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JordanCon Anthology: "You Want Stories?"
This year, JordanCon is trying something new.  They put out a call to all JordanCon members, past and present, and asked for donated stories to compile into an anthology.  Twenty were selected to be featured in 2019's edition, entitled You Want Stories?
The list of authors is a great one, featuring Brandon Sanderson, our own Jason Denzel,  Seanan McGuire, and Charles E Gannon.  The others contributors are: Terry Beyer, Foster Bridget Cassidy,  David B. Coe, Blue Cole, Gerald L. Coleman, Milton J Davis, P. Andrew Floyd, John G. Hartness, Alexandra Hill, Robert A. Hilliard, Jr, Faith Hunter, David Alan Jones, Tim Lewis, Jana Oliver, Morgan Smith, and Sarah J. Sover.
I'm very happy to say that my offering was accepted! (Written under my pen name Foster Bridget Cassidy.)
The beautiful cover art is by Dan dos Santos, this year's JordanCon Artist Guest of Honor.
The anthology is available for pre-order now through April 8th, 2019.  The Con will have a limited supply to sell to those who have not pre-ordered, but there's no guarantee you will receive a copy.  The anthology can ONLY be picked up at JordanCon 11 (April 26th-28th, 2019).  The book WILL NOT be shipped anywhere.  That said, it is possible to have a friend pick up a copy for you.  Check out the details on JordanCon's website.
The net proceeds of the anthology will go to the Mayo Clinic.  Pre-order now to support some indie (and not-so-indie) authors and the Mayo Clinic!
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That’s right, twenty years ago, today, Jason Denzel started up the website Dragonmount.  For those unfamiliar with its humble beginnings, Jason wanted a place to converse with other Wheel of Time fans, as well as have a hosting site for his "Dragonmount" animated fan-film he was working on.
It’s evolved greatly from its origins, and here are screen shots of Dragonmount’s main page for the past twenty years!




















And 2018:

Happy birthday, Dragonmount!  And congratulations, Jason, for making this a site we all love and enjoy.  We've all been through a lot together, and you've lead us to a great milestone.  There’s only more to come!
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Jason Denzel’s Ask Me Anything
Earlier this week, Jason Denzel, Dragonmount’s found and webmaster, hosted an Ask Me Anything panel on Reddit.com . 
The questions ranged all over the board, but there were a few about The Wheel of Time.


And, of course, everyone offered congratulations and praise for Mystic Dragon, released July 17, 2018 from Tor.  Naturally, people had questions about where the inspiration for the Mystic series came from.


You can read the questions and answers in their entirety, here.
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ABAA's Wheel of Time Collection Guide
Recently, the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America (ABAA) compiled a detailed list of all The Wheel of Time related material it’s possible to own.  The list contains many items most fans have heard of—the soundtrack, the comic books, the calendars—and plenty I own myself.  However, it also highlights more obscure items, like a poster and program showing Robert Jordan’s permeant display at Daniel Library of The Citadel, or a custom embossed stamp used to denote Jordan’s own books within his library, or a copy of The Fires of Heaven where the dust jacket proclaims the Amyrlin is named “Flaida” instead of Elaida.  Not to mention all the foreign-translated novels and the amazing covers they have.  The article also speculates about re-releasing the novels with new cover art when the television series kicks off.
For the avid fan, there’s plenty to collect.  And hopefully, with a television series coming soon, there’ll be even more.
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Robert Jordan's Personal Library Collection For Sale
Most Wheel of Time fans know that Robert Jordan, besides being an avid writer, was an avid reader.  On the lastest episode of Wheel of Time Spoilers, Wilson Grooms—Jordan's relative—stated that Jordan was reading one book a day.  This led his personal library to reach over 10,000 books.
And that collection will soon be available for purchase from Mr. K’s Used Books, CDs, DVDs and More:
For those in the areas, the four Mr. K's locations are in Asheville, North Carolina, Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina, and Johnson City, Tennessee.  You can see a map of their locations here.
Don't miss out on the opportunity of owning one of Robert Jordan's personal books!
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Wheel of Time Spoilers 100th Episode
Our friends at Wheel of Time Spoilers reached their milestone 100th episode while attending JordanCon 10.  To celebrate this prestigious event, Seth and Patrick sat down with Jason Denzel, Brad Kane, and Wilson Grooms.
To listen to Episode 100, click here!
This episode, recorded live at JordanCon, delved into many topics.  Most importantly being the current status of The Wheel of Time television show.  During the Team Jordan panel at JordanCon, Jason asked Harriet McDougal of the show’s fate.  For those unable to attend that panel, Jason shares the basics here.
Wilson, who has been a big part of The Wheel of Time fandom, including helping Robert Jordan update his blog posts during his treatments, also shares some fond memories.  Wilson talks about Jordan’s love for reading, his days in the military, and the process of publishing The Wheel of Time stories.
For more from Wheel of Time Spoilers, you can check out their recent interview with Dragonmount, their website, or their new spin-off of sorts, Mistborn Spoilers.
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Jason Interviewed by Narg the Trolloc
Our very own Jason Denzel was humbled by an opportunity to speak to Narg the Trolloc, who is in charge of The Daily Trolloc, a website aflutter with all the rumors within The Wheel of Time fandom.  Every current bit of information is squeezed into each edition of The Daily Trolloc, and Jason’s interview is one piece of the latest gossip.
You can keep up with Narg and his adventures by following him on Facebook or Google+.
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