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  1. A glorious interview of multiple piratical author by our own resident pirate Captain Blackheart at Phoenix Fanfest 2015. Flushed author J.J. Nikitin http://www.jjnikitin.com/ Blackstrap’s Ecstasy: A Corsair Captain’s Log and Trolls Author J.J. Czep http://jjmczep.com/ Source
  2. Mr Moon legit wants to name a kid Benjamin Kenneth so his name will be "Ben Ken Oviatt." Bad Star Wars pun.
  3. Dear Reds, I'm sitting at the VA hospital, my husband asleep in a bed next to me. He has a severe Bipolar Manic meltdown this evening, so we're checking him in for his own good. I'm waiting right now for the word from the doctors about which facility he's going to (they may be shipping him to another facility off campus). Meanwhile, I'm really afraid because my truck battery was acting up when we g or here and I might need a jump to get home. My car freaking sucks right now. Also the "I'm still unemployed thing" and "His job is making him sicker." What the check are we gonna do
  4. Watch our Nerd Beards team: Captain Blackheart, “Air Marshal” Anexandros (and even Moon Sedai)’s latest episode of our webseries Nerd Beards: Thunder Cats! In this episode, we imagine the creative process behind the ThunderCats epic theme song, then discuss the first four episodes of the 1980s cartoon ThunderCats: Exodus The Unholy Alliance Berbils The Slaves ... Source
  5. At Phoenix Comicon Fanfest 2015, I had the chance to meet an amazing artist, who goes by the Tumblr handle KosmicDream. Kosmic, also known as Chelsea is a prolific and exciting artist who draws the amazing webcomic “Feast For a King.” Before I continue with this review, please let me tell you that this is ... Source
  6. For those of you into 3D printing, here are a bunch of models for your gaming needs Monsters http://www.shapeways.com/designer/mz4250 Dungeon Pieces http://www.thingiverse.com/search/page:11?q=openforge&sa= Source
  7. Mystery Babylon is a weekly web comic created by artist Val Hochberg (now known by Val Brazier). I had a chance to meet and interview the artist at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest. The premise of the comic is loosely based on the book of Revelation’s idea of a post-Apocalyptic society. There was a great and ... Source
  8. Crazy Make Em Ups is a fun and unpredictable game that we discovered at Phoenix Comicon Fanfest 2015. The game designer, Up Up Down Down Games, is based out of Tempe, AZ. In an interview we had with the game designer, who we called “Stan,” he revealed that “the rules were fun to write up.” ... Source
  9. So I went to Phoenix Fan Fest 2015 at the Arizona Cardinals Stadium this weekend. I went last year and noticed it was 95 % dealer’s room and 5% the three conference rooms, outside area and the autographs area. This year that did not change. It sounds like this was a bad thing, but it wasn’t ... Source
  10. We here at landofnerds.com are excited to see this happen. You should consider supporting this project. Who wouldn’t want to see the Dragons Lair story comes to life on the big screen. With people like the Nostalgic Critic and others from around the country helping to support this, it is sure to get fully funded. ... Source
  11. Shudder in fear! The Star Wars Christmas Holiday Special review is here! Enjoy the antics of Capt. Blackheart, Anexandros and Minion as they go over their holiday special viewing experience. If you enjoy this Please Share it with the nerd world. Source
  12. As Thanksgiving is drawing to a close, and Black Friday is upon us, we at the Land of the Nerds wanted to take a few moments to reflect on what all we’re thankful for from 2015 and what we’re looking forward to in the next 12 months. 1. The Mad Man in the Little Blue ... Source
  13. That's just her halloween costume, she dressed up like Black Ajah to scare the kiddos.
  14. It is a known fact that wolves do not serve Dark One. In fact the person to kill most wolves was Luc/Isam, a known figure allied with the Dark One. Zander is following the same path by killing wolves which shows that he is a Darkfriend . Since a Darkfriend and a Darkfriend would not turn in another follower of Dark One, it shows that Chaelca is not of Black Ajah. THE ONLY GOOD WOLF IS A LUNCHED ONE!!!!!! I WALK IN THE LIGHT.....I AM THE LIGHT!!!!! lololololololol With all these accusations of us being members of the Black Ajah and Zander's admission of slaughtering wol
  15. Moon needs to see this thread. I will stand for the defense of my Sister in Red, Chae. I can say that she has never shown herself to be a member of the Black Ajah in my eyes.
  16. I remember on 9/11 the terror I felt about my fellow service members (especially those I knew at the Pentagon), not knowing if they survived. Luckily, they did. I'm glad your friend is safe.
  17. When I was a kid, I LIVED for thrills and awesome experiences that put me into my favorite stories. Action movies? Yes. At the cinema? Oh yeah! Disneyland? Sweet mother of monkey milk, yes. If I wasn’t living some adventure, I was pretending I was. When I got older, I decided that I wanted to ... Source
  18. Dear Reds, Visited my doctor again the other day, and based only on the blood test he gave me the day he told me I was diabetic, and not on any testing done since then since I've stared monitoring the stuff I eat, etc, he's changing my medicines and stuff. Whatevs, at least he listened to me about my knee hurting. I usually get the blow-off about pain because of my fibromyalgia. (he even offered me painmeds, which I rejected, cause let's face it, i already take too dang many pills. Now, with new perscriptions, its gonna be 7 or 8 a day).
  19. Dear Chae, I'm very particular about my spot and my stuff. I went to the effort to put my desk in a position to where people would know to leave me the heck alone while I'm working. I mean, even when the girl wasn't working, she was freaking sitting at my desk. SHE HAS ONE OF HER OWN! !! I like the woman, light knows I do, but she's grating on me by being in my spot. I'll figure it out.
  20. Dear Reds, My office hired on a new woman at work. She temped at the job months ago, (last autumn) but did not stay on for some reason (the stories vary). She's an overall assistant to all the office personnel. This week, I've been training her on how to do my job, which is what she did when she was here before.[i handle payroll for a concrete company, and if anything is off, even just a few pennies, our HR department in Vegas fusses at me]. Today she did part of my payroll processing. She missed minor things. Not math things, just minor things that i'd be fussed at over. That's not e
  21. Moon, standing Red. Said South Africa cos I noticed our Amyrlin put it in all caps. Though... I thought Rugby was a kind of lemon?
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