanger would have been fantastic (e.g. Demandred wrecking the Light forces...full blown retreat). Overall, the book was good (right around the middle in terms of quality...I would rate The Shadow Rising as #1, The Lord of Chaos as #2 and The Fires of Heaven #3). The Good: Lan, Perrin, Rand, Androl, Demandred and the battles in general were good. The Bad: Fain, Moraine, Cadsuane, Shadar Haran, Demandred, #'s of Shadowspawn, # of Light channelers were way off. Lan made this book good. I was dissapointed with Fain, so much build up and went out like a whimper.
  19. At this point, I don't give a damn. They/Team Jordan can keep that worthless "knowledge" to themseleves.
  20. #1 Lan taking out 2 Myddraal at once like they were trash, EPIC. #2 Demandred schooling Taim. Man vs. child. #3 Lan schooling Demandred. One final lesson for Demandred. #4 Perrin wrecking Slayer and Lanfear. #5 Rand showing Fortuna who is boss.
  21. It is readily apparent that Lan is the best, the authors ranked them as follows, Lan, Rand two handed, Galad, Gawyn. Lan was tired, in his PoV it is stated that if he was fresh, thing would have been perhaps different. LTT was undoubtedly the best swordsman in AoL, Demandred lost to him...he has been training to defeat LTT. Demandred stated that Lan is LTT. This has nothing to with proving who is the best swordsman (which once again has always been readily apparent), but someone had to kill Demandred and Rand Sedai was busy. Yes, it could have been Mat or even Perrin in TAR. Mat however never had any desire to face a Forsaken. Tam? He is good, but he is not as good as say Galad, let alone being remotely close to Lan.
  22. All the high level fighters, every move is by instinct, after 1000's of hours of practice. In a sword fight of this caliber forget it. Demandred had a fraction of second to react and attack.
  23. Throwing rocks worked against Galad and Gawyn and he did not think highly of blademasters in this Age. He could have defeated Galad and Gawyn in unison. Demandred learned his mistake too late...although he did state that Lan is LTT. In this type of fast paced fight, very little time to think of other indirect weaves, thinking too long = death. This is like someone with a gun attacking you and you are thinking where to shoot this person = your death. The fight lasted at most a minute, Lan had to end it ASAP, due to being exhausted (1 day of straight fighting, repeated healings, half healed injuries etc).
  24. I greatly enjoyed Demandred getting bitch slapped by Lan. He is not a mere Warder, he is only the greatest warrior and blademaster EVER. With that foxhead type ter'angreal, he can become a gholam like killing machine, how wonderful. It was also most enjoyable to see much death and destruction in AMOL. And the way Lanfear died, fantastic, as Ishamael and LTT have stated, she thinks too highly of herself and her abilities/capabilities.
  25. By playing numerous strategy games such as Starcraft, Warcraft etc..., I am indeed a battle hardened general. Btw, wtf were the Light forces thinking?
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