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Fan Art Friday: The Forsaken


Welcome to another edition of Fan Art Friday! We've spent a lot of time on the heroes of the series recently, so let's take a look at the villains. Since there's so many of them, there will be some extra images this week. Shall we begin?



Check out Seamus Gallagher's incredibly creepy Aginor. Aginor is the "mad scientist" Forsaken and was trapped near the surface of the Bore. He was one of first to emerge and one of the first to be destroyed by Team Lightside at the Eye of the World. He is later revived by the Dark One in a new, less rotted body and named "Osan'gar".




This portrait of Lanfear was done by Mandersen. I think of all the Forsaken, Lanfear is probably the one that spends the most time thinking of her image. Unless she's in disguise (and sometimes even then), you never see her without her trademark lunar themed jewelry. I'm saying this girl primps a lot.




Here's a really striking group portrait of of Ishmael, Mesaana and Demandred from Gala-maia. I really like the bold colors in this one. Demandred looks just as snotty as I pictured him. That's a punchable face if I ever saw one. Mesaana's outfit is a little fancier than what I imagined, but maybe she's tired of slumming it by masquerading as an Aes Sedai?




This is a great pencil sketch of Sammael by googooliniI love the scar. It's just perfect. Also his eyes really do seem to burn with frustrated evil, don't they?




Here's a really fantastic Graendal by Ruben de Vela. Now, not all the details are correct. Her hair isn't curly and I don't think she's curvy enough. But check out that throne she's lounging on. Yup, she's sitting on a pile of naked, oiled thralls. None of the other Graendal portraits I looked at had that detail.


And that's it for this week! If you want to suggest artwork or themes, please email me at Jennifer@dragonmount.com.

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I feel like Forsaken fan art is always better than fan art of the "heroes."


This is a great one!

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I think the picture of Graendal has potential. Curly hair and some more curves would have nailed it.

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Some of those are pretty good, especially Mesaana, Lanfear, and Graendal. I don't like the one for Sammael, though, and Rahvin's looks a bit off-putting. Balthamel's is kind of...creepily ironic (?).

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