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  1. Now that's unlikely. Why not? It's what Rowling did with The Deathly Hallows. :P
  2. I don't think we'll get any long happy endings. One of the quotes from the Fourth Age heavily implies that the alliances and truces Rand forges break apart after Tarmon Gaidon and the world is torn asunder by more wars than you can shake a stick at. The first one is actually very good, second only to the Pips and Bela ending, of course.
  3. I'm pretty sure he's necessary for winning TG. Because in tGH when Rand and Company use the portal stone he experiences many lives. In one of these lives the Seanchan unite all of Randland and yet when the DO breaks free they(Seanchan) are driven back and defeated. The Dark One doesn't know it for sure, I don't believe he can read every path the pattern can take. As I said, this particular turning of the wheel seems far more desperate than it may usually be, so much so that the wheel created two new taveren to help Rand. Min has certainly seen that they and Rand are necessary, at lea
  4. " and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth comes again." In our world, in the space of only a few thousand years, entire religions with thousands of followers have been forgotten. I imagine that one turn of the wheel is much longer than that. And nothing man can make is able to stand up to that amount of time. I also don't think the wheel is a sentient being. The hole thing about the wheel willing something is just like us saying that it's up to fate. We don't actually think that fate is a being capable of thought or action. The pattern may be a different story. B
  5. Well, first of all, when an Age comes again, it's not the exact same as before, it's not a direct repeat, and every turning of the wheel creates a slightly different pattern, and after many turns the pattern can differ by a lot. Anyway, not everything is forgotten, some things would likely continue, and once the Wheel of Time was perceived and the knowledge spread worldwide, it easily seems like a concept that would stick around. Not to mention that the wheel may INTEND that it's nature be known, anyway.
  6. Graendal specifically thinks in the sixth book about the Dark One's order that Rand al'Thor not be killed. She didn't like that order, but she wasn't going to move against it, so she tried to aim Sammael at al'Thor so he'd take the fall for doing it. This was in place before Knife of Dreams. Shadar Haran and Moridin in the seventh book specifically mention spreading chaos. More than likely we need to think about this as the game of sha'rah as described in PoD in a chapter about Moridin. SPOILERS FOR THE INTRO TO PATH OF DAGGERS . . . . "The Fisher held his attent
  7. What Verin did was Compulsion. It may be, it may not be. From the intro: "Of course the thing was not truly Compulsion as ancient texts described it. The weaving went with painful slowness, cobbled together as it was, and there was that need for a reason." The tower most likely would have banned it under the same name, and it certainly is akin to Compulsion, but compulsion as we've seen it (and apparently as the Tower describes it) is more of an instant thing, and also something that doesn't require trust or a reason. I don't want to argue over semantics, though, it certainly
  8. Rand is Lews Therin, he can't really merge with himself, now can he. Rand was pretty much remembering Lews Therin and speaking as Lews Therin at different points in the fourth and fifth books, not as a separate person or voice, but as the man itself. More than likely the madness personified these memories as something else, especially since Rand was so desperate to separate himself from Lews Therin. I hope I'm not speaking on outdated material here, I've yet to read TGS.
  9. Rand's a bit touched in the head, but not all out mad. He still knows who he is and recognizes the people around him, and I think he could actually learn to cope better with some help from a psychologist... lol. As for misconceptions, I have to say about the nature of the wheel, how many ages there are (seven), and all of that junk. I too often hear people saying that the Age of Legends will start up after this, or that this is one full cycle of the wheel from the AoL (instead of 3/7), etc...
  10. More than likely Halima is using whatever Verin was using on the da'tsang sisters in the intro to The Path of Daggers, or at least a variation of that. Whatever she's using does not involve outright compulsion. Verin's weave required physical contact (Verin grabbed the head particularly under pretense of Healing), trust, and a seed of a reason within the individual. Another similarity was that the weave worked better when Verin talked while weaving, something Halima certainly does. It was a power to suggest, and with trust and a reason within the person would likely follow the suggestion.
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