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  1. I would say that the Gholam is 'immune' against the OP only. Since it was created by the OP. I think one would need to create a Gholam from the TP for it to be 'immune' to it. Mat's medallion would also be ineffective against the TP. Hopefully he will not encounter Ishamael. The TP cured LTT's madness. It appears that the TP can do some things the OP cannot. I suspect that this 'immunity' has limitations. If attacked by a great enough force of OP, it would be destroyed. Like steel melting with sufficient heat.
  2. Messana like Moghdien, Asmodean, Balthamael, Aginor are second rate Forsaken. Egwene may have some worry from her, but Messana is not an elite (Ishy, Dem, Lan, Semir, Granny).
  3. For the second most powerful forsaken, Demandred has been unimpressive thus far (Aginor of course was inept at battle). Brandon will probably bring him out in book 12. The most dangerous forsaken was probably Semirhage and she almost had Rand if not for Cadusane.
  4. Did Brandon make an error in the scaling of the Choden Kal? It is obvious that it had to be destroyed, otherwise Last Battle would be a slaughter instead of a hectic war. With Callandor Rand said he was easily holding the power of 100 males. Yet with CK, he thought he could take on 100-200 damane. Then Rand PoV, the amount of power he was holding with the CK when cleansing saidin is equivalent to when he created Dragonmount. At best LTT when overreaching was probably holding 5-10 times his OP strength imo. CK from the titanic amount used at the cleansing, probably equal at least 10,000 men, if not a 100,000. And to destroy the world, at least that of 100,000 men, if not 1 million. In the real world, it would the power of nuclear bombs...1 shot kill would a gamma ray burst or the sun going supernova.
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