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  1. Actually, what I wonder is how the warders of Damane-sedai feel. Do they have any sort of weakness to the bond due to the nature of the A'dam?
  2. His (weird) dedication to his sister. Seriously, as soon as he heard Elayne was alive and claiming the throne, he should have gone to help her. Stupid brothers.
  3. I only just in the last day found where Elayne said she'd claim the Sun Throne. (WH chapter 9) I've read the whole series before, but somehow missed that bit. Still, sometimes i find it fun to speculate.
  4. I can see the staring contest now. . . Except, in my mind, Moiraine would have to stare at Rand while standing on a box, on horseback, or something, so she can stare him in the eyes.
  5. Yeah, I've always thought there was something to Rand picking Dashiva out of all the Asha'man present. I think Taim might have been upset iit is possible that Dashiva was teaching Taim in the same way as Asmodean taught Rand- First age tricks and such. (that is, if Taim is not of this age). I'd be irritated to if my secret First Age Teacher in all things Dark One was taken from me by The Dragon Reborn aka "my rival."
  6. Mat fights his "taveren" reputation just as hard, if not harder, than "Lord" Perrin. Mat, like his friends, hates being called Lord. He seemingly dislikes being a battle leader, and running an army. He doesn't see the pattern shifting around him, and thus, the pattern gives him a case of "head dice" to warn him about the shifts, so he knows something is happening. And some of the pattern-bending stuff is his own fault. Mat HATES the idea of Marriage, but rushes into it (as accidental as Perrin's heroics in Two Rivers) because he was told by the Finns who he would marry.
  7. Okay, I get how the Blue Ajah fouind Salidar, even understand that. But how did the other Rebel AS find Salidar? I know there were the "Salidar Six," (Sheriam, Anaiya, Myrelle, Beonin, Morvin, Carliyna), none are yellow. How did they figure it out? Nyn and Elayne seemed to have discovered it completely by Luck and memory Just kinda always bothered me that "Boom! Usurpation!" then "Let's gather to a place known to Blues" then "Wow! Lots of non-blues!" and "the tower knows about this place!" ? Or did i miss something?
  8. I like your style. -Another one: Stupid Aes Sedai...There are no such thing as dark-eyed Aiel. So OBVIOUSLY Rand didn't send anybody to attack Demira. Maybe just communicating like normal people would be effective for once, hmmmm? Maybe without your "confrontation", I wouldn't have to hear Rand talk about being in a box for the next 6 books. Thanks. YES! Oh, Light! I get so sick of hearing about the box!
  9. Stopped Mat from tying up Tylin before escaping Ebou Dar.(I hated to see her go the way she did) Have Pedron Niall send word to Elayne from Morgase.(Pen a letter, we'll see it gets to your daughter, so she knows your safe). Tell Rand to keep Loial's mom there for a few more days (or weeks) or whatever so that story could have been wrapped up sooner.
  10. Has Elayne ever really expressed a desire for Cairhien? Rand seemed so determined to ensure that his Lady Love gets Cairhien that I don't remember him ever actually asking if she wanted it, or her telling him otherwise. I know that Elayne was more focused on securing Andor before looking towards Cairhien, but suppose she decides "Andor is Enough, i don't want Cairhein as well?" (I know, it's a silly idea, what royal-type person would refuse an extra portion of country, right?) But suppose that happens. Queen Elayne Sedai refuses to rule two countries at once, or join them together a la S
  11. That would make sense, I don't really remember who accompanied Siuan, and it seems likely that Myrelle would have been there, given the warder information. That settles it for me. Fal Dara, probably right before she had that discussion with Lan.
  12. Elend, the current course I am taking is about U.S. Federalism. (All the Euro History classes my school had this semester are courses I've already taken). U.S. Political history is a lot of fun. Not big into economics.
  13. Also, when Dyelin meets Elayne in the Throne room to size up Elayne's intent. Does Elayne intend to get the crown by virtue of "Rand gave it to me" or by virtue of her own merit? (and Dyelin's response, since you want the throne on your own, I'm with you." The one place I really respect Elayne is that she does not want rand to GIVE her the crown that is rightfully hers. Rand keeps assuming Elayne will take the Sun Throne as well, but she does not seem to express thoughts about it-
  14. My thought is this, though. Moiraine told Lan something like "Before we Left for the Two Rivers, I set it up so Myrelle would get your bond when I die to pass to someone else." Myrelle knew she was to heal him up and pass him on, from the beginning of accepting that burden. I don't doubt her compassion to keep warders alive. Before knowing Nynaeve, she just thought 'i'd find the Dragon Reborn, not DR, plus two ta'veren, plus two strong as all heck wilders and an immortal pony.' So she couldn't have know when she set the bond to transfer about Nynaeve. And we never see her and Myre
  15. @Corlock - I do love Mat, i think he's my favorite of the Two Rivers boys. @Barbarin: Thanks! @Elend and Azadi- My focus is on European and Women's history, specifically the British suffrage movement, but I do have a soft spot for Medieval/Renaissance history.
  16. Reading Path of Daggers- or would, if my dog would let me!

  17. Sorry if it's been covered, but I didn't see it elsewhere.... Myrelle tells Egwene that she plans to give Nynaeve Lan's bond ASAP. And Myrelle did take an active interest in breaking Nynaeve's block, helping her become AS. When did Myrelle get message from Moiraine to give that bond to Nynaeve? I'm certain that Moiraine did so, because otherwise, we don't see Myrelle and Moiraine together after Moiraine meets with the Two Rivers Crew (she never returned to Tar Valon, from what I remember). And Myrelle somehow knew, after sensing Lan's bond pass to her and before seeing Lan
  18. Hi! I used to be a member of Wotmania (under this same Handle). This is the first time I've visited Forums since about a year or two before wotmania shut down, so please be patient with me. I am a grad student, studying History, in Texas. I love Wheel of Time (obviously), but also love RPGs, movies, several television shows, history (duh, I'm so Brown Ajah it isn't funny). I have two mini schnauzers, no kids, and a husband who thinks the WoT is crazy. I'm pretty much only on the boards and stuff when I do readthroughs of the WoT. Working on one anticipating Towers of
  19. Hundreds from the Dune Sea Garrison of the 501st Legion are descending on Phoenix Comiccon this weekend. These Storm Trooper Bad-asses are “Bad Guys Doing Good,” said Joe LaFortune, Commanding Officer of the Garrison. “We are part of a worldwide costuming club with a focus on the bad guys.” Even members from New Mexico attended.Here ... Source
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