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  1. Toram Riatin was able to hold his own against a Rand...although Rand was not taking it seriously. Lan finished him in less than 30 seconds with a small cut. Fatigue, illness/injuries definitely play a huge part in any contest. Typically in the real world, the top 3-5 in any discpline are very very close to each other...however there are exceptions, and I would say Lan is definitely one of those...as is the likes of Anderson Silva, George St.Pierre, Floyd Mayweather... Anderson Silva, Mr. Anderson, Matrixing fighters in MMA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NQ7wraiH92o
  2. Being on with the land and combination ta'averen explains only so much. Does not explain DF's shieding away or going mad or the "Light" in his mind. Rand Sedai was essentially a mini-Creator at that point and eventually after SG battle, he has reality altering powers.
  3. Galad and Gawyn did have sword pratice with Gareth (was stated in the books)....probably started when they were teenagers. For Rand I would indeed say it was LTT's abilities. LTT was very likely the #1 blademaster in AoL. No, Demandred was likely #2 (with his 2+years training added on, probably as good as LTT was when he faced Lan). It would have been realistic for Demandred to beat Gawyn (minus rings) and possibly beating Galad with OP/sword combo. Gawyn with 3 rings would be too much for anyone...a mini-Flash, plot shields at work of course. Lan is leaps and bounds better than Rand and Galad...and according to Avienhda she has never met a more danagerous man. Lan's PoV does state: "Perhaps if they had come to the fight evenly, it would be different". While Lan was fatingued and injured somewhat, there should still be no way that Demandred should be in Lan's league. AoL, swords were merely a past time sport, until the War of Power hit...Demandred was an OP user, 99.99% time he would have used the OP in battle....this is not unskilled Rand, this is someone close to the skill of Rand Sedai. I am being too much of a whiner. I look forward to anything else Brandon et al produces in terms of WoT (video game, movies...maybe further books) or Brandon's other works.
  4. IMO first "mistake" was Gawyn failing with 3 rings, made no sense. While I personally like the anime style of one upping...Gawyn, Galad and finally taking Lan to kill Demandred, it made no sense for the WoT. Lastly, there is no way Demandred would be as good (Lan's PoV implied that if he was well rested it may have turned out different) or a hair better than Lan. Only in the 10 year span (War of Power) did Demandred have any battlefied experience, without question, only a handful would have been with the sword. Aes Sedai of AoL were OP users (did you see any AS or Asha'man using the sword in battle in AMOL?)...now even in the more primitive medieval setting of Randland, without Rand, no Asha'man would train the sword and most disdain it. This is akin to me beating Anderson Silva if I was 400 years old with some MMA practice...my full time job being a desk jockey. Never going to happen.
  5. Ferret out the dissappearing channelers and Aiel and put them to good use. Conscript anyone beside the infirm and children to the battle. Go from there. It would be so much easier if I had a B2 with nukes.
  6. Brandon dialing back? Pre-retcon? Jesus Rand he was to a lesser extent. DF's going mad when he channelled, them being blinded, he had vast impact on the Pattern (not present in any other ta'avern). Moridin's comment about heartbeats was a silly attempt.
  7. Yes, like the most powerful beings in DC or Marvel, he now has reality warping capabilities. However, the range and scope are limited imo. He is not going to be able to turn the world into an apple (or create a universe) for instance or kill someone in another continent merely by thinking it (he can likely stop someone's heart if within sight...)
  8. Yes, Perrin is not going to go after Mat. They are friends since childhood...Only way I see this happenning is if Mat turns evil, then Mat is toast. And Perrin does have the dreamspike, which would be a very decisive weapon against the Seanchan.
  9. It happened, but Brandon hasn't been hugely forthcoming as to what was said: Given that, I find it doubtful Perrin could bring Mat into T'a'r, certainly not with any ease. Frankly, I don't see why it "doesn't make sense". Yes, Mat is heading off to Seanchan - but as one of the things we know is that Perrin is going to Seanchan when he's thinking about having to kill this old friend, I'm not sure why you're considering that a point against. I would say that if you wanted to kill someone who was in Seanchan, then actually going to Seanchan might well help. Intersting...this was never mentioned once in the books. Perrin brought that group of Aiel into TAR and out again. It is just another form of travelling and does not have anything to do with Dreaming. Thus, Perrin can bring Mat into TAR, game over. Perrin can also assassinate people at will...appear and dissappear at will. The Slayer was sent to take out Rand after all.
  10. Why not? Rand confronts the physical manifestation of Shai'tan (ToM) and defeats it and goes onto to take on the real Shai'tan (AMOL). That would have been epic. ToM really had far too much filler.
  11. Well, that battle happened in Tel'aran'rhiod. Maybe it had something to do with it? Perrin could stop balefire, so maybe Callandor can too, while in Dream World? I'd say it was Rand, not Callandor. Rand probably, out of rage or Callandor-fueled madness, believed that Callandor would part the balefire, and so it did. This would make sense. However, I am not entirely sure that Callandor cannot stop balefire in Randland. How does one create a sa'angreal that taps both the OP and TP? Had to be a male AS who had access to both...if Callandor was created with OP/TP (cuendillar), it would be truly indestructable.
  12. Yes, it was an epic let down, just like Fain. SH really served no purpose. By LoC, likely Moridin was already resurrected and could have done whatever SH could do and more. Given what was shown about SH's capabilities, I was hoping Rand or Fain would confront him. Given Rand Sedai's capabilities in book13...that would have been an epic battle.
  13. It doesn't make any sense it would be Perrin vs. Mat. Mat is heading off to Seanchan..the Dragon's Peace will be in place this time. Perrin is just too powe4rful for Mat. Hell, Perrin could kill a gholam now...since he can bring people/things to TAR...once in TAR, it is all Perrin. Damane, rinse repeat. Mat, same thing...anyone, same thing.
  14. Callandor/Excalibur proved to be the trumph card. How could AS create a sa'angreal to access the TP? How can Callandor survive the True Power balefire from Ishamael in book2? TP destroys cuendillar. In Rand PoV, the Light of Callandor outshined the balefire stream... How could Rand with Callandor Rand wield more of saidin than at the Cleansing or ever...when he was about the destroy the world in 1 blow (Logain PoV AMOL). Sure it has no buffer, still..And wield at least as much TP from Moridin. In the end, One Sword to Rule Them All.
  15. Forget the books, time for the movies. Six movies, cutting away the filler...directed by Peter Jackson. WoT would make for a far more epic fantasy movie series than the LoTR triology.
  16. It is RJ's series, of course he would have done better, especially with his background. Could another author have done better than Brandon? Debateable, but I find it very doubtful. The scale and scope of WoT would have made that difficult. I am just glad the series was finished.
  17. Callandor...hmmm No buffer = 1 flaw Can be controlled = 2nd flaw I would add wielding the TP with it = 3rd flaw As for the Voice, it is the Creator, both times.
  18. Gawyn sneak attack succeeding (very realistic given he had on 3 RINGS) or Lan gets near him via stealth...Demandred attacks with the Power and is shocked and gets stabbed through the heart by Lan. Not realistic that he would have one-on-one fights with 3 bladeamasters, like some anime movie or that he would be an insanely great bladeamaster. Blademastery in AoL was merely a sport, Demandred may have killed a few dozen with a Power wrought blade during the 10 year War of Power. One Power fight would have been futile, unless it was Rand+Callandor. With the 2nd most powerful sa'angreal+72 channeler, almost LTT, even Fain with Mashadar would have lost. Mashadar was nowhere near as vast as Shadar Logoth. "Realistically" of course, given Demandred's sa'angreal+72 channelers and abilites/almost LTT, he would have wrecked the Light armies, gone to SG and finish the Light armies there, kill the distracted Rand et al, finish off Fain. The series ends. The series ends like a horror movie, that would have been cool. Only thing that could stop Demandred was Rand+Callandor (no buffer)...but such a struggle would have depleted Rand or burned him out... The entire problem boils down to this: Demandred was build up for so long and given his tools, even RJ would have trouble imo.
  19. Fain needed a longer build up and his wrecking of the Dark and Light forces should have been more detailed. The T-1000 Darkhounds were raping the Light forces prior to Fain...If only we had a pit, I would love to see a gholam vs. T-1000. Shai'tan proved weak and pathetic in the end, Rand only had to close his hand to annihilate it.
  20. Closer to 1500 years. He probably had knowledge for the Age/3000 years, however, he does not have the entire military knowledge of many men...only battles here and there. Of course compared to any of the Great Captains and certainly Demandred, his knowledge of war was far far more extensive. There is knowledge, then there is the gift/instinct that makes Mat the greatest general of all time.
  21. For a fighter to stay in that kind of peak condition by the EoTW, he would have practicised. It is that simple. Warder bound or not, at Lan's age, which is over 40 by the EoTW, if he has let himself go, it would have been next to impossible to be in his condition.
  22. According to Lan, people like him attract trouble and death. Now if Lan was inactive while chasing these boys for 20 odd years, he would have grown relatively fat, soft and weak. Quite the opposite has occured, he is far more dangerous and lethal post New Spring. In book, Perrin said a mouse could starve over the difference between Lan and Rhuarc. In book 8, Aviendha said she has never seen a more dangerous man. Lan has gotten practice on the field, killing DF's, who they would have encountered in their search. DF's are everywhere. I doubt Moraine and Lan faced off against other Black Ajah or Warders, given they wanted to be stealthy, however this is not inconceivable...AS dissappear. War of Power lasted 10 years, Mat's knowledge of war is very extensive, several 100 years at least.
  23. Logain PoV: "channeling like none he'd ever felt before, not even at the cleansing. Such power". Thus Rand was channeling much more saidin than at the Cleansing, likely enough to destroy the world in one blow (akin to the end of book 12) and this burned him out imo. However, given his contentement and RELIELF, there is no way he is going to commit suicide. "No saidin in the void, nothing. He paused, then smiled and felt an enormous relief". Rand through Moridin was drawing most of the TP, easily enough to destroy the world in 1 blow. Callandor has no upper limit given it has no buffer. This is why Rand could destroy Shai'tan, due to the titanic amount of Power he was wielding (TP/saidin). Perhaps the Power of the Choden Kal may have been insufficient to destroy Shai'tan, even if saidin/saidar were not instantly tainted.
  24. Yes, the Aiel were far under utlized for sure, from their tiny presence and the Wise Ones pretty much being absent in the battle field. There should have been 400,000-500,000 Aiel and at least 2,000 Wise Ones that can channel. The Shadio alone had roughly 400 Wise Ones that can channel, one clan! Gaul took out 8 armed men by himself in book2...While he is a top tier Aiel, the Aiel are considered the best fighters in WoT and they played a minor part. I always found Sanderson's Aiel a bit off, from Soriela to Amys. The Aiel are complex, so this is not a big deal, however, their numbers were butchered in AMOL.
  25. Frankly, I don't believe in this Hollow nonsense, Rand should have destroyed Shai'tan. Either Shai'tan pulled a fast one or it does not make sense. Evil existed when Shai'tan was locked up. Semirhage was corrupt to the bone according to all the Forsaken, prior to the Bore opening. So they must have had serial killers, murderers, rapists etc back in AoL before the Bore. Creator takes "no part", wouldn't that make the humans "Hollow" as well, since the Light side of the Force is absent???
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