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  1. Dear Tam, Soooo half that your puppy is fine. And god to see you! *Snugglebites*
  2. Dear Tam, Soooo half that your puppy is fine. And god to see you! *Snugglebites*
  3. Hello! Moon Sedai here! I've been around for a few years, not as long as most of these other wonderful Reds, but long enough. I'm eternally 28 years old, live in Phoenix, Arizona, and have two mini-schnauzers. I've read a ton of books in my life, and have a MA in History, with a focus in Women's history. I joined the Red Ajah because the Reds help encourage the passionate side of myself.
  4. Dear Reds, Today an ex, ancient history ex, liked something on the FB page I manage. This is someone I ghosted, because he was a manipulative, pathological liar who held me in a psychological fear for a couple of months. He lies about me, and us, while we were together. I don't block her (pronoun intended) on FB because she's never reached out to me. And so I can see if she tries to spread stuff about me again. I don't think she has any way of knowing I run the page. But it gave me a momentary fright. Love, Moon
  5. Dear Reds, Mr Moon and I had our first meeting last night with an adoption agency to become respite foster/adoptive parents. This is step 2 of 1 million. We have good feelings about this. Love, Moon.
  6. Dear Reds, My life is the best it's been. I'm getting my money situation handled, my car works, my home is awesome. My marriage is steady, Mr. Moon is healthy, and I am healthy. For the first time in life, I feel like an adult. Love, Moon
  7. That’s right, each Thursday at 7:30 PM Arizona Time, we’re going live via our YouTube Channel and Facebook to discuss the latest Nerd news in the Land. Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, upcoming projects, and more, our Land of the Nerds Live Stream is going to be the ultimate awesome Nerd news Experience! Source
  8. Dear Torrie and Elgee, *hug* Love Moon
  9. Dear Wifi, Thanks *hugs* Dear Ryrin, *Hugs* Dear Reds, I think Mr. Moon might be a lizard in disguise. He is always cold inside, turning off the a/c in this heat we have here in Phoenix. I came home from work one day last week and it was nearly 90 F/ 32.2 C degrees inside, 110 F/ 43.3 outside. he was 'finally comfy.' It's summer, in a desert, with several super hot days, and he's cold. signed, itotallymarriedalizardman
  10. Dear Reds, We're trying to get to 'normal' at work after losing our friend and coworker, but it has been difficult. They transferred someone from another section to our service center to help... for now. (this might be permanent, we don't know. Everything is up in the air as far as that situation is concerned.) However, we've had some time to adjust and deal with the loss (even though there haven't been services yet.) Today, however, I think I came off as a cold-hearted witch with no empathy. one of our regulars came in and dropped off a car and asked about his buddy, pointing to the sea
  11. Dear Reds, They found him. Several people looked, scouring the desert for him, and sometime this afternoon, they found his body. My friend, my coworker died out in the heat at some point in the last 5 days. I'm sad, brokenhearted, pissed, and curious. Sad and broken hearted because he was my work friend, my 'bro,' the guy who made the boring times at work tolerable. Pissed because he was stupid and went out in the desert by himself without water and without his phone. Curious because I wonder if this means I'll get his job now that his position is empty. (I'm tec
  12. They had helicopters out looking. Still no news. :( It was discussed briefly on a news station, so our customers are starting to hear about it and ask.
  13. They are searching. And we are not sure. The thought I that he went off in the desert. He's been going through stuff lately,(depression) so it could've been a suicide/Attempt
  14. Dear Reds, This last weekend was super-hot in Phoenix. Like, 118 F/47.78 C hot. And one of my coworkers (the one I joke around with/goof off with/etc) decided to go out on his 4x4 Saturday morning into the desert with a case of beer (According to his wife). He hasn't been seen since. Like, he's vanished in the desert. Missing. Fudge. It's been over 72 hours, and either he's run off or he's run away from his life. So, we're worried. Anyway, we're prepping for the worst in our office.
  15. As my followers know, my new episode of NerdBeards dropped last Saturday. As you also already know, it is a review of the Smurfs. My cohort convinced me that we should improve on the Smurf costumes and dress as Smurfs for Phoenix Comicon this past weekend. And of course, I said yes…with caveats. Firstly, we ... Source
  16. an comedy animation by Devan Copeland http://landofnerds.com Source
  17. Now, the video we’ve all been waiting for…. Nerd Beards tackle the Smurfs. What happens when the Smurfs sue the Robear Berbils for being too similar? What does Smurf mean? And will Anexandros stop singing the Eiffel 65 Song? Check out this awesome episode of Nerd Beards! Source
  18. Space City Comic Con was three times bigger than last year! It was HUGE! Tons of fans, cosplayers, and And they went for broke on the celebrity appearances. NRG Center was the place to be for every geek that was any geek this Memorial Day weekend! Space City Sabers was on the scene (of course) ... Source
  19. Dear Reds, I found a pile of unmailed Christmas cards yesterday when unpacking... Addressed to you guys. *smh* The things we find when we move. Love, Moon
  20. We spent the weekend in Piscataway NJ at the Steampunk Worlds Fair. It really was one of the greatest shows ever. President Obama spoke at the complex adjacent to where the Fair was being held so all the entrances to get into our complex were blocked off. We still found a way to pull off ... Source
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