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  1. Join us as we explore the crazy drug filled metaphors in the animated universe known as Smurfs. Source
  2. Dear Reds, So my father was adopted when he was born by my Granny, but it has always bugged him that he didn't know his 'real past.' He has almost no connection to his adoptive family, outside his mother. He knows very little about their past, and doesn't really care about them. He thinks of them as a bunch of 'Inbred Red Neck [Expletives]'. So for his birthday last month, my brother sister and I bought him an Ancestry DNA Kit to see what his genetic make-up is. We thought about 'testing one of ourselves' but realized Dad would get more out of it, because we know our mom's his
  3. Look! LOOK! The first good look at Master Skywalker in The Force Awakens! I, for one, am LOVING this. I love how light his robe, tunic and tabards are. I love how it imitates Kenobis full skirt robes from A New Hope. I love the full tabards echoing the traditional Jedi outfit. I love the ... Source
  4. Neil Arey has TONS of great workouts for geeks, each one with a fandom theme! Check out his new website at darebee.com And I’ll have some cool news for you in about a month concerning Jedis… #staytuned Source
  5. Just found this on his facebook page: “One year ago today, Guardians of the Galaxy opened up in the U.S. and many places around the world. The movie massively over-performed that weekend, even by our own expectations, but what meant more to me is how much so many of you, no matter where you were ... Source
  6. Back at Space City Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday. Space City Sabers was teaching lightsaber classes on Saturday, so there was much to do, but I managed to get some decent shots and see some of the con! Saturday was HOT, in more ways than one. There were TONS of celebrities on hand, including ... Source
  7. Space City Comic Con is in full swing and although its the first year, they are CRUSHING IT! Source
  8. If you read my last article about my relationship with RPGs, I concluded by mentioning that I’m way into a role playing game that hasn’t even come out yet, but is coming out soon, called The Division. There were a few things in the trailers that I saw that sucked me in. 1) The teamwork ... Source
  9. Dear Reds, Today at work, I called a customer to ask them to send me some information about their account, standard procedure, required information for my industry. (Collecting documentation for shipments). The poor lady I talked to on the phone had a big jerk of a boss. I wanted to apologize to her for her boss, because he was yelling at me through her. All because one of my coworkers had already called, two hours before, for the same information for an earlier shipment. I've been in that poor lady's position, earlier this year with Mr "Meltdown" boss that fired the whole com
  10. Dear Reds, Life is looking pretty good for Me and mine right now. Mr moon has a full time job. I have a full time job. We get Saturdays off. And my warder is doing awesome too. Love Moon
  11. I have some freaking awesome cousins. The two oldest are doctors now, but back when we were kids, they were everything I wanted to be. They could water ski and they designed a car and they were into Dungeons and Dragons. When we went over to visit, after dinner, when it was dark, they totally ... Source
  12. Welcome to the feature for this Polyhedral month, First Time Gamer, where we will share stories of people from our staff and from around the country’s experiences as a “First time Gamer.” To start us off, This segment introduces us with my first time experience gaming, Vampire the Masquerade, a game I was introduced to ... Source
  13. With the closing of Magical Mounts month and recent press over the Confederate Flag, the famous car, General Lee of Dukes of Hazzard has seen some press lately I decided to focus on a far superior 1980s car…. The Knight Industries Two-Thousand, KITT, from Knight Rider. Knight Rider was a staple of the 80’s Prime-time ... Source
  14. This month is Magical Mount Month at Land of the Nerds, and we’ve done a lot of focusing on My Little Pony, Dragons, and other creatures ridden into battles and such. But there are several creatures in myth, film, and stories that can be seen as “non-conventional mounts.” Now, generally, when I talk about “mounts” ... Source
  15. Ray Villafane. Pumpkins that look photo shopped. October Facebook feeds full of nothing but his amazing art. Are you with me yet? That’s right, I got a chance to talk to the gourd god at Phoenix Comicon. As you can probably tell from our Facebook feed on Land of the Nerds, the Knave with the ... Source
  16. Moon Sedai


    This image captures everything that we at Land of the Nerds feel about the recent ruling made by the US Supreme Court. Source
  17. This is the best thing you will see all day. Source
  18. So, you want to know about Thundercats, the animated television show from 1985–89, with a reboot that aired from 2011-2012. You may already think that you know everything about the show. Well, let me break it down for you. The Thundercats were designed by Theodore Walter “Tobin” Wolf (July 21, 1922 – June 21, 1999. Wolf served in the U.S. ... Source
  19. Can you imagine having a rancor as a mount? It would be like riding the Incredible Hulk! Here’s a cartoon showing the Rancor Keeper and his buddy from ROTJ – with a happy ending! But seriously, look at the way this creature is built, the jaw structure. He can bite into something even bigger than ... Source
  20. It’s level 20 and you’ve finally reached the pivotal level. Like a newly minted 16 year old, you get your apprentice riding and head toward the nearest mount seller. As any first-time teen can tell you, the first ride is slim pickings. The mounts are slow, plain and are only a ... Source
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