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  1. My question was somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But I maintain that there is something unusual about Selucia, physically. I don't buy that all Thom saw was that she could fight. Thom certainly wouldn't consider a woman who could fight to be impossible, nor would that old player of the Game be surprised by a hidden, female bodyguard. Something that, "Cannot be" is something bigger than that.
  2. That's actually one of the reasons I think she might be. Both of these authors have/had a sense of humor.
  3. I'e seen where people speculate that what Thom saw was that Selucia could fight. But that hardly seems like something that , "cannot be." Although I suppose she could have channeled.
  4. Exactly. And why, as we learn in Winter's Heart, she never allows the maids to dress her, as would be expected. If it isn't a penis she's hiding, it's something physical.
  5. Or, I suppose, a hermaphrodite? Will this be revealed in the TOM?
  6. I thought that as soon as I found out about the man in white, though when they started chasing the Shaido I thought it may be a gaishan. I still think its a gishain, Min personnal knew galad before she ever had that vision and if it was him she'd have known and said something, or at least hinted about it. Nah, its Galad. Aside from the whole "man in white" thing, it's just too perfect. They're both supposed to be unspeakably beautiful, then you have the whole Galad-as-a-paragon-of-virtue thing, while Berelain is...not.
  7. isnt the real one about rand binding the 9 moons to him, I cant recall too well So, Rand needs to be in a circle with two women to use Callandor, yes? The collar and leashes that Semi and Elsa used on him effectively create a circle with him and two women, yes? Tuon is an experienced damane, used to guiding the channeling of another, yes?
  8. What I'm looking forward to: BT occupying Elaida's palace, turning it black in the process. Balance and all that, plus hopefully a dash of much-needed humilty for the AS. Something happening to Gawyn, whom I hate. But I don't want it to be Egwene, whom I also hate, "putting him in his place." The really very childish Elayne getting a clue. Someone spanking Cadsuane like she did Semi. I can hope, right? I mean, even if she really DID know everything, the mystery for the sake of mystery and the way she treats people who are heroes of the sort she could never dream of being is infuriating. Spank, spank, spank! Avi in the columns. The ride of the Malkieri And, of course, I'm hoping for a good Ran POV of the first time he gets Avi, Min and Elayne "behind closed doors" together for the first time. I'm pretty sure I saw that movie, but it was shot on tape and the soundtrack sucked.
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