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  1. You are going to want to make sure you read the first part of this post, here, but we are reverse-engineering Boushh’s language from Return of the Jedi. There are a few steps we have to take before we can begin translating phrases into our own version of Ubese. First step, phonology (the sounds of ... Source
  2. As we continue with Magical Mount Month, I’d like to take some time to talk about the most ‘mundane’ of horses in my favorite book series, the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (and completed by Brandon Sanderson). I’m talking about none other than Bela. (Note: there are spoilers for the series in this post.) ... Source
  3. I know many of you are thinking that the ouroborus, the snake eating it’s own tail is not a really cool magical lount, but I think you might change your mind when you realize that the serpent is awesome. Jormundgandr Jormundgandr is so large that he encircles the earth with his tail in his mouth. Jormundgandr ... Source
  4. Midichlorians ride humans. Anakin is mostly midichlorians. Yoda has the highest midichlorian count known … until Anakin. Yoda rides his Luke Skywalker steed. Luke must be ridden by a high amount of his Dad’s midichlorians plus Yoda’s. Luke might be carrying more midichlorians than anybody ever? Source
  5. I used to write a conlanging blog called “Makealang.” For those that don’t know, “conlang” is short for “constructed language.” I got into it after the Fellowship of the Ring movie came out and I read that the Elvish language in the books was not merely clever gibberish, but an actual language Tolkien had created. ... Source
  6. Dear reds, Am now officially diabetic. Moon
  7. Moon, sitting around as a Red. Not playing much these days
  8. Ever since I was child my parents seemed to take me to theaters on almost a weekly basis. The theaters were a form of escape to be able to journey into another world and experience another person’s life. One week I could be flying a bike with an alien, the next week I ... Source
  9. OK, today we are talking about Pegasus. Yes, the Greek god Pegasus, the one that you hear less about, but everybody likes. now I like Pegasus cause he is a horse with wings. He doesn’t need magic or a horn to fly. He is a normal flying horse (Horses Flying is normal?)that has wings. This ... Source
  10. I shouldn’t have to write this post, but let me explain where this comes from. Recently, after leaving Phoenix Comicon, I heard the following argument (paraphrased) “Because it’s disgusting. Men shouldn’t be into My Little Pony. It’s a cartoon for little Girls!” The person speaking was a large, angry man bullying five teenaged girls, who ... Source
  11. Donald Pease – Founder/Commander Paul Sirak – 2nd in Command Chris Zunnino – Master of Social Media and Director of Public Relations Paul came into Umbrella Corps through loving the game and being a gamer at heart. Starting initially with a background in the arts, Paul is one of those who assist in making every rotting ... Source
  12. Hi, Moon Sedai, Nerd Girl in Charge here at Land of the Nerds To introduce Magical Mount Month, I thought I’d do something special. Starting with later this evening, and over the next several days, you’re going to see a series of posts written by Anexandros, my husband and Partner-in-crime, detailing experiences he had two years ... Source
  13. Since our crew is currently at Phoenix ComicCon, we thought we would give you guys some Star Wars jokes to keep you busy with. Q: What do you call stormtroopers playing Monopoly? A: Game of Clones Q: Why did the angry Jedi cross the road? A: To get to the Dark Side. Q: When did ... Source
  14. Dr. Horrible. Batman. Iron Man. Darryl Dixon & Rick Grimes. Bo (Jangles?). Lisbeth Salander from the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy. Daria Morgendorffer. These names are but a few nontraditional heroes. Are antiheroes going to be the new traditional heroes? Let’s talk! Modern pop culture loves an anti-hero. A hero that, unlike Superman or Robin Hood, is ... Source
  15. These are my notes from the events of Friday May 29, 2015 at Phoenix Comicon. 9:45 Day two of the annual Convention has commenced, and Darth Anexandros and I have arrived early, so we can get good parking and he can find his way to the morning panel he wants to attend. Nothing was open ... Source
  16. As we head to Phoenix Comic Con, this weekend, we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to get some Wookie-Nookie. We want to make sure Lightsabers are properly handled. and that safety is always used or you could lose a hand. so here are some pickup lines to help you hit that ... Source
  17. Being the records of Pseudo-Anthropologist, Moon Sedai, on her second excursion to the annual sacred summer festival called “Phoenix Comicon,” held from May 28-31, 2015, this field guide represents an accurate report of Moon’s overall experiences at the convention. 10:00 AM Pre-convention is an ultimate experience of people-watching. I’ve seen anime characters, ghosts, twins, goths, ... Source
  18. Comicpalooza 2015 was bigger and better than ever! Four days of Memorial Day weekend mondo-mega-madness was not even enough for all the awesome. There were all kinds of celebrities there, like Stan Lee, George Takei, Summer Glau, and Jason Isaacs. There were music stars like Megadeath’s Dave Ellefson, Marky Ramone, and freakin’ GWAR. And there ... Source
  19. Jeff Hill, an X-ray technician and David Littleton, a professional prop builder, are amazing builders of R2-D2 units here in the local Arizona Chapter of the R2-D2 Builders. Part of a larger international group of robot builders of over 10,000, they spend much of their time going to local events here in Phoenix. They work to ... Source
  20. For 10,000, you can have a battle pod, and pick C3PO or Vader and your name in the credits. I remember seeing the pods for Battlemech at OwlCon and other cons around the Houston TX area. Something tells me this might be more fun. Even if you just get the 35K model, I imagine the ... Source
  21. I don’t have a good copy, You don’t have a good copy, even The National Film Archives in America don’t have a quality copy for history. The Library of Congrees has a 35 mm copy that they will not open. This guy, Harmy, is doing a lot of work to rebuild the original film in a ... Source
  22. It wasn’t a movie, it wasn’t a variety show. It was… The Star Wars Holiday Special. “I said: ‘You’ve chosen to build a story around these characters who don’t speak. The only sound they make is like fat people having an orgasm,’” the 250-plus-pound Vilanch recalls. “In fact, I told Lucas he could just leave ... Source
  23. We were invited to discuss Star Wars on the local public radio station, KUHF, in Houston Texas. This happened to coincide with the “May the Fourth Be With You” weekend, but the segment was also being done in response to the release of the Ultimate Star Wars book, which has just come out. They didn’t ... Source
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