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    #041: The 4th Age Podcast (Legacy episode)

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    The 4th Age podcast team

    Our topic this week comes to us via an email request from a listener, Sara. In this installment we are also pleased to welcome Marc to the 4th Age team. He joins Andrew and Virginia to discuss the complex and fascinating character Padan Fain, also known as Ordeith and Mordeth.


    Padan Fain pops up from the very first book, The Eye of the World, and as the series progresses he evolves from a seemingly harmless peddler visiting the Two Rivers to an increasingly powerful and deadly antagonist to Rand, Mat and Perrin. Please join us as we discuss this most unusual character.


    Also, please excuse the audio quality in this episode. The computer we were using to record this one was either taken by the Dragon, or perhaps Fain worked one of his little “tricks” on it. In any case, one of our new volunteer editors, Eol, did the best he could with a far less than normal quality recording. Eol is responsible for getting Episode 40 and this one out to you in an amazingly short time, and we are extremely grateful for his very professional help! A big thanks to him and all our new volunteer editors!

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