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Dragonmount Weekly Roundup: August 26-September 1, 2012


Before we begin, I want to give you a heads up about our upcoming blog hiatus.  Since Dragon*Con is this weekend and a lot of us are gone then, we won't be having a Fan Art Friday this week, a weekly roundup next week, or a theory blog next week.  Everything will be back to normal after that.  If you're going to Dragon*Con and would like to meet some of our Admins and Staff, feel free to stop by the Wheel of Time track and say hi!

Which character perspectives (POVs) would you like to see in A Memory of Light?  Which perspectives do you not want to see, but think will be in the book anyway?  Let us know in this thread from our A Memory of Light Spoiler Discussion forum.  Be sure to read these rules before posting in that area of the site.  

Calling all empathetic people!  The folks in our Movies and Games Discussion forum want to know which movies have made you cry.  If you're a movie crier like me, it's interesting to compare your list with the lists of others.

The Band of the Red Hand Social Group has started a new series of monthly discussions.  This month, they're talking about why Mat created the Band.  Keep an eye on this Social Group, because they are planning several new activities. 

The Ogier Social Group is having a discussion that will make you drool...over books.  They'd like to know what your ideal bookstore would be like.  What would the store look like?  What sorts of books would be there?

Last, but not least, we'll be using our Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep you informed of our Dragon*Con shenanigans.  Follow us to watch the craziness unfold!

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