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  1. The whole series is filled with tidbits, hints and foreshadowing that you'd only pickup on a reread. I love it.
  2. lol Night thinks I'm a Marxist. I enjoyed SoT through the end of The Pillars of Creation despite its flaws (and I even felt Goodkind's prose improved a lot between the first and the second book). It jumped the shark after PoC. I felt Faith of the Fallen was even an interesting novel in the spirit of Ayn Rand that was a little overdone but definitely tolerable. The Naked Empire and the following books just became regurgitations of the same argument with long monologues, lots of contradictions, strawmen, and more than anything just plain redundant. I don't know why Goodkind felt the need for
  3. I've had dreams before, too! Anyway, I love reading your thoughts and reactions, even if I don't post all the time. I'm sure many others do as well.
  4. Yes and I keep asking what those things are and then just get referred to old threads or ignored. I posted quite a few on the previous page.
  5. Yeah, what Sutt says. We're not talking about generic fantasy tropes which both are guilty of. We are talking about incredibly specific things. And it's not just one or two, but many things that go beyond generic. Look at the detail in some of my comparisons on the previous page.
  6. To what you said to Suttree. Come on, Nolder, we're talking about things far more specific than "OMG both of these fantasy stories have prophecies!" or even "OMG both of these fantasies have a hero's journey arc." To what you said to me. We're not talking about direct parallels between two series, not direct parallels between one series and an entire genre. It's not that there are tropes commonly found and shared by fantasy, it's that SoT takes so many of its tropes directly from WoT and uses them in the same way. You don't say "Well you also see this element in this book, and this element
  7. Someone like me revels in the details and the sideplots. That meant I relatively enjoyed these later books. My perspective isn't one shared by all, of course. Most do say it's easier on a reread because they already know what happens and aren't on the edge of their seat waiting (and waiting) for specific things to occur.
  8. It's not that WoT and SoT have some all-female magical institutions. It goes beyond that. Male wizards are derided/looked upon with fear/need to be controlled. There are no organized male institutions in the modern day. Plus you have the a'dam. Similar magic systems. The organization is similar. I'd dismiss all the examples you provided above. The only one that I'd give credit is that both of them have parallels with the Bene Gesserit of Dune. But then you look at the magic systems and what do you have? Two gender specific types of magic (Goodkind introduces a few variations later on in the se
  9. It's a culture that has been formed and shaped through extreme isolation in a bubble. They are unique. I think the cultural bubble would explain the development of the longbow being isolated to the Two Rivers. I don't think it explains why they are all excellent marksman/significantly better than other archers. Having a unique design of bow doesn't automatically them better shots, it just makes them capable of shooting further. Using their longbows to fend of wolves and participate in feast day competitions will be an experience common to most farmers in mountainous areas in Randland.
  10. Good luck with Crossroads. I think you'll be pulling your hair out by the end. Again, like PoD and WH, CoT is the first half of a full arc, with KoD finishing it.
  11. I wonder if the Andoran royalty lines keep the woman's name in all marriages, or if they only keep them if they are currently royalty.
  12. Well, we're not told directly. I see it as meaning that the Shadow has spread across the land (both figuratively and literally (the clouds blocking the sun)), and times before that are only a memory. AMoL was also Jordan's original title for all three of the most recent books. The title parallels Rand's descent into darkness and his epiphany on Dragonmount.
  13. In this case, the glossary reveal was more Harriet's choice, not Brandon. I forget the exact process, but the only notes RJ left about Asmo's killer was a post it note on top of a typed up fan theory that said "this is right." Brandon joked about revealing it to readers in a similar fashion by just sticking it in the glossary and Harriet loved the idea. I forget if they went straight to that or if Brandon wrote it in a draft and Harriet didn't like it.
  14. I don't doubt that Brandon is responsible for Egwene's death sequence. I'm not ruling out a simple note from Jordan either saying that she would die or that he was considering killing her off. The matter of her dying doesn't seem wrong though, even if it was Brandon's choice. My issue is that the execution (pun only slightly intended) was a little corny.
  15. It was made during the War of Power, which lasted ten years, and immediately preceded the Breaking. So it was before the Dark One tainted saidin. INTERVIEW: Oct 28th, 2005 KOD Signing Report - Jason Wolfbrother (Paraphrased) JASON WOLFBROTHER Was Callandor constructed during the War of Power? ROBERT JORDAN Yes. JASON WOLFBROTHER Was it used in the War of Power? ROBERT JORDAN Yes, that is how the flaw was discovered. JASON WOLFBROTHER Why didn't they ward/buffer Callandor? ROBERT JORDAN The flaw with Callandor is simply a manufacturing flaw. He went on to t
  16. If we want to be technical, RJ specifically referred to the lack of a ward/buffer as the manufacturing flaw. To my knowledge, he didn't comment on the taint being magnified and heightened eccentricity that happened with Callandor. Brandon's explanation is that it's purpose as a TP sa'angreal was intentional, and that it was intended to be a trap for male Forsaken.
  17. I would love to see all three books reintegrated into one in chronological order (if two plots are completely unrelated I don't mind some minor shuffling in order to keep the pace good). I'll at least settle for a chronological re-ordering of Towers of Midnight.
  18. Sanderclown? You embarrass yourself. And did Brandon confirm it? Even if it was Brandon's choice, Eggy's and Gawyn's death were prophesied as a possibility. Or at least Gawyn's. Eggy had a dream about how Gawyn could choose to marry her or not, and that one possibility would lead to an early death, while the other would lead to dying peacefully as an old man, without clarifying which one led to what.
  19. Well, that battle happened in Tel'aran'rhiod. Maybe it had something to do with it? Perrin could stop balefire, so maybe Callandor can too, while in Dream World? I'd say it was Rand, not Callandor. Rand probably, out of rage or Callandor-fueled madness, believed that Callandor would part the balefire, and so it did.
  20. You made some good catches. I enjoy these.
  21. Mat was given back his original. There is a thread for the Unfettered novella "River of Souls" on the AMOL spoilers board. The novella is about a plot arc from AMOL that was largely cut out due to it introducing too much new information right at the end of the series.
  22. There actually already is a thread for errors. http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/78023-typos-and-errors/
  23. My father just finished. He was the one who introduced me to the series, though he's a more casual fan than me. He loved the last book, and said it exceeded his expectations. He's not close to a literature critic, but he's sixty-two and has been reading the series since the mid-90s or so. He's an avid reader in general, as well.
  24. Egwene is Aes Sedai by virtue of being made Amyrlin. That's Tower law (or an interpretation of it). It should be noted that Nynaeve was not required to take the test, either. Egwene asked Elayne and her to just swear on the Oath Rod. Nynaeve volunteered to take the test. Egwene was pleased with her choice because it meant that her judgment in raising them would be more justified to other Aes Sedai. I don't know if Elayne will eventually take the test. I have some speculation, but it's based on AMoL spoilers.
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