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Fan Art Friday: RoseMuse


This week, we're looking again at a specific artist. For those of you that read the comments here, you may have noticed one artist in particular gets linked fairly often. That's RoseMuse.




RoseMuse has a cartoonish style that seems very inspired by anime to me. Her characters have clean, simple lines, but don't skimp on detail. I love this portrait of Rand with his three ladies, especially the facial expressions. Aviendha looks adorably angry.




I think she has a way of capturing the essential of a character, or a moment, even if her characters are a bit "cute". Egwene looks really, really angry in this picture of her calling lighting against the Seanchan. But she also looks cute enough to eat with a spoon. I like the dichotomy.




But she also shows real emotion and poignancy. Elayne looks truly haunted by her royal ancestors in this portrait.




She can also be freakin' hilarious. I highly, highly recommend clicking through to her gallery to see her "Stages of" series. Each is a character going through the stages of development we see in the books. I was going to feature one here, but I just can't pick one. So go look at all of them.


As a reminder, this is the last week for, the Artists, Writers and Crafters Group on Dragonmount this month. The theme for February is "Love", so if you have a piece of Wheel of Time fan art that fits that theme and you'd like to see it here, post it on the forums and I'll choose my favorites to post next month.

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I hadn't seen much of Rosemuse's art until you started posting it, Jen. I'm happy to have found it now. I agree about the portrait of Elayne - a lot of poignancy for a "cartoon." She shows real skill.

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The "stages of" are awesome :D

I giggled at all of them. I like her style...even when she crosses WoT with Avatar. Two of my favorite things!

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Just Bloody love them, another great addition to my WoT collection brought by Fan Art Friday. Especially loved the last scene of the Stages of Rand one :laugh:... My little WoT group is going to get a kick out of the WoT pod... All around kudos to RoseMuse and all the other wonderful WoT artists who are doing that which I can only envy.

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One word, epic!


Just looked at her gallery and wow! her art is awsume! they really capture the essence of each charater in a funny way.

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