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  1. hey there ghull.

    1. ShayolGhull


      Hey Moon. *stabs*

  2. *scratches ears* Hey Boy!

    1. RandA lThor

      RandA lThor

      *barks*Yes Mistress!

  3. Hi My Mintee! Just checking in to see how it's going!

    1. Kaylahn


      Not bad at all. Just sleep as usual lol.

    2. Moon Sedai
  4. We miss you, deadly. Hopefully soon, you'll return to us.

  5. I really really really need to stab someone.

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    2. Moon Sedai

      Moon Sedai

      I would never harm you, Deadly. and Rekinu, you're too . .. . new to get stabbed.

    3. danneric


      lol Awesome! :D

    4. MashiraSedai


      *Will Volunteer to be stabbed*

      You better have a Yellow around though, and a darn good one...

  6. I really really really need to stab someone.

    1. Naked~Frog


      *Offers self as sacrifice*

  7. I miss you deadly. I'm working on a project for the WT and could use help, but your move and stuff took you away. *cries*

  8. That would be AWESOME!

  9. Em- Congratulations on your wedding, I hope it all went well. [my own wedding was horrible].

    We miss you!

  10. The life of a ninja is complex and full of peril

  11. And that has all been since the last week of January.

    See why I've been so batty lately?

  12. I have to write 2 25 page papers and take an oral examination over 20 books. Each of the 20 books require a 2 page summary.

    Plus, there are the reading assignments for the two classes I am taking.

  13. No, currently, I'm trying to finish a Master's Degree in HIstory and have read close to 3,000 pages of school books in the last three months.

  14. Probably. I've been pretty scatterbrained lately

  15. I'm in Bacliff, which is between Kemah/Texas City- near Galveston.

  16. though you might have told me once, I forgot.

  17. Hey Deadly! Just stopping by. Didn't realize you live in Houston Too!

  18. Totally Jealous that my kid sister and mom are at Disney World today.

  19. Not much going on here, Keyholder! Thanks for the Visit!

  20. i am a flaming turtle

  21. The dogs are running a marathon match in the living room. It is adorable.

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