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Fan Art Friday: Min Farshaw


It's time for another round of Fan Art Friday! This week, let's take a look at Min, the third member of Rand's harem. Let's get to it.




In the first book, Min is described as dressed like a boy and almost resembling one until you get a good look at her face. Then you realize shes too pretty for a boy. This pencil sketch by emilyseal is perfect for that description. I love how she made Min so drop dead gorgeous, but still played up the masculine aspects of her dress.




I like this cartoony, MS Paint looking version of Min by Caroline Cook. One of the things that stand out to me is that the artist drew Min's visions too. The viewings are such a central aspect to Min's character and one of the tings that keeps her from just being Rand's other other love interest.




Check out this one by kaikonen. The artist depicted Min with her knives that she uses for self defense, and a book. Min has appointed herself Rand's chief scholar and has been researching how he can defeat the Dark One and live. Not a small question as far as she's concerned.




The artist, Onimyaah, describes it thusly:


I really like Min, I like... how discreet she is, she's not an Aes Sedai either and her special gift is pretty discreet too ^_^ She's both quite normal and not really. She's got a nice middle ground, and I also like the tomboy part of her... I see her as feminine too though... Anyway, I wanted to show this side of her but also her "viewing gift"


I could not have said that better myself.


As a side note, the theme this month in Dragonmount's Artists, Crafters, Writers Social Group is "Celebration". So if you'd like to participate, check out our forums.

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Min Farshaw, the character i was annoyed with initially but started liking her more and more as the series progressed ...


Thank you Jennifer.

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Love kaikonens Min, looks awesome. Min grew on me and is now probably my favorite female character.

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Min is definitely one of my favourite characters and I especially like Kaikonen's. It's just really cute. :aessedai:

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